Creationist Wisdom #515: Lies, All Lies!

Today’s letter-to-the-editor appears in the Daily Freeman of Kingston, New York. The letter is titled The truth about the theory of evolution is that it is built on lies. There’s a comments section at the end.

The letter-writer isn’t a politician, preacher, or other public figure, so we won’t use his full name. His first name is Jeffrey. Excerpts from his letter will be enhanced with our Curmudgeonly commentary and some bold font for emphasis. Here we go!

For Darwin’s birthday, Feb. 12, let us teach the whole truth about evolution. Inform our children about the history of lies and deceptions used to support this myth as an example of what happens when ideology invades science.

Oh, goodie — Jeffrey is going to expose all the lies and deceptions of evolution. At last, someone has the courage to do it! Brace yourself, dear reader, he doesn’t hold anything back:

Lies like gill slits and vestigial organs, peppered moths and wacky morphologies, intentionally deceptive and unsupported timetables, and primordial oozes.

Wow — that’s six whoppers in a single sentence! As we scan the rest of Jeffrey’s letter, we count another twenty-seven, making thirty-three in all. It could be slightly more or less, because he has a few compound items mixed in with the others. There’s no way we’re going to take the time to debunk them all. We won’t even bother to list them all. But we will deal with a few of them. The rest will be for you to discover by reading the whole letter. A wondrous adventure awaits you.

At this point, however, we’ll pause to make an essential observation. As with all creationists, Jeffery presents no evidence for his own view of things — that’s because there is none. All he does is complain about evolution — with no reference to any demonstration showing that it’s false. Jeffrey and all the others like him should read our Advice for Creationists. But that won’t happen.

Okay, skipping those at the beginning, we’ll look at some more of Jeffrey’s list of thirty-odd “lies and deceptions”:

Let expose Darwin’s own failed experiments.

Hey, good idea, Jeffrey! Go ahead and do that. Let’s read on:

Teach the complete absence of transition fossils, the ludicrous claims about archaeopteryx, the complexity of the so-called simple cell, realistic comparisons between scales and feathers, irreducible complexity …

What an Ark-load! Ah yes, the absence of transitional fossils — except for this growing list of transitional fossils. Why do creationists keep repeating that one?

And there’s nothing wrong with Archaeopteryx — it’s a transitional fossil between feathered dinosaurs and modern birds. Jeffrey, like so many creationists, probably confuses its name with Archaeoraptor, a Chinese fake that was briefly publicized by National Geographic in 1999. It was a mistake they clarified a few months later in a press release — see Dino Hoax Was Mainly Made of Ancient Bird, Study Says. Or maybe he’s confused by a brief controversy falsely claiming that Archaeopteryx was itself a fake — see WorldNetDaily and Archaeopteryx.

That’s enough for that one sentence. Is there anything else worth mentioning? How about this:

Let us tell the truth about the Scopes monkey trial and how a pig tooth was hailed as a missing link.

Aaaargh!! Nebraska Man was a briefly misclassified fossil, and it wasn’t mentioned in the Scopes Trial. The letter isn’t finished yet. The craziness goes on:

Let us tell how evolution was used to justify the Holocaust, racism, eugenics, genocide, abortion and mass murder, endorsed by such fiends of the 20th century as Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot and Sanger.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Is there anything Jeffrey left out of his letter? We’ll leave that up to you to decide, dear reader, but you’ll have to read it for yourself. We’ve left out lots of other “lies and deceptions” for which we ran out of patience. Oh, here’s how the letter ends:

Happy birthday, Charles.

Thanks for the reminder that Darwin Day is coming up. Great letter, Jeffrey!

Copyright © 2015. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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12 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #515: Lies, All Lies!

  1. Great discovery of a wackaloon.

    Sanger’s in odd company, isn’t she?

  2. presents no evidence for his own view of things — that’s because there is none. All he does is complain about evolution
    More precisely, he does not present his own view of things. Forget about the evidence, we aren’t ready for that. First of all, evidence for what?
    Because no one has ever thought of what might happen so that the world of life would be as it is. Other than a force which is powerful beyond our comprehension could make things look as it there were common descent with modification.

