A Typical “Free Kent Hovind” Rant

This is about the ongoing saga of Kent Hovind (a/k/a “Dr. Dino,” as he styles himself), about whom we last wrote Kent Hovind Update: 29 Jan 2015.

A news source calling itself Cowger Nation, which seems to be part of a new, socially conservative media outfit, has this at its website: FREE KENT HOVIND: Imprisoned 8+ Years; Now Facing New Trial for Bogus Charges with a Biased, Anti-Christian Judge Presiding. There’s a comments section at the end. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Dr. Kent Hovind, Baptist minister, Creation Science Evangelist and convicted tax code violator has served 99-months of a 10-year prison sentence for misapplied RICO statute and IRS employer tax laws.

That’s a fuzzy description of Hovind’s violations, and it ignores the fact that his “doctorate” is from a mail-order diploma mill, but that’s not important. The fun starts here:

In this writer’s opinion and that of Kent Hovind and many others, Mr. Hovind is innocent of all of the charges that have kept him imprisoned over the last 8+ years. The IRS and the federal government targeted Hovind for being an effective, outspoken conservative Christian creationist, who they wanted to keep silenced for his convincing anti-evolution views. Hovind’s sentence and ongoing prosecution is outrageous for an alleged victimless offense.

The author of the piece is George Lujack, of whom we never heard before. Let’s read on:

Hovind has done 99 months and they are seeking to lock him away for the rest of his life. [No, it won’t be quite that long.] This is all occurring while the “Reverend” Al Sharpton allegedly owes the IRS 4.5 million in back taxes. Sharpton, a polarizing racially divisive figure, is rewarded by society with his own opinionated “news” propaganda show on the MSNBC network and has reportedly been invited to the White House more than 80-times by Barack Obama as an advisor on race relations.

M’god — this guy sounds like he’s serious! Anyway, we have no idea what Sharpton owes, or why, or whether any actual fraud was involved. Lots of people owe back taxes they can’t afford to pay, but there isn’t any fraud involved. We don’t see much connection between the two situations, except that George Lujack likes Hovind and seems not to like Sharpton. Here’s more:

There are many anti-Hovind detractors. These people are generally atheist evolution proponents that would like to see Hovind spend the rest of his life in jail, (for tax related charges, of course!). It is obvious that these people are not rational, and are motivated against Hovind based on ideological philosophy. Kent Hovind upsets and rebukes their evolution worldview with articulate presentations of creationism, repeatedly demonstrating just how stupid evolution theory is. For this, they would like to see Hovind pay with his life.

Yes, that’s how it is for those who dare to refute Darwin. The rant continues:

In the 8+ years Hovind has spent in prison, he has been transferred between different jails over 20-times. This is an extraordinary amount of transfers for an inmate without any behavioral or other issues warranting such moves. It has been theorized by some Hovind supporters that these transfers may be purposefully being conducted with the intent and possible objective that Hovind could be murdered while being tranferred [sic] around.

Wow — the feds are trying to kill Hovind! Moving along:

8+ years is not enough, according to the latest federal charges pending against Hovind. Hovind, having appealed his original conviction and contesting the liens placed on his personal property that was seized by the federal government, now faces new criminal charges for multiple counts of contempt and for frivolously using the prison mail system to make those appeals! Hovind faces between 20-100 more years if convicted on any or all counts.

Aaaargh!! Hovind contested the original charges, and lost. Then he appealed and lost. He also contested the seizure of his property, and was unsuccessful in that. He had his day in court, and there are no more appeals available. He is not — despite the opinion of George Lujack — being penalized for those lawful appeals. He’s being charged with fraudulently trying to stop the feds from selling property that the courts have already determined was lawfully taken from him. Another excerpt:

Hovind’s new trial date has been rescheduled from Feb 9th till March 2 at the request of a prosecutor who claimed to have “family issues.” Well, my apologies to the prosecution, but Mr. Hovind has got a lot of family issues as well! He has not been home to see his family in over 8-years! … The Sixth Amendment’s Constitutional right to a speedy trial does not apply in the ongoing continued prosecution of Kent Hovind!

