Creationist Wisdom #503: A High Price

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Journal & Courier of Lafayette, Indiana. It’s the seventh letter in a page with a whole bunch of them, and there are no comments at the end. The one we’ve chosen is titled Science pays high price for leaving God out of the picture .

Today’s writer isn’t a politician, preacher, or other public figure, so we’ll use only his first name, which is Jim. Excerpts from his letter will be enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary and some bold font for emphasis. Here we go!

When creation and evolution are discussed or debated, the emphasis is usually centered on the past. Everybody wants to know how things came into existence. However, both belief systems also look ahead to what will happen in the future.

The “belief system” of evolution tells what will happen in the future? This should be interesting. Jim says:

The Bible teaches that God created a perfect world and that its current state of decay is a result of man.

Yes, we know. Then Jim gives us a Jack Chick version of what the bible says is going to happen, which ends with this:

It started out a perfect world, and after a brief period of chaos (man’s rule) it will end in paradise. There is a negative side to this story — not everyone will be included.

Okay, that’s one belief system. Now let’s learn what Jim says about evolution:

Evolution teaches that things were messed up from the beginning, but through a lot of time, chance and the laws of nature working on matter, life appeared and continued to advance.

Uh huh. But what does evolution say about the future? Jim explains:

However, evolution offers only that man will die and cease to exist. Our sun and world along with the whole universe will die a slow, cold death. The future will end like the beginning — in chaos.

Oh dear, that’s horrible! Here’s the rest of Jim’s letter:

Science has paid a high price for leaving God out of the picture. They have misinterpreted history (what really happened in the beginning) and have no hope for the future.

So there you are, dear reader. After giving much thought to the way Jim explains things, it seems only sensible to abandon science. You agree, don’t you?

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11 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #503: A High Price

  1. Well Jimbo, it’ll get a lot hotter when the sun expands beyond the earth’s orbit as it runs out of H2 before it dies a cold death. But not to worry. You and your decendants, should you have any, will have died millions of years before that happens. Have a nice day.

  2. Lewis Thomasonn

    No hope,I think I will go out in the garden and eat worms.

  3. Ah, the greater metropolitan area of Laugh-A-Lot Lafayette, Indiana! I noted that you had to scroll all the way to the bottom of that page of insanity (I counted at least three other letters decrying discrimination against Christians before Jim’s missive) in order to get to this little gem.
    My old stomping ground never disappoints!

  4. Charles Deetz ;)

    Jim, yes it is just like a movie, where the sergeant is comforting his wounded soldier … you’ll be all right etc. And everyone watching can see the how hopeless the situation is for the soldier … and ten seconds later he rocks his head to the side and breathes his last. What else are you supposed to say in that situation.

  5. The idea that, if you pay off the proper shaman, he will promise you that you can live on after death has to be the most pernicious fraud ever perpetuated on the human race–and its a fraud with lots of eager buyers willing to pay most anything, or even kill, to get that snake oil!

    Shamans (of all stripes) don’t get half the kicking around that they really deserve. We should sic the Consumer Protection Agency on them or something!

  6. However, evolution offers only that man will die and cease to exist. Our sun and world along with the whole universe will die a slow, cold death. The future will end like the beginning — in chaos.
    What does this cartoon of astrophysics (which doesn’t even address the alternative scenarios some people theorize about) have to do with evolution?

    And in any case, what does it matter whether the evolutionary view seems depressing if it happens to be true? And what good are promises of a paradise to come if they’re not true? Oh, maybe people will feel happier with paradise dangling before them like a carrot before a donkey even if it’s all hokum–but it’ll be a happiness based on a lie.

  7. I ventured onto the dishonesty institute’s site and read their latest philosophy statement. It’s quite interesting, or rather disgusting.


    Mind, not matter, is the source and crown of creation, the wellspring of human achievement. Conceived by the ancient Hebrews, Greeks and Christians, and elaborated in the American Founding, Western culture has encouraged creativity, enabled discovery and upheld the uniqueness and dignity of human beings.

    Linking religious, political, and economic liberty, the Judeo-Christian culture has established the rule of law, codified respect for human rights and conceived constitutional democracy. It has engendered development of science and technology, as well as economic creativity and innovation.

    In contrast, the contemporary materialistic worldview denies the intrinsic dignity and freedom of human beings and enfeebles scientific creativity and technological innovation. Its vision of a closing circle of human possibilities on a planet of limited horizons summons instead the deadening ideologies of scarcity, conflict, mutual suspicion and

    Partly ID, partly David Barton, partly fundamentalist, wholly obnoxious. So we’re now a christian (only) nation. And somehow the Greeks got equal billing with the jews and christians, interesting given the cutthroat history of the three groups. And we now enfeeble scientific creativity and innovation? Ah, unfettered ID is what the world needs. Overall a pretty sick statement of philosophy. (Emphasis in text added)

  8. “Western culture has ….. and upheld the uniqueness and dignity of human beings”
    Never mind the massacres of Jerusalem 1099, Constantinopel 1204 and Southern France from 1230 on – all in the name of the Grand Old Designer.

  9. There’s another group parallel to the dishonesty instiute, the geocentrists, read privileged planet catholics, who have made a move, “The Principle” and have like the di used real scientists in it and distorts their words and again.

  10. @mnbo: I just finished reading the chapter “Crusade and Jihad” in Fields of Blood. My favorite passage on the First Crusade:

    “[The Crusaders] killed all the Saracens and Turks they found,” the author of the “Deeds of the Franks” reported approvingly. “They killed everyone, male or female.” The streets ran with blood. Jews were rounded up into their synagogue and put to the sword, and ten thousand Muslims who had sought sanctuary in the Haram al-Sharif were brutally massacred. “Piles of heads, hands and feet were to be seen,” wrote… Raymond of Aguilers: “Men rode in blood up to their knees and bridle reins. Indeed, it was a just and splendid judgment of God that this place should be filled with the blood of unbelievers….”

    When they could kill no more, the Crusaders proceeded to the Church of the Resurrection, singing hymns with tears of joy rolling down their cheeks. Beside the Tomb of Christ, they sang the Easter liturgy. “This day, I say, will be famous in all future ages, for it turned our labors and sorrows into joy and exultation,” Ramond exulted.

    Yay, team.

  11. Since everything will soon end in a fiery blaze or jesus will soon come and put to the sword everyone who did not kiss his ass, I guess the best thing to do is get drunk and stay drunk…..happy end of the world!!!!!