  3. Charles Deetz ;)

    How hard was that post to write for the SC without referring to Gish Gallop? Would this be a Jeffery Jalopy, perhaps?

  4. Are these kinds of letters really meant to inform anyone or are they intended to be a perverse form of testimonial show and tell that can be displayed to the rest of the tribe for self gratification or social affirmation? Has Jeffery recently applied for a job, began courting, put a bid in on a project or simply gone off his medication?

  5. One hardly knows where to begin, but let’s try: “Darwin’s failed experiments”? What experiments? Darwin was a naturalist who made observations from which he drew inferences. And from the look of things, it’s all downhill from there.

    One has to wonder why the Daily Freeman published this rant. Is it pro-creationist, or did it put the letter in the paper as a kind of freak-show display, or what?

  6. Eric, editors in small to medium markets like to publish local letters because they boost circulation. Letter writers who get published brag to their friends, who will be expected to buy a copy of the issue. The writer also may buy a few extra copies to distribute or keep. Controversial topics are good because they attract retorts from other readers, and the arguments sell more papers to people who want to keep up with the controversy even if they don’t personally know the disputants.

  7. The whole truth

    I posted a comment in the thread at the Daily Freeman site and my comment has been removed by a moderator. I just now submitted a comment asking why my other comment was removed and got this: “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by NY – Daily Freeman”. So much for ‘Freeman’ (free men get to speak their minds).

    Here is a copy of my comment that was deleted:

    Hitler’s Third Reich was certainly not atheistic, and he did not rely on or promote Darwin’s evolutionary theory.

    Something that Jeffrey Mahoney and all other theists (especially christians) should consider before they blame “evolution” and atheists for mass killings is that, according to the stories in the bible, ‘God’ (yhwh-jesus-holy-ghost) is the most wanton killer of all time, by FAR.

    And by the way, Jeffrey, “evolution” is not the same thing as scientific evolutionary theory. Biological evolution is the naturally occurring process, whereas scientific evolutionary theory is the research avenue that investigates and explains the process. Darwin neither was nor is responsible for any of the killers and killings that you brought up and neither was nor is Alfred Russel Wallace, a theist who is often referred to as co-discoverer of biological evolution and co-publisher of evolutionary theory.

    You might as well blame the discoverer of atoms for atomic bombs, which of course would be absurd. Hey, since you obviously believe that your chosen, so-called ‘God’ designed and created EVERYTHING, which would include atoms and the people who have designed and built atomic weapons and all other weapons, why don’t you blame ‘God’ for that? And why don’t you blame your chosen, so-called ‘God’ for designing and creating killers?

  8. The whole truth

    I’ve been thinking about the term “primordial oozes” and it seems to me that it’s an appropriate term to describe the primitive, unenlightened mindset and assertions of creationists.

  9. @The whole truth

    Your comment hasn’t been deleted — I just went to see if my own had been (it hasn’t), and yours is there in all its glory.

  10. An actual list of the lies of evolution follows. ( )
    Inaccuracies? Yes, they happen in every science. We don’t know every thing. But Darwin gave us a framework that explains evolution and has never been disproved. Evolution would come crashing down if they found a single piece of evidence against it, but none exists.

  11. The whole truth

    realthog, that’s strange. I could not find my comment and I even refreshed the page several times. All I can figure is that it was removed but then reposted. Either that or I’m going blind. 🙂

  12. @The whole truth
    I cannot find fault with what you wrote. But your reference to the “discoverer of atoms” and “atom bombs” suggests a similarity of relationship than is the case for evolution and the political/social movements of the early 20th century.

    Remember that those movements arose in the era known as “the eclipse of darwinism”. For a reason:
    Those movements make sense (insofar as they make any sense) only by the denial of the productivity of natural selection, and by the notion that without purposeful intervention there is a tendency to “deterioration” (which concept would make nonsense of “darwinism”).

    Moreover, these movements concerned themselves with variations within “mankind”, and even the YECs admit the reality of “micro”evolution, evolution within a “kind”.
    This is not to suggest that anti-darwinism bears any blame for those movements.