Yeah, there’s no justice for a creationist! On with the article:

Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida is the federal judge set to preside over the upcoming Hovind trial. Judge Rodgers was the same judge that presided over Hovind’s original trial and who sentenced him to 10-years in prison. Judge Rodgers has an anti-Christian bias, having issued a court order in the past to a school district to refrain from promoting religious activity at school events.

Gasp! She should be disqualified from holding any governmental position. In fact, she should be burned at the stake for witchcraft! Okay, one final excerpt:

Kent Hovind is a man that has been incarcerated for his outspoken Christian faith and his well-spoken presentations refuting evolution theory, which is the science and “religion” of the U.S. public school system and higher “scientific” education institutions.


Life imprisonment, or any continued incarceration, is cruel and unusual punishment for Kent Hovind. Hovind is a righteous Christian family man, devoted husband and father, who is not violent and a person who has never even drank an alcoholic beverage in his life. Kent Hovind is not a threat to himself, his family or society.


[T]he government continues to persecute Hovind over alleged tax code violations and related charges, because they cannot refute or counter his creation theories that oppose their secular atheist evolution philosophy. They want Kent Hovind to remain silenced in prison for life.

So there you are. Hovind is a victim of the global Darwinite conspiracy and its vicious instrument, the IRS.

Copyright © 2015. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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15 responses to “A Typical “Free Kent Hovind” Rant

  1. George Lujack seems to be an up-and-coming creationist writer. A google search pulls up a few items, including the following:

  2. From Coyote’s reference to George Lujack:

    Assuming these crater impacts are reasonably scientifically accurately dated, give or take millions of years, and the devastation that they caused was substantial, none of them, including the Chicxulub crater, could have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. All of these asteroid / comet / meteor impacts happened long before there was life on planet earth, including dinosaurs. Asteroid impacts upon the old earth that existed before life was created upon it, upon the old earth that was created IN THE BEGINNING, did not cause the extinction of the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were created, along with man, approximately 6,000-years ago during the 6-day creation week (Genesis 1:24-31; Job 40:15).

    What’s puzzling is that Lujack here seems to accept an age of the earth far exceeding the typical 6000 years, and his deity then creates life only 6000 years ago. Why the wait? I guess the deity was busy in his/her/its intelligent design shop figuring out the many unique forms of life to create, a tough job it was, then figuring out how to kill them off.

  3. Stephen Kennedy

    Of all the professional creationists out there, I believe Kent Hovind is the one I despise the most. He is more insufferable than even old Hambo. In fact, Hambo even thinks that some of Hovinds ideas are wacky. Hovind just drips with dishonesty.

  4. According to the Georgie boy “Judge Rodgers has an anti-Christian bias, having issued a court order in the past to a school district to refrain from promoting religious activity at school events.” That sounds awfully like a pro-Constitution bias, which is, I thought, exactly what US District Court judges should have.

  5. “Kent Hovind assassination plotted by evolutionary biologists while he’s being transfered between minimum security prisons” is both the best example of persecution complex ever and the worst movie pitch ever.

  6. DavidK, the idea that the heavens and the earth were created millions of years ago, and that Adam and Eve were created relatively recently is a minority doctrine but not unprecedented. It was promoted, for example, by the radio preacher my parents were involved with. He declared that the line, “And the earth was without form and void” should be translated “The earth became without form and void.”

    The heavens and the earth were created billions of years ago and originally inhabited by angels. Then Lucifer led a rebellion of a third of them, and the ensuing warfare cratered the earth and moon and tore up everything generally. That’s the era when the earth became formless, and it stayed that way for an unknowable length of time. Six thousand years ago God moved into the rubble, turned on the lights by fiat, and started (re-)creating the earth and a new set of inhabitants.

    The difference from George Lujack’s timeline is that the dinosaurs, trilobites, and so on lived among the angels before the cataclysm and got wiped out in it. That’s why their fossils date back so far beyond 6000 BCE. Angels left no fossils because they are immaterial and immortal. They’re all around us even now, causing strife and disaster.

