Discovery Institute: Another Peer-Review Triumph

We’ve written before about the video produced by John West (whom we affectionately call “Westie”) — see Darwin Caused World War One, Part 3. Westie is not only a Discoveroid Senior Fellow, he’s also Associate Director of their creationist think tank, the Center for Science & Culture.

The Discoveroids have just posted some spectacular news about Westie’s video. It’s titled Congratulates to John West as Biology of the Second Reich, “Best Documentary Short,” Scores Big Recognition!, written by David Klinghoffer, their journalistic slasher and poo flinger. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Wow! Congratulations to our colleagues John West, Jens Jorgensen, and Richard Weikart for their work on the documentary short The Biology of the Second Reich — which has just been recognized as winner in the 2015 “Best Documentary Short” category by the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood!

Fascinating! But of course you’re wondering: Who is the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood, and what are their qualifications for judging Westie’s video? Are they historians? Biologists? Experts of some other kind? So we took a look at their website. It says:

Welcome to the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood. The LACFH is here to provide independent filmmakers with the opportunity to have their work recognized, judged and awarded. We’re a traditional festival looking to showcase entertaining domestic and international materials from talented independent filmmakers.

They give awards in these categories: Narrative Shorts, Narrative Features, Animation, Documentary Shorts, Documentary Features, Student Films, Experimental Films, Music Videos and Scripts. Although we hunted around, we couldn’t find anything about who makes the decisions about winners and on what basis they’re made. We can only assume … well, we can’t assume anything. Let’s get back to what Klinghoffer wrote:

How did an entry from the folks at Discovery Institute come to win? Because the independent filmmaking community in Hollywood has a soft spot for critiques of and alternatives to neo-Darwinian theory? No, probably not. It’s just a superbly directed, written, and documented film that tells a story that’s startling and that was virtually unknown until this very effective film came along.

Okay. This is from his final paragraph:

Suitable mainstream recognition of any part of our argument about Darwinism is, of course, enough to give hardcore Darwinists fits. Chill out, guys — or as my kids like to say, “Chillax!”

Klinghoffer says this is “mainstream recognition” of their argument about Darwinism. If that’s what happened, it’s impressive. But did that happen? We’ll let you decide, dear reader. Whatever it was, it’ll make a good impression on their generous patrons. Our guess is that funding for the Discoveroids is assured for the coming year, and in the world of creationism, that’s success!

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11 responses to “Discovery Institute: Another Peer-Review Triumph

  1. Yes, a major triumph! Because scientific consensus depends on verdicts issued by the Court of Lay Opinion.

  2. LA averages over one ‘award’ ceremony per day, so as they say, even a blind sow picks up an acorn now and then.

  3. Can’t find any mention of membership, however their streetview map is impressive.

  4. Making a good video doesn’t mean the science is good.

  5. Michael Fugate

    or the history…

    It is pretty clear the Weikart has no standing as an honest historian.

    From Wikipedia:

    Gerwin Strobl, a historian at University of Cardiff, reviewed Hitler’s Ethic in European History Quarterly, writing the introduction “reads like a mixture of a television voiceover and the worst kind of undergraduate essay”

    University of Chicago historian Robert Richards concluded that “Hitler was not a Darwinian” and “calls this all a desperate tactic to undermine evolution.” Richards expressed an opinion that, “There’s not the slightest shred of evidence that Hitler read Darwin,” and “Some of the biggest influences on Hitler’s anti-Semitism were opposed to evolution, such as British writer Houston Stewart Chamberlain, whose racial theory became incorporated into Nazi doctrine.”

  6. It costs between $40 to $75 to have your film considered for an award. It is basically a way to purchase publicity for Indie film makers. Looks like a good investment DI!

  7. West used to to be on the faculty of Seattle Pacific University. Here’s their statement of faith:
    He either found it more lucrative to engage directly into the warped creationist world, or SPU dumped him because of his right-wing teachings. I’d heard rumor students tired of his diatribes against Darwin and his biased views he presented in class. I’ve heard him several times and he’s so biased and anti-science. But it’s fun trying to get a straight answer from him as he twists and turns in his shoes trying to evade the question/s, or else gives clearly absurd answers. Then again, his audience is church groups who don’t know better.

  8. Hey, Klingy! Congratulations are also in order because the film just won the “The First 53 Seconds Were So Bad That the Panel Had to Get Up From Their Desk and Take a Walk” Award by the prestigious Sitting at My Computer in My Sleepy Little Town Independent Film Festival!

    It also took 107th place in the “Actual Reasons for the Start of the First World War” competition, coming in just behind unicorns but ahead of ham sandwiches.

    Now, these awards will probably make hard core creationists have fits, but as the kids like to say: “Eat a bag of [edit out]s!”

  9. Doctor Stochastic

    Does the author think Gavrilo Princip was a high-school biology teacher?

  10. Cited multiple times by giants of the academic world such as creation space, and the bible forum, I have yet to find a single comment on any of the sites that posted references to this cinematic triumph. Powerful.

  11. I think this says more about the quality of their competition…