Reminder of the David McConaghie Trial

Creationist voyeurism

Creationist voyeurism

This is about David McConaghie, the creationist preacher and Northern Ireland political operative who was arrested in connection with the discovery of a hidden camera found in the loo of Democratic Unionist Party member David Simpson’s constituency office. We’ve been waiting for the actual trial to begin, but for some reason it’s been delayed twice.

We don’t know whether McConaghie will be found guilty of the perverted conduct of which he’s been accused, but we’ve been eagerly following this case because it provides a unique insight into the minds of creationists, illustrating the connection between moral depravity and the intellectual aberration of creationism. We’ve reported about several other cases that seem to support our hypothesis, but this case is the biggie.

Our last post about it was back in November: McConaghie’s Bathroom Voyeurism Trial Delayed. Today, in the Irish Times of Dublin, Ireland’s capital and largest city, we read NI man for trial charged with voyeurism at DUP office toilets. We don’t see a comments section. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

A former church minister and DUP MP advisor accused of voyeurism is to be prosecuted in the Crown Court. A prosecuting lawyer told Craigavon Magistrates Court the case against David McConaghie (49) is to proceed “on indictment” and asked for the case to be adjourned to March 11th for a preliminary enquiry.

March 11? Darn, that’s a long time! Why all the delays? Let’s read on:

Mr McConaghie, from Cottage Hill in Dollingstown, is on bail facing a single charge of voyeurism on dates between January 1st, 2012 and September 12th, 2012 in that “for the purpose of sexual gratification observed another doing a private act knowing that the other person did not consent to being observed for your sexual gratification.”


When he was initially charged last September, Mr McConaghie had been charged with installing the camera but the particulars of the indictment has [sic] since been amended.

Dropping the charge of installation isn’t explained, but they give some background about McConaghie which may indicate why this case in Northern Ireland is of particular interest in the Republic of Ireland:

Mr McConaghie is also a member of the Free Presbyterian Church, a prominent spokesman for a religious foundation and had been an election agent for David Simpson, the DUP MP for Upper Bann. He had trained to become a minister within the Free Presbyterian Church, which was started by the recently deceased Reverend Ian Paisley and had previously been a minister in the Elim Pentecostal Church. Mr McConaghie has also been a member of the Independent Orange Order.

The Irish Times has their reasons for following this case, and we have ours. They don’t provide any actual news, so we won’t bother with more excerpts. But it’s good to see that the case is getting coverage beyond Northern Ireland. That means we’re sure to know when something of interest actually happens.

In the meantime, we repeat our advice which we think is well founded, regardless of the outcome of McConaghie’s trial: Avoid using the bathrooms in any creationist location — that includes creationist “think tanks,” creation museums and theme parks, the church buildings of creationist denominations, and the offices of creationist politicians.

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4 responses to “Reminder of the David McConaghie Trial

  1. The repeated delays are intriguing but the real question is whether it will be McConaghie’s Waterloo or just a flash in the pan.

  2. Charles Deetz ;)

    SC says:

    Avoid using the bathrooms in any creationist location

    I hope there is a McDonalds across the street from the Creation Museum.

  3. One can chortle over this, but it’s really irrelevant, you know. I’m sure one could find evolutionists who’ve embarrassed themselves as badly.

    What matters (for the purposes of this site) is what these people say about evolution (or as some of them would have it, eeeeevolution. Their moral failings make them look like hypocrites when they sound off about “values,” but it’s their intellectual failings which bear on the evolution/creation “controversy.”

  4. Hell if I ever go I’ll masturbate, especially if I can find the camera location and [edited out] all over it. And when they try to make anything of it I will laugh in their faces and sue the pants of them.