Kent Hovind Trial: Jury Selection Monday

The last time we posted about this bizarre situation was a month ago: A Typical “Free Kent Hovind” Rant. You can read about him at Wikipedia: Kent Hovind (a/k/a “Dr. Dino”), which describes his conviction for tax evasion.

Hovind contested the original tax charges against him, and lost. Then he appealed and lost. He also contested the seizure of his property, and was unsuccessful in that. He had his day in court. Now he’s being charged with fraudulently trying to stop the feds from selling property that the courts have already determined was lawfully taken from him. Here’s a link to the text of the indictment. His behavior pattern is preposterous, but it’s not unknown — see Creationists and Tax Protesters.

Hovind’s supporters have been posting all over the internet that he’s being persecuted by the feds solely because he’s been so effective in his battle against evolution. That’s absurd, because the only person he’s ever impressed is Jack Chick — see Jack Chick Presents Kent Hovind’s Videos.

Anyway, let’s get to the news. In the Pensacola News Journal of Pensacola, Florida — which had been the home of Hovind’s creationist “ministry” and his Dinosaur Adventure Land (now confiscated by the feds to pay back taxes) — we read ‘Dr. Dino’ Hovind trial begins Monday. If you go there, an icon just below the headline will get you to the newspaper’s comment feature. Here are some excerpts from the news story, with bold font added by us:

Jury selection will begin Monday in the trial of Kent Hovind, a polarizing Pensacola evangelist facing federal charges of fraud and contempt. Hovind, known as Doctor Dino for his views on history and creation, could spend more than 20 years in prison if convicted of charges that he filed documents disputing the government’s right to sell his forfeited property.

Gasp! But his supporters say he’s done nothing wrong. Nothing! It’s all an evolutionist conspiracy! Let’s read on:

Hovind is on the tail end of a nearly decade-long prison sentence for failing to withhold payroll taxes and “structuring” bank transactions to evade federal reporting requirements. To pay his tax debts, Hovind was ordered to forfeit 10 properties surrounding his biblical theme park, Dinosaur Adventure Land. The new set of charges stem from allegations that he and his co-defendant, Paul John Hansen, filed motions disputing the government’s right to sell the land despite an injunction.

The newspaper quotes a few of Hovind’s supporters, and then says:

Of course, Reilly [a Forbes columnist] and many of Hovind’s detractors say that if Hovind had simply paid his taxes, there would be no issues. … “If Kent had done like his son, who is now head of the ministry, and paid and reported taxes, there would have been a very minimal amount of taxes paid.”

It’s not just Hovind’s son, Eric, who manages to escape the wrath of the IRS. So do the Discoveroids, Hambo, and all the other creationists with whom we’re familiar. It’s only those who lurch into the alternate universe of tax protestors that run into trouble. For those, it’s not science denial that causes their difficulties, it’s their denial that the law applies to them.

Our advice to creationists — and anyone else who lives in a fantasy world — is this: It’s perfectly legal to run around thinking you’re Donald Duck — as long as you retain enough sanity to realize that even Donald Duck has to obey the law.

There’s not much else in the newspaper article, except some quotes from various people. The fun won’t start until the trial begins. We’ll be watching for it, so stay tuned to this blog.

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21 responses to “Kent Hovind Trial: Jury Selection Monday

  1. “…quotes from various people.”

    Like me!
    I made the cut!

  2. Robert Baty says: “Like me!”

    Yes, but I couldn’t copy the whole article.

  3. I’ve been following the Hovind shenanigans for a while and have loads of legal documents on my website Kent’s followers (aka “Hovindicators”) have done a great job of strewing around a ton of red herrings while not dealing with Kent’s very real legal problems. This case is not about the sentence in the original trial, the IRS, the IRS agents, the judge, the prosecutors, creationism, persecution, you name it. It’s about whether Hovind and Hansen committed mail fraud by putting lis pendens on four properties. And I would not say (based on the limited evidence I’ve seen so far) that this is a complete slam-dunk for the prosecution. The document being used as the vehicle for the prosecution does not directly address Hovind (but it does address a number of entities Hovind is related to). That’s a hurdle I think the feds are going to have to overcome.

    Keep in mind, however, that if Kent had been, as Peter Reilly at Forbes likes to point out, “conventionally tax compliant,” he would have been out of prison years ago, and back on the creationist speaking trail. But his mind is so warped by all this tax protester and sovereign citizen rhetoric he can’t think straight anymore.

  4. Keep in mind also that if creationist zealots like Hovind don’t think mere human law applies to them, they also don’t think the laws of nature apply, either — because as far as they’re concerned, there aren’t any, just the whims of God at any particular moment.

  5. Stephen Kennedy

    Hovind is the guy you think of when you think of creationist con artists. He claims to be an expert on science but his degree is from an online diploma mill. He is totally ignorant of real science but knows his followers are to and plays to their resentment of those that are smarter and better educated than they are. He is a pathological liar and exhibits a real nastiness and mean streak that is not even seen in Hambo.

    After eight years in prison he does not show a bit of remorse for his crimes and instead claims he is the victim of religious persecution. In fact, his refusal to accept the court rulings in his original case appear to be why he is on trial again.

    His association with known tax protesters and participating in their schemes shows how much it is all about the money to Hovind. Hovind now seems to have attracted a group of fanatical and sinister supporters who have hinted strongly that violence or the threat of violence is a legitimate option.