  7. He thinks xtians are being persecuted, believes in creationism, thinks there is a gawd, is outspoken and has a bad case of ‘BS dribble’, why does he want Ken released??? He can just step up ad replace Ken and no one would notice.

  8. George Lujack “…imprisoned over the last 8+ years. The IRS and the federal government targeted Hovind for being an effective, outspoken conservative Christian creationist, who they wanted to keep silenced for his convincing anti-evolution views.”

    Eight-plus years ago, George W. Bush was president. Is Lujack implying that G.W. Bush is anti-Christian? That would be the bigger news story here.

    Why in the world would the IRS even care if someone is creationist? As long as ya pays yer taxes, they’re cool with it. That’s Hovind’s problem. He didn’t, and when they “politely” asked him to, he said, “Screw you! I’m a sovereign citizen, so I don’t owe you nothin’!”

    Thus, he’s in jail. If it were his creationist rantings that put him there, he’d have a whole lot more company in the clinker — like Ham and the whole Southern Baptist Convention.

  9. Stephen Kennedy

    RSG is right. If creationism was illegal, as well as stupid, we would have to build more prisons.

  10. So lumpen creationists—and what a redundancy that is—think poor old Ken Hovind, besides being specially created, in being specially persecuted by having his Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial violated?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of the U.S. justice system, folks. Extended pretrial incarceration is a common occurrence, and not just for Guantánamo inmates, either. If these people think Hovind is being abused, perhaps they should divert some of their energy away from trying to ram Biblical dogma down people’s throats and put it into campaigning for law-enforcement reform.

    And perhaps I should wish for a winning entry in the Publishers Clearinghouse sweepstakes, too, while I’m at it. I probably have a better chance at getting that.

  11. Whoops. First paragraph should read: [Deleted as redundant.]

    [*Voice from above*] It is as you wish.

  12. I found this on the Kent Hovind and Jo Hovind vs. USA IRS facebook page. It shows Eric Hovind does NOT believe his father is being persecuted for his religious beliefs:

  13. Dave Luckett

    Twice now I have thought about commenting on that website, and twice I have deleted the comment because I don’t have standing. But if I were a US citizen, the blatant theocratic stance and the blank refusal to admit the authority of the Constitution would outrage me, long before I got to the question of the misprision of outright fraud, or the lunatic notion that the refusal of a rich man to pay just taxes is a “victimless crime”.

    And yet the Christian exceptionalism, averral of theocracy and contempt for the Constitution revealed at that site do have that effect on me, too, simply because I have respect for the ideals on which the United States was founded. What the effect is on an American I can only imagine.

    I can only urge Americans who are prepared to defend their Constitution to get involved.

  14. Lujack’s arguments are ones floating around the Kent Hovind Fan Club right now. One of the more prominent fan club members, a guy named Rudy Davis, came up with the acronym “hair58v” to describe them. Here they are (as Davis described them in a video on January 31):

    * heinous – people who have done worse things have been sentenced to less time!
    * atheist – the people opposed to Kent Hovind are atheists!
    * innocence – Kent Hovind has always maintained his innocence!
    * Rodgers – Biased, anti-Christian Judge Rodgers!
    * 5 – 501(c)3 churches are baaaaad!
    * 8 – even if he’s guilty, he’s been in prison eight years, let him go home!
    * v – the crimes he was convicted of were victimless!

    I did an extensive deconstruction of this acronym on my new website Hovindology.com. (Direct link: http://www.hovindology.com/?p=70 ) And yes, I know the people who should be reading this won’t, but at least this garbage has a refutation out there.

  15. Kent Hovind’s spokesman Rudy Davis/LoneStar1776 is claiming that he and Hovind’s people “own the Internet” with their campaign of disinformation and plans to affect the release of Kent Hovind from incarceration.

    Check it out around the 12:00 minute mark in the following video:

    Who wants to join the fun and try and convince Rudy and Kent and the band that the claim is being challenged?

    See also: