Thrills That Await Us in 2015

As 2014 draws to a close, we find that we have a few loose ends that require resolution. Here is a list of them:

1 The Mark Armitage Case: You remember this one. He’s the young-Earth creationist microscope technologist suing to get his job back at California State University, Northridge, and he’s claiming “viewpoint discrimination.” He claims he has Evolutionists On The Run. The last time there was any news to write about was our Update for 05 Nov 2014, but it wasn’t much. We just checked the court docket and nothing’s happened since the university answered his complaint. There’s a Case Management conference scheduled for 12 January. We’ll keep watching.

2 The Kent Hovind Case: Back in November we wrote Kent Hovind Indicted Again. Poor ol’ “Dr. Dino” was just about to be released to a halfway house after nearly eight years in prison, but he just can’t get a break — nor, it seems, can he control himself. His trial for mail fraud is coming up soon. It’s more of a tax-protester case than a creationism case, but as we’ve often said, the two movements exhibit similar behavior.

3 The John Oller Case: You had forgotten this one, didn’t you? We didn’t. Oller is not only a creationist, he has other unusual views. He seems to be an anti-vaxxer. Oller sued the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where he was (and still is) a professor. The complaint alleged that faculty members of the university’s Communicative Disorders Department discriminated against him in various administrative ways and marginalized his position because of his beliefs. But he wasn’t fired. The trial court dismissed his case and ruled that whatever slights and disappointments Oller may have experienced, they were within the university’s discretion and didn’t amount to a violation of his civil rights. Back in September we wrote: John Oller Has Filed an Appeal. There’s been no news since then, but we’ve been told that he also filed a new state court case against the university. There’s no news of that either. We’ll keep watching.

4 The David McConaghie Case: Yes, we saved the best for last. He’s the creationist preacher and Northern Ireland political operative who was arrested in connection with the discovery of a hidden camera found in the loo of Democratic Unionist Party member David Simpson’s constituency office. After a remarkably long investigation, he was finally charged with voyeurism. For some reason, the trial has been delayed twice. Our last post on this was McConaghie’s Bathroom Voyeurism Trial Delayed. No problem — they can’t delay the thing forever. We’re really looking forward to the results.

5 The Kansas NGSS Case: This is an ADDENDUM, added on 31 December. There’s been an appeal filed in this case, so it’s still alive. See: Kansas NGSS Case — It’s Back!

There will also be other thrills in 2015. The new sessions for state legislatures will begin, and crazed lawmakers will once again be introducing various creationism bills. That’s always fun. If you need to know the dates of the coming year’s state legislative sessions, you can refer to this: 2015 State Legislative Session Calendar.

And don’t forget the ongoing saga of Ken Ham’s struggle to get tax rebates for his Noah’s Ark theme park. Will he sue? Won’t he? The suspense is unendurable!

One thing we know for sure — there will be no scientific breakthroughs that support creationism. As we’ve said before:

Despite all the noise they make, creationists have had no impact on science, industry, agriculture, medicine, academia, or any other rational endeavor. We often fail to notice what doesn’t exist, but we shouldn’t overlook the fact that creationists have failed to accomplish anything of any substance whatsoever. Nor are any such accomplishments likely in the future.

And then there’s always the unexpected. Creationists are not like the rest of us — they can do the craziest things. It’s always fun when something utterly unpredictable happens, as is likely when dealing with people who are essentially unhinged from reality. So stay tuned to this blog for 2015. The excitement never ends, and neither does the entertainment.

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13 responses to “Thrills That Await Us in 2015

  1. Mark Armitage and his ilk probably wish they did have “evolutionists on the run”–from government-supported vigilantes dedicated to maintaining a “Christian America.” But they don’t, of course, and we can hope they never will.

    As the Curmudgeon notes, creationism is an empty doctrine insofar as “science, industry, agriculture, medicine, academia, or any other rational endeavor” goes. Not that creationists care much about academia, which they seem to see as dominated by Communists and Satanists.

  2. I don’t know if Kent Hovind was ever officially scheduled to be released to a half-way house or to home confinement in February of 2015, but Kent commonly claimed that such was the case.

    In any case, it looks like Kent is not going to be going anywhere except to trial on the new charges in February of 2015.

    While it may be, legally, simply a case of another common sovereign citizen tax protestor having to face some unintended consequences resulting from his antics, Kent and his people claim it is the result of the conspiracy against him for him teaching against “evolution”, the “New World Order”, and related matters.

    I don’t know what Kent’s people may be doing behind the scenes. The Hovind family appears to be treating him as the crazy uncle that should be kept in the closet, but Kent won’t stay in the closet and it’s again beginning to get somewhat embarassing for the Hovind family which may be put upon again to publicly address the matter, especially as it relates to Jo Hovind who Kent was willing to send to prison instead of meet his responsibilities regarding his criminal enterprises.

    Publicly, Kent’s people are wanting national attention from the media and Kent is wanting to be brought before Congress to tell his story.

    It could make for some great theater.

    For awhile recently Kent was broadcasting interviews with a number of folks sympathetic to him. I don’t know if they have lost their sympathies or if some other factor has resulted in Kent’s silence the last month or so. I miss hearing from him.

  3. I find it interesting if you go to “Dr. Dino” website they (Eric Hovind) make the case that normally mail fraud involves is “when someone defrauds another individual out of money” rather than this case where the fraud is putting false liens on properties (once owned by Hovind now owned by the gov’t)
    It is obvious he is guilty. Though it was more of gadfly fraud, rather than making a dishonest buck like Kevin Trudeau.
    Does anyone think that this will reduce his sentence? (Which could be 20 years.)
    I was thinking another 6 months to 2 years tacked on to his sentence.

  4. I imagine Zack Kopplin and his team will take another run at Louisiana’s Wacky Science Law.

  5. I knew Hovind was weird but I guess I never realized how bad he really is. Check out his Wikipedia entry. I don’t know which is the strongest: his insanity or his criminality.

  6. Remember COPE v. Kansas State Board Of Education? It was filed in Federal Court in September, 2013 accusing public schools of teaching evolution as a religion.

    From an article when the lawsuit was filed: “The Citizens lawsuit alleges that the Next Generation Science Standards “seek to cause students to embrace a non-theistic Worldview … by leading very young children to ask ultimate questions about the cause and nature of life and the universe … and then using a variety of deceptive devices and methods that will lead them to answer the questions with only materialistic/atheistic explanations.”

    From a press release by COPE where they claim atheism is a religion: “The Complaint claims that the Standards lead students to ask “ultimate religious questions” like “where do we come from?” Rather than objectively inform children about these questions in an age-appropriate manner, the F&S lead them “to answer the questions with only materialistic/atheistic answers…..

    ….The Orthodoxy is not religiously neutral as it permits only materialistic/atheistic answers to ultimate religious questions. The concealed use of the Orthodoxy in the F&S has the effect of promoting the core tenets of non-theistic religions like Atheism and Religious (secular) Humanism.”

    Good news! The case has been dismissed.

    Click to access 2014-12-02_Order_on_Motion_to_Dismiss.pdf

    You can see the entire legal proceedings here.

  7. Theodore Cyrene says: “Remember COPE v. Kansas State Board Of Education? … Good news! The case has been dismissed.”

    Yup. I wrote about that a month ago: Kansas NGSS Case — Dismissed!

  8. And, of course, the Scottish Parliament’s Public Petitions Committee will next month have to decide whether it wants to continue earning the approval of Answers in Genesis (see Answers in Genesis praises Scottish Government’s creationism teaching policy ). Hearing scheduled for 27 Jan; submissions accepted through 16 Jan. If you are Scottish, and either a parent or a scientist or an educator or a current or recent pupil, and especially if you have seen examples of creationist teaching, then a brief (one or two paragraph) submission to citing PE01530 will be helpful

  9. Thanks for that information, Paul Braterman.

  10. “For some reason, (McConaghie’s) trial has been delayed twice.”


  11. I hear that Oller’s state level case is for defamation against the university, two of the previous defendants and one new defendant (all colleagues or former colleagues in his department).

  12. martinjball2014 says: “I hear that Oller’s state level case is for defamation”

    That explains a lot about why no one is talking to the press about it. It’s unwise in such cases for a defendant to say: “That idiot is suing me for defamation!” But even so, Oller’s lawyers could be issuing statements. I’ve found nothing. I guess it’ll all come out when it’s over, one way or another.

  13. [Mark Armitage is] the young-Earth creationist [who] claims he has Evolutionists On The Run.

    Wake me when he claims to have OECs and IDers on the run too. Then I might consider the possibility that he’s a YEC-believer (Omphalos variety at least) and not just another paranoid peddler of what he knows ain’t so.