Creationist Wisdom #514: No Aliens!

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Lima News of Lima, Ohio. The letter is titled Bible precludes alien life. There’s a comments section at the end.

The letter-writer isn’t a politician, preacher, or other public figure, so we won’t use his full name. His first name is David. Excerpts from his letter will be enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary and some bold font for emphasis. Here we go!

I am writing in response to the Jan. 8 article in The Lima News Religion section: “Are there others ‘in God’s image’ in the universe?”

We can’t find that letter in the Lima News, but it was undoubtedly a reprint of: Are there other beings ‘in God’s image’ in the universe? David describes it like this:

In the article Rabbi Avi Weinstein allows for worlds that preceded the present Earth. And the Rev. Holly McKissick said she is almost certain there are other inhabited planets in the universe and that her gut tells her the billions of yet unexplored solar systems must be filled with more of the same.

Yup, that’s the article we found. Here’s David’s reaction:

Where do they get these ideas? It is certainly not from the Bible that I read. Their statements contain not one biblical quotation to justify their statements.

Not one quote from the bible? This is an outrage! David continues:

God created Earth and death did not occur until man sinned, which separated man from God. If death did not occur until the original sin, how are there previous Earths?

Good question! Here’s more:

If McKissick is correct, the aliens she feels exist in the universe, will be destroyed by a loving God for no apparent reason or at a minimum because of what happened on Earth (our sin, not their own) some 6,000 years ago.

The logic is undeniable. Moving along:

When one goes outside the Bible to incorporate the ideas of fallen men, who weren’t there, who don’t know everything, whose theories change constantly, both these ideas and the Bible at that point make no sense.

He’s right. Ideas outside of the bible make no sense — compared to what’s in the bible. Another excerpt:

No matter how much scientists know, they will never know what it is they don’t know, so how can they ever claim to have discovered the truth and be certain of their theory?

Yeah — scientists can never be certain of anything outside of the bible. And now we come to the end of the letter:

So to answer the articles posed title question. NO. There were no pre-worlds and neither exist other alien worlds. Straightforward Biblical principles simply do not allow it.

So there you are — there are no aliens on other worlds. If there were, they’d be mentioned in the bible; but they’re not, so they don’t exist. They never did. Of that you can be certain.

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14 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #514: No Aliens!

  1. The original column that David’s ranting about isn’t exactly impressive either, is it?

  2. David wrote, “Where do they get these ideas? It is certainly not from the Bible that I read.”

    Lima, Ohio isn’t in the bible either, but apparently it exists.
    The Lima News isn’t in the bible, but David apparently believes it exists. And I’ll bet that Lima News is printed and distributed with technology that’s not mentioned in the bible either.

    WRT “No matter how much scientists know, they will never know what it is they don’t know.” True enough. Isn’t that what Donald Rumsfeld referred to as “unknown unknowns”?

  3. There is no mention of sunspots in the bible, and yet, there they are when I view through my filtered telescope. Well, maybe it’s the devil playing tricks with my eyes (and my camera, and every other person in the world who has seen sunspots for themselves).

    Same thing goes for craters and mountains on the moon, planets, star clusters, nebulae, double stars, galaxies, quasars; and on the other end of the scale we have amoebae, bacteria, viruses, molecules, atoms, protons, electrons, and an entire cyclotron full of subatomic particles I can’t begin to list.

    Since all these things aren’t mentioned in the bible, we can be certain they just don’t exist. Pure fiction. Delusions of mad scientists. Inventions of the vast atheist conspiracy designed to take Christ out of Christmas, East out of Easter, and Chan out of Chanukah.

  4. Indeed, a gem of a letter. That’s because David’s theology is just a few leaps of faith short of being wholly holey. For example, his insights are top notch when he wonders about extraterrestrials being exempt of the, er, rigor of death due to their seclusion from mankind’s original sin. In point of fact, so far ahead of the pack is David’s profundity that it’s quite understandable him forgetting about all Earth’s animals that somehow did inherit said sin, presumably via some form of supernatural osmosis.

