Ken Ham Reacts to the Bad News

Yesterday we wrote Ken Ham’s Ark Park Loses Tax Incentives. The state of Kentucky is refusing to grant tax incentives for the Ark Encounter project planned by Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia, famed for his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG) and for the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum.

Today we have the great man’s reaction in A Great Disappointment to Ark Encounter. Hambo says, with bold font added by us:

Kentucky officials recently announced a great disappointment to the Ark Encounter project. As we state on our news release for today, “Bowing to pressure by secularist groups outside the state, Kentucky officials announced late Wednesday a decision to deny the Ark Encounter theme park an opportunity to participate in a popular tax rebate incentive program offered by the state’s tourism office.”

Will Hambo turn the other cheek? We’ll soon find out. He tells us:

However, construction must continue on the Ark Encounter, and we stand behind our recently announced billboard campaign that boldly states, “You Can’t Sink This Ship.”

Yes — oh yes! — construction must continue! Let’s read on:

Our construction has already begun at the Williamstown, Kentucky, site, and it must proceed. We are fully prepared to defend our fundamental rights in court if necessary, as this issue is of huge importance, not only to us, but to every religious organization.

No, Hambo won’t turn the other cheek. What a man! He continues:

You can read our news release here. Please pray with us as we evaluate our legal options in light of the state’s action.

The news release says:

Two public interest law firms, Freedom Guard and the Center for Religious Expression, have agreed to represent AiG in the matter. “The legal question here has already been answered unequivocally by the courts,” said Mike Johnson, Chief Counsel of Freedom Guard. “No state is allowed to treat religious organizations less favorably than other organizations who seek to avail themselves of a facially neutral economic incentive program. Just because some state officials may not agree with the message of a Christian organization does not mean that organization and its member can be censored or treated as second-class citizens.”


AiG is currently evaluating its legal options in the wake of the state’s actions, and will announce its decision within the next several days.

You can read the whole news release if you like. Here’s more from Hambo’s blog:

At the end of the day, our case and our message here are very simple, and are based upon the fundamental principle in federal and state law that government officials are not permitted to show hostility towards religion or to treat religious individuals and groups as second-class citizens. The Constitution requires the state to deal with Christians on the same equal basis that it treats everybody else.

The rest of Hambo’s blog article is a couple of letters, one which he sent to the state, and one which he received from them. Nothing new there.

It looks like Hambo won’t give up without a fight. That’s great! We look forward to it.

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24 responses to “Ken Ham Reacts to the Bad News

  1. “Freedom Guard and the Center for Religious Expression” I think I’ve heard those names before… on Right Wing Watch.

  2. Charles Deetz ;)

    I think he fancies AIG to be the next Hobby Lobby.

  3. “You can’t sink this ship”. True, because it can’t float, which is kind of a prerequisite.

  4. Sometime in the near future …

    Today Ken Ham announced a scaling back and re-purposing of plans for the failed Ark Park venture. The new plan proposes to construct a “BArk Park” Dog Grooming and Day-Care Center …

  5. @Tomato

    Thanks, you just made beer come out my nose.

  6. Buck up, Kenny Boy! Quit crying and whining to the guvmint for money to build your dreams!

    Did David Koresh beg the Texas legislature for money to build his compound in Waco? NO!

    Did Jim Jones beg any government for money to build Jonestown? NO!

    No — they fulfilled their dreams all on their own! You can do it, too! You’re just like them! All they needed was the conviction that God was on their side — just like you! So quit crying, quit whining, and start swinging that adz! And just like Noah, you’ll have your ark built in a jiffy. Why, it shouldn’t even take you 500 years!

  7. The Answers in Genesis gun club has announced they are cancelling their annual turkey shoot and pot luck dinner and donating the funds for potato salad to defend Ken’s park against the secularist hordes.

  8. “The Constitution requires the state to deal with Christians on the same equal basis that it treats everybody else.”

    So Churches will start paying property taxes like everybody else, Ken?

  9. Hambo is demanding that Catholic, Jewish and Muslim taxpayers in the Commonwealth of Kentucky subsidize his policy of discrimination towards them. Only an evangelical, fundamentalist creationist christian could have those kinds of feelings of entitlement and expectations of special treatment.

    It is fitting that it appears that Hambo’s strutting and boasting about how the ark park was going to be the greatest evangelical outreach in history appears to be one of the reasons that caused Kentucky officials to decide that the ark park was not qualified to receive the tax incentive given to private companies. Hambo will blame everyone and everything except his own pride and arrogance for the loss of $18.25 million.

