ICR: Big Bang Theory Is Worthless

You may recall that a couple of years ago we posted Where’s All the Lithium?, about a nagging problem in cosmology. Lithium 7 is the most common isotope of lithium (the nucleus has 3 protons and 4 neutrons), but observations of the spectra of older starts show less lithium 7 than ought to be present, compared to lithium 6, the other stable isotope (with three protons and 3 neutrons).

We assumed the creationists would somehow claim that this was useful for their outlook on things, but until now we haven’t seen any of them even mention it. That’s understandable, really. It’s not as if the apparent ratio of lithium 6 to lithium 7 in the early universe is consistent with scripture; and it’s difficult to argue that an intelligently designed universe would have started with exactly the observed amount of lithium 7. We suggested in a comment that the discrepancy is because the intelligent designer was using lithium 7 to treat his bipolar disorder — see Lithium (medication) — but the Discoveroids ignored our attempt to be helpful.

A creationist reaction took longer than we thought, but look what we found today at the website of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR). Their latest is Big Bang Fizzles under Lithium Test . Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Secular astrophysicists often talk about “primordial nucleosynthesis” as though it were a historical event like Washington crossing the Delaware. In theory, it describes how certain conditions — not God’s handiwork — during an early Big Bang universe somehow cobbled together the first elements. However, unlike Washington’s crossing, no historical evidence corroborates this primordial nucleosynthesis, an idea beset by a theoretical barrier called the “lithium problem.”

Jeepers — there’s no historical evidence for the Big Bang! Yahweh never mentioned it. And that godless theory is beset by a “theoretical barrier” — the lithium problem. So why don’t those wicked scientists just give up? ICR describes the lithium problem in their own way, and then they say:

One way to solve the lithium problem is to jettison the Big Bang theory altogether.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes — problem solved! Isn’t creation science wonderful? Then they say:

Actually, that would fix a long list of problems: the horizon problem, mature distant galaxy problem, dark matter problem, flatness problem, missing antimatter problem, young spiral galaxy problem, inflation ignition problem, asymmetry problem, and star formation problem.

They have footnotes for each of those items, which lead you to articles at the ICR website. We won’t bother with them. Let’s read on:

As science progresses, one would think it would increasingly confirm theories like the Big Bang. But instead of solving the Big Bang’s many problems, scientists are only finding more of them.

That’s in contrast to creationism, which solves all problems perfectly and never needs revision. ICR concludes with this:

The Big Bang theory has been imploding for decades as scientific experiments and observations continue to confirm Big Bang deal-breakers. And if the man-made narrative of the Big Bang never really happened, then God’s narrative of universal beginnings is back on the table.

Ah, now we understand what ICR is doing. They couldn’t figure out any other way to use the lithium anomaly, so they resorted to the most primitive of all creationist arguments:

Ignorance of X is evidence of Y.

In other words, if science doesn’t yet have an answer, then the answer must be … Oogity Boogity! That explains everything — except that it explains nothing, predicts nothing, and leads nowhere. But who cares? It’s The Truth.

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18 responses to “ICR: Big Bang Theory Is Worthless

  1. Yes, boys and girls, it verily is a red letter day!
    Mister Brian Thomas, M.S. has, in nine insightful and beautifully crafted paragraphs, refuted all of modern astrophysics and cosmology!
    I guess there is no need now for Doctor Jason Lisle, Ph.D. to pursue his wonderful work on the distant starlight problem, now that Mister Brian Thomas, M.S. has shown us that the most distant objects in the Grand Old Designer’s Universe are less than 6,000 light years away!

  2. I recall having an exchange of emails some years ago with a YEC about the Solar Neutrino Problem. He argued that this showed that astrophysics was wrong, so YEC was correct. He seemed to be offended when I called his argument “bizarre”.

  3. Doctor Stochastic

    Perhaps these guys should try some pre-1950 7-Up.

  4. Naturally science finds at least as many problems as it solves. Not only that it often exposes the fact that what was taken to be simple is infact much more complicated.
    This can be wearing for the old like me (73) where will it all end we wonder?
    The truth is it won’t ; the batton must be passed on to the fresh enthusiast . Still more fodder will be unearthed for those creationists.

    Big fleas have
    Little fleas upon their
    Backs to bite em
    And little fleas have
    Lesser fleas , and so
    Ad infinitum.