    My mind is boggled, my flum quite oxed, and my flabber well and truly ghasted.

  5. Oh — I meant to comment that it sounds like David is getting his theology straight from Ken Ham.

  6. “There were no pre-worlds and neither exist other alien worlds. Straightforward Biblical principles simply do not allow it.”

    I don’t know about “pre-worlds,” but there is nothing whatever in the Bible which prohibits the existence of “alien worlds,” even inhabited ones. (If the Bible is read to rule out all “alien,” that is, extraterrestrial, worlds, we might as well throw out the last four thousand years of astronomy.) It only states that man is made in God’s image, not that man exists only on Earth.

    I attended a Seventh-Day Adventist elementary school for several purgatorial years (they don’t qualify as “hellish” only because they eventually ended), and was once told by one of my teachers that some of them were surely inhabited–by human beings, of course, but immortal, “unfallen” ones, whom God would never allow us to meet lest we give them cooties (all right, “corrupt them”).

    For that matter, since the Bible is vague on exactly what “God’s image” means, who’s to say it isn’t inclusive enough to embrace nonhuman intelligences?

  7. David’s view of aliens would have them as benign, unfallen beings & therefore to be destroyed by a loving god as said god only likes his creations to be malign, twisted & completely lacking the ability of rational thought.

  8. @Retiredscienceguy – “…conspiracy designed to take Christ out of Christmas, East out of Easter, and Chan out of Chanukah.”
    Yes, and don’t forget, they’ve taken Labor out of the Labor Day holiday!

  9. Hey Davy boy, open your eyes, walk slowly to the nearest window, open the blinds (carfully, the next bit will be really disturbing), and make a list of all the things you see that aren’t mentioned in the bibble. Unless you live in the midst of the Negev, I think you’ll have quite a long list. Now who ya gonna believe, the bibble or your lyin eyes?

  10. abeastwood, if he lived in the Negev now, he’d see a lot of stuff that the biblical writers wouldn’t’ve dreamt of. The ecology there is very different from what it once was.

  11. dweller42: Well then, I guess Davy’s lyin eyes would decieve him almost anywhere he looks!

  12. One of my most familiar hobby-horses is how ignorant fundamentalists are of basic Christian and Protestant theology. This one is apparently completely unaware of the fact that it has been a staple of Christian belief for at least four centuries that human beings are created in the image of God, but that God is pure spirit, which must mean that the human spirit, not the human body, is the image.

    From which it would follow that intelligent aliens who also exhibit aspects of the spirit of God – an inclination to righteousness, justice, and mercy, for example – would also be made “in the image of God”, no matter what their bodily form.

    As to original sin, Christians are taught that it arises simply from the knowledge of good and evil, as the tale implies. We know that we do wrong from that knowledge. We also know that we cannot avoid doing wrong, for our knowledge, like everything else about us, is incomplete and imperfect. Hence, we sin without being aware of it, from our origin. This is our original sin. (Incidentally, this is how the Genesis stories can be read as myth without in any way affecting the Christian doctrine of universal sin and the need for redemption.)

    Intelligent aliens with a moral code who are also imperfect, share the same original sin with us, and are similarly in need of redemption. Perhaps it has pleased Almighty God to provide it in some other fashion for them. Perhaps the redemption of the Universe was accomplished in one act. Perhaps God extends His grace to all life everywhere. I don’t know, but neither does the other David, who wrote the letter, and his ignorance of his own ignorance is striking, to say the least. He is, alas, also in heresy. Who is he to limit and constrain the actions and the grace of God?

    Er… sorry about that last. My father the Presbyterian minister sometimes comes through.

  13. @Dave Luckett
    One of the things that struck me when I first began to become interested in the creationism thing was how uniformed the creationists were about matters of their own heritage. For one thing, they think that ideas that have been dreamt up over the last couple of centuries represent the core of Christianity. And how superficial their knowledge of Scripture, other than a handful of proof texts (the original quote mines).