    PROSECUTOR J. Ryan Love Protects Violent Felon Working for ATF:
    1- PROOF: Letters from professionals absolve Kent Hovind from all wrong-doing:
    2 – PROOF: Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers caught altering court transcript:
    3 -PROOF: Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers is anti-christian and bias:
    4- PROOF: Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers anti-christian Judge:
    4 – PROOF: Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers pre-judged Kent calling him the ‘HEAD OF A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION’:
    5 – PROOF: Sexual deviant, immoral and mentally-ill people imprisoned Kent Hovind:
    6 – IRS arrest and seize over $19k from widowed senior citizen
    7 – IRS caught stealing a quarter of a billion from American people:
    8 – IRS apologizes for abusing their laws:
    9 – Congress furious with the IRS for targeting Christian Americans:
    10 – New AG Loretta Lynch caught protecting drug money launderers and terrorists:

  7. anevilmeme

    @Stephen K.

    Aptly put, he’s a walking stereotype.

  8. @FreeKentHovind: Dubiousness aside, tu quoque, however extensive, does not constitute a valid defence.

  9. Charles Deetz ;)

    Okay, the troll list of links includes just one that regards Hovind’s innocence, so I took a peek at that one. The blog post references the three professional’s credentials, but you have to look at the PDF to see the letters and facts. I looked at it and the very first letter is from Hovind to the attorney from 1996 and it starts like this:

    I am writing to ask your professional opinion regarding the voluntary nature of Form 1040.

    Proof enough that this is just another ‘sovereign citizen’ case and no one should have any sympathy for his selfishness, lawlessness, or greed.

  10. Charles Deetz 😉 says: “Proof enough that this is just another ‘sovereign citizen’ case and no one should have any sympathy for his selfishness, lawlessness, or greed.”

    Those people need to learn that they can’t fight the IRS the way creationists fight the “Darwinists.” Prosecutors and judges all have ready access to the statutes and the judicial decisions interpreting them, as well as the records of Congressional debates that illustrate the intent of Congress in writing the law. The wild writings and ravings and opinions of “experts” outside of that material is utterly irrelevant. Well, it could be relevant in a defense based on insanity, but the tax protestors usually don’t consider that defense.

  11. Even their trolls are well-rehearsed in the Gish gallop! Glad you let that one through SC, pretty funny stuff.

  12. SC: “Well, it could be relevant in a defense based on insanity, but the tax protestors usually don’t consider that defense.”


  13. docbill1351

    The person to stand the greatest to lose when Hovind gets out is his son, Eric. Eric has done a nice job for himself peddling his creationist nonsense and his little podcast and his little speaking engagements. All legal and above board. Not as opulent as AIG but a nice little fixer-upper of a career.

    Once Daddy Felon returns, however, it could all go in the dumpster. Hovind stands a very good chance of going down again and this time he could take Eric with him. Something Eric needs to be worried about. I’ll bet you a Dr. Pepper that old Hovind will try to recreate DinoLand – Bigger and Better, and fall into his old habits as a sovereign citizen beholden to no man. It’s only a matter of time, ’cause Hovind ain’t got nothing else.

  14. For a response to the ongoing effort by Hovindicators, and Kent Hovind himself, to put up those 3 letters as some kind of defense (i.e., the “Cheek Defense”, the “Reliance Defense”), you might want to consider a very nice blog entry from Peter J. Reilly, who has been mentioned.

    Reasonable people see through it, but the Hovindicators fell for Kent’s promotion of it and are aggressively still pushing it.

    Here’s the link:

  15. Stephen Kennedy

    When I called Hovind and his associates “tax protesters” above I was not really using the correct phrase. A “tax protester” would be someone who pays his taxes but pickets the IRS building carrying a sign saying “Taxes are Unfair” and as long as he is not disorderly he is not breaking the law.

    Hovind, Hansen and their ilk are actually “tax freeloaders” and “tax criminals”. They refuse to pay their share of the cost of living in this society, forcing the rest of us to make up the shortfall. They are precisely where they should be; in jail.


    I honestly wonder if Kent cares about his family.
    He could have kept it all but he decided that he was above the law. Costing his family livelyhood.
    Almost costing his son his house.

    His son even testified against him at sentencing to reduce his moms sentence.

  17. @docbill-
    I don’t think Eric Hovind will suffer at all they’ll probably both continue being the voice of the family business.

    Eric Hovind has been repeating Daddy’s rhetoric verbatim.
    Despite the fact he is incarcerated Kent Hovind’s parrot he is a firmer grip on reality than his Dad. He is smart enough to know his Dad’s actions were what got him in trouble and into a long prison sentence. I think the whole family Hovind will keep a firm grip on Daddy-loco to keep himself, the family business, and other members of the family from ending up in more legal trouble.
    It is hard to predict how much more time Kent Hovind is going to get if any. It might all fall on his co-defendant.

  18. Watch “America..from freedom to fascism” then come back and apologize to everyone who has the brains and balls to stand for truth no matter what. Should Christ himself have just gone along to get along? Income tax is illegal and there is no law anywhere to enforce payment. Only Mafia style terrorism for those who make a stand.

  19. I would also strongly suggest the uneducated among you watch the full version of “Money Masters” on youtube.

  20. docbill1351

    So, Bobby, when you’re old enough to get a job are you going to pay your taxes or blow them off? What does your mommy think about that?

  21. Hey, Bobby. Do you live in the USA? Unlike docbill, I think you’re old enough to drive and use the roads and highways in this country. Who the [redacted] do you think is paying for those roads and their maintenance? And if we didn’t have enforcement of traffic laws, would you feel as safe on the highways?

    What would you do if you had a fire in your house that was a bit too large to handle with a garden hose? Call the fire department, right? Maybe they are all volunteers where you live, but not likely.

    The point is, you are willing to live in this country, but it sounds like you feel as if you’re entitled to do so for free. If you’re not willing to pay for the services you use, you should find some place that would be happy to have your freeloading little a$$. Good luck with that, but I sincerely hope you are successful in your quest.