  5. “there’s no historical evidence for the Big Bang!”
    But …. but …. I thought observational evidence did the trick for our dear creacrappers? And observation evidence there is for the Big Bang!

    “God’s narrative of universal beginnings is back on the table”
    Could Brian Thomas, MS please tell me how this explains the fact that almost all galaxies are moving away from each other? And how this explains the background radiation found by Penzias and Wilson some 50 years ago? No? Then the narrative is wiped from the table faster than BT can put it there.

  6. I wish some day, some where, one of these creationist clowns would just admit that science is far too complicated for them to understand and that’s why they prefer simple myths invented by folks who knew nothing about modern science.

  7. One way to solve the lithium problem is to jettison the Big Bang theory altogether. Actually, that would fix a long list of problems: the horizon problem,3 mature distant galaxy problem,4 dark matter problem,5
    flatness problem,6 missing antimatter problem,7 young spiral galaxy problem,8 inflation ignition problem,9 asymmetry problem,10 and star formation problem.11

    If you’re reading someone who thinks that the way to solve problems is not to think about them … Well, it isn’t a surprise that there is no Theory of Creationism and no substance to Intelligent Design. They are making a virtue of ignorance.

  8. None of the “problems” they mentioned are problems, merely a problem of their ignorance.

  9. Brian Thomas gives a list of alleged problems that would be solved if we were to jettison the BIg Bang Theory. What he did not mention were the many much more fundamental and observationally confirmed problems that would be created by abandoning the Big Bang Theory such as Why is there a 3K microwave cosmic background radiation? Why is the Universe expanding? Why is the cosmic ratio of hydrogen to helium equal to 4 to 1? and many others. I doubt that his worthless scripture even mentions these issues let alone provide any explanation.

    As was mentioned above the number of solar neutrinos detected was less than the amount predicted by stellar theory for many years and the creationists crowed that it proved the Sun does not produce energy by nuclear fusion and must therefore be young. Eventually particle theorists and experimentalists discovered the reason why the neutrino counts were what they were and the creationists no longer talk about this issue. I suspect something similar will occur with Lithium. Discoveries in the field of Particle or Nuclear Physics will explain why astronomers measure the levels of Lithium that they do and AIG will have to add one more to their list of arguments creationists should not use.

  10. I have made a wonderful discovery that surely will get me the Nobel Prize in Physics! I discovered the solution to High Temperature Superconductivity. (As a collateral benefit, I have solved the incompatibility of Quantum Mechanics with General Relativity.)

    Jettison Quantum Mechanics.

    I’ll write you from Stockholm. I’m not going to forget you little people.

  11. Dear creation cult members:
    Here’s a list of problems that would be mostly solved if we jettison religion: terrorism, bigotry and prejudice, willful ignorance, miseducation, theocractic dictatorships, dead children of hospital-hating parents, blockades to scientific research and followup information dissemination – shall I go on?

  12. Charles Deetz ;)

    If we throw away the baby with the bathwater, we can prove that the bathtub wasn’t at fault. Geniuses!

  13. “Secular astrophysicists often talk about “primordial nucleosynthesis” as though it were a historical event like Washington crossing the Delaware.”

    I guess Mr. Bryan Thomas, MS, was there on that fateful Christmas Night so many years ago. Either that or he recreated the Battle of Trenton in his lab.

  14. Kennard Walter

    I googled street value of Lithium 7, and didn’t get any help. I’ve concluded that lithium can’t possibly help….ever, and therefore doesn’t exist. I won’t get to Stockholm with TomS (I couldn’t ride a plane that long without a fix anyway) but if lithium doesn’t exist then all of the dating methods are wrong too right?

  15. Where’s all the lithium? Isn’t it obvious? Ever since “creation science” origins-ministry, millionaire entrepreneurs started undermining science education in America and trying to deprive us of future generations of scientists, pharmaceutical companies have been buying up lithium by the truckload. Every time Ken Ham asks “Were you there?” and Ray Comfort labors another day in the quote-mines, lithium futures trend higher.

    It’s enough to really depress a guy.

  16. Actually, creationists are the last people who should be condemning the Big Bang, since their preferred science text says, “And God said, LET THERE BE LIGHT! and there was light.” Sounds like a big bang to me.

    Of course, most of them insist it happened only a few thousand years ago, but that’s another problem. Perhaps they could account for it via a Biblical version of cosmic inflation. That would only leave a ,million or so other holes in their idea.