Kent Hovind Update: 29 Jan 2015

Once again we bring you an update about Kent Hovind (a/k/a “Dr. Dino,” as he styles himself). Wikipedia describes Hovind’s conviction for tax evasion back in 2006. He’s a martyr to two different groups of people, and his behavior suggests a certain similarity between them — see Creationists and Tax Protesters.

Our last post about Dr. Dino was Kent Hovind Indicted Again. He and his current adviser, John Paul Hansen, were indicted for trying to interfere with the government’s sale of the property that the IRS had previously seized, in proceedings Hovind had previously contested. Here’s a link to the text of the indictment.

We’ve been waiting for news of the new trial, and we finally found something. In the Pensacola News Journal of Pensacola, Florida — which had been the home of Hovind’s creationist “ministry” and his Dinosaur Adventure Land (now confiscated by the feds to pay back taxes) — we read ‘Dr. Dino’ trial delayed until March. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

A federal judge has granted a motion to delay the trial of Pensacola evangelist Kent E. Hovind until March. [He] was scheduled to stand trial Feb. 9 on charges of conspiracy to commit mail fraud. Federal prosecutors allege that Hovind and his co-defendant, Paul John Hansen, filed groundless documents disputing the government’s right to sell off Pensacola property that Hovind was forced to forfeit to settle a $430,400 tax debt.

The great man’s torment continues. Oh the injustice! The News Journal then says:

The government asked this week that the trial be to rescheduled to March because the federal attorney assigned to the case was temporarily out of the office with a family emergency. Chief District Judge M.Casey Rodgers granted the motion Wednesday morning despite opposition from Hovind.

This is so unfair! Hovind can’t wait to go to trial to prove his innocence, but the feds keep dragging the thing out. Let’s read on:

Hovind’s counsel, Thomas Keith, said if not for the delays in litigation, his client would be housed in a low-security prison camp or possibly even home confinement rather than the “limbo” of Santa Rosa County Jail. “He has been forced to spend five months in county jail, and there are consequences to that,” Keith said.

We can’t even imagine the agony! Now it’ll have to continue until March.

We’re not certain what Hovind’s defense will be. From what we’ve seen before, it’s essentially his claim that he’s being persecuted because of his faith, and because his brilliant exposure of the fraud of evolution was so effective. He was doing God’s work, which is why the IRS went after him, or so he believes. If that’s how his attorney is going to play it this time around, it’s unlikely to be successful.

Even if Hovind literally believes that he is God’s instrument on Earth, that isn’t a defense to a charge of impeding the feds from seizing his assets to pay taxes for which he was previously found liable. The defense should be insanity, or maybe that he had no criminal intent, but he foolishly allowed himself to be manipulated by misguided advisers. But we suspect that Hovind won’t use those defenses. The trial should be fun. Stay tuned to this blog.

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9 responses to “Kent Hovind Update: 29 Jan 2015

  1. Forbes contributor Peter J. Reilly has added an article to his personal blog at:

    It deals with the latest developments as well as those opinion letters Kent is so high on that he suggests will vindicate him, at least in part. There is also an interesting and informed readers’ comment from “Samphire” which is worthy of consideration.

    There’s a lot going on now that Kent has rallied his troops and they are busy taking orders from Kent and going to and fro trying to drum up support, having considerable success at least amongst a certain class of folks.

  2. So much for “render unto Caesar was is Caesars”.

  3. The “consequences” are that the other Santa Rosa County inmates have to put up with Hovind’s incessant whining.

  4. “From what we’ve seen before, it’s essentially his claim that he’s being persecuted because of his faith, and because his brilliant exposure of the fraud of evolution was so effective.”

    Presumably, therefore, Kent’s opinion must be that Eric is doing a crap job because he is still managing to stay out of jail.

  5. It is rediculous the trial is postponed because someone on the government/prosecution staff took a month off. Especially when you consider Hovind’s codefendant is waiting in jail.

  6. Kent is the gold stardard of creationist insanity and unintentional humor. Unfortunately for him he sees himself as a super genius who is above the law.

  7. anevilmeme; Something like this ?

  8. Was one of his “misguided advisors” the baby Jesus?

  9. A part of my well spent youth I was a private investigator. The trial docket, and daily schedule of a court is a lot more convoluted than you will think from outside the practical grind of the criminal “justice” system.
    If a central member needs a week, or even a day off work, that easily results in weeks or months of delays.