    Hambo could not afford to lose that incentive. His fundraising campaign is going nowhere and they are $15 million short of their goal. Hambo proclaims that construction of the ark must continue. In reality, it seems the only thing they have constructed so far is a parking lot. Parking lots have been built before and the methodology for making them is pretty well known. It is unclear whether there have even been any contracts signed to build the boat itself, a very large wooden building that looks like a ship and for which there is no precedent. This thing is going to cost a lot more than AIG has budgeted for and will eventually be abandoned.

  10. The sonorous sounds of Hambo’s sniveling and whining will be music to my ears as I drift off to sleep tonight.

    I think that Dr. Kennedy is spot-on with his prognosis of the eventual fate of Hambo’s parking lot and pretend wooden boat. Maybe he can hire Christian fundie YECs from Williamstown and its environs to be parking lot attendants for Jesus. Parking problems in the area solved!

  11. I’ll bet that the Ark Park bond holders are wondering what they can do with their important looking paper now!


    they are experts in self deception.
    They were treated equally as any other theme park or organization asking for a tax break. They did not fit the criteria because the descriminate against…..OTHER CHRISTIANS.

  13. “The Constitution requires the state to deal with Christians on the same equal basis that it treats everybody else.”

    Yes, but it also bans any government support for religious institutions. And Ken Ham can dance around it all he wants, but his malarkey Ark project is a religious enterprise.

  14. Rikki_Tikki_Taalik

    Lord, please grant me time, the time to remain here on earth that I might see the Ark Park show up on /r/AbandonedPorn (SFW)


  15. It’s intriguing that Kanny Humbug is making such a big fuss about manmade laws when he’s always banging on about how his god’s law supposedly is the ultimate authority. It seems he’s conceding that extant tax laws carry more weight than the Eternal and Immutable Truth™ does. Is he abandoning strict principles for the sake of convenience and/or avoiding unpleasant consequences (and thereby surrendering the possibility of martyrdom)? Or could it simply be that he’s hesitant because the Holey Babble doesn’t cover in sufficient detail such sordid topics as securing tax rebates?

    Maybe he’s been reading from The Book of Hovind and has seen the writing on the dungeon wall…

  16. For the first time I’m beginning to think the Ark isn’t going to get built. “Thank God you can’t sink this ship”…the Hambo doth protest too much. Classic case of misdirection give lucid insight into Hambo’s fears.
    It’ll probably drag down the entire Creation museum with it.

  17. And we will stand on the side-line applauding.

  18. There will be MUCH wailing now about how evil atheists and “secularists” are trying to destroy this God-honoring, evangelistic project of Ham’s, which of course means that the faithful shall have to SEND MORE MONEY, as usual. (“Opportunity of a lifetime”, blah-blah-blah …) The siege mentality will be milked for all it is worth and then some: We are at war with a hostile anti-Christian culture and only the Ark can save us, etc. etc. etc.

    I expect the goal posts to move yet again as regards the amount Ark Encounter is trying to collect. The goal already moved to $ 29.5 million from $ 24.5 million this spring, when Ham announced that the project was going ahead (the extra five million were needed to make up for bonds that were never sold, I guess).

    Now they will presumably have to add another fifteen-or-so million to make up for the lost tax rebate.

  19. This is ludicrous. Why is Hambo even bothering with such petty, mundane things as tax rebates when he could just go to his deity for a nice, big pile of untouched-by-human-hands supernatural cash? Could it be that he’s asked, and no one answered? Maybe Hambo’s deity doesn’t care about him, after all. Or, maybe his deity doesn’t want to be reminded what a genocidal maniac he/she/it is.

  20. Hambo seems awfully impatient to get his ark built. Young and impatient. According to Genesis, Noah was 600 years old when his ark was finished. Hambo appears to be a few centuries younger than that, so I’d advise him to just hang on for a few hundred more years.

  21. Just curious if Hambo had agreed to have hiring without the religious test and then went back on it what would have been the consequence? I ask this because I always thought Hambo should do exactly that. It would eventually become common knowledge to “get in” you’d have to have a pastor as a reference on your résumé.

  22. Are they going to claim that it is a tenet of their religion that they are not to hire anyone not from their particular sect? No Jews. No Catholics. How do they think that will be received in this particular Supreme Court?

  23. Secular government is a bitch, ain’t it?

  24. TomS asks, “How do they think that will be received in this particular Supreme Court?”

    Oh, I’d say 9-0 against Ham. They’re all Catholic or Jewish, right?