Hovind Trial: Flood of Drool Hits Pensacola

The fun starts today, as we recently told you in Kent Hovind Trial: Jury Selection Monday. That earlier post has all the background information, so we’ll jump right into the Pensacola News Journal of Pensacola, Florida. That town had been the home of Hovind’s creationist “ministry” and his Dinosaur Adventure Land (now confiscated by the feds to pay back taxes).

Their headline is Demonstrators show support for Hovind. The newspaper has a comments feature, but you need to click an icon below the headline to see it. Here are some excerpts from the article, with bold font added by us:

A crowd of demonstrators has gathered outside the federal courthouse in downtown Pensacola to support a polarizing local evangelist.

A crowd of demonstrators — isn’t this exciting? How big a crowd? We’re told:

Kent Hovind, founder of the Creation Science Evangelism ministry and the theme park Dinosaur Adventure Land, is scheduled to be tried on charges of contempt and mail fraud over the next two weeks. This morning, a group of about a dozen supporters crowded around the intersection of Garden and Palafox streets with signs and words of support.

A dozen! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! How much drool can a dozen creationists generate? Probably a lot. Let’s read on:

“We pray for justice that Kent be liberated at the shame of the government,” said Alan Hoyle, who came to Pensacola from North Carolina last week for the trial. “They’ve persecuted a non-violent person who has done no wrong.”

Get that? Hovind isn’t merely being prosecuted — he’s being persecuted! The news story continues:

The demonstrators – who came from as far away from as far as Texas, Ohio and Colorado – stood on street corners and the courthouse steps holding an array of “Free Kent” signs.


Many of Hovind’s supporters have maintained that he is being targeted by the government because of his religious beliefs.

Ah yes, it’s not about taxes (Hovind lost that on appeal), or Hovind’s interference with the feds’ sale of his confiscated property (likewise challenged in court, unsuccessfully). It’s all about religion. Here’s more:

Ernie Land, a former member of Hovind’s board of trustees, said the government has shown religious bias in case, delayed the trial repeatedly to aid prosecutors despite protest from Hovind, and pursued mail fraud charges against Hovind at great cost to the American public despite the Hovind’s actions ultimately did not impact the government’s ability to sell his land.

Yes, all of Hovind’s gyrations to block the sale of property that was lawfully seized weren’t successful, so why are they bothering the man? It’s like an attempted rape — if the attempt wasn’t successful, why prosecute the guy? It’s gotta be because of Hovind’s religion.

Here’s the end of the article:

“They’re supposed to give him a fair trial, and I’m having a problem seeing that,” Land said.

Yeah — where’s the fair trial? Well, it’s true that the prosecutors have to prove their case. It’s also true that Hovind will be represented by a lawyer, and it’s going to be a jury trial. But it’s all because he’s a creationist, and it’s so unfair!

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15 responses to “Hovind Trial: Flood of Drool Hits Pensacola

  1. There’s a lot that has gone on since this morning and some of the developments I have been trying to keep up with at:


    It appears one of the material witnesses had to be arrested; the motion for the warrant being unsealed today (apparerntly indicating that the arrest has taken place).

    Maybe there will be other developments to add to the excitement.

  2. Robert Baty, we’re all sitting at the edge of our seats.

  3. That’s good to know by way of feedback.
    I was figuring most everyone had fallen out of their seats laughing by now.

  4. There are a lot of claims that Hovind did nothing wrong. This timeline of events taken from court documents shows otherwise.

  5. anevilmeme

    What flavor Kool-Aide did the supporters drink?

  6. I’ve been updating over at the Kent Hovind topic at The Fogbow (which has linked to your blog on this matter). It includes documents as I get them (thanks Bob)!


    For the background on the case:


  7. Only a dozen for Kent? Charles Manson gets almost three hundred gathered at every one of his parole hearings, poor show Kent, poor show…

  8. Stephen Kennedy

    You can get a dozen people to show up for just about anything. However Hovind, his co-defendant and his family will somehow claim that the nation is outraged over the imprisonment of Kent Hovind and the crowd would have been larger had not thousands of people been threatened and intimidated by the government.

    Hovind has delusions of grandeur that the federal government is terrified of him getting his message out so they are persecuting him. The fact is that he had to spend the past eight years in prison making himself such a royal pain that he finally forced the government to bring additional charges against him.

    Eric Hovind has clearly been complicit in some of his father’s criminal behavior but so far he has escaped prosecution. It may be because Eric apparently pays his taxes and is not a tax resistor which is all the IRS is really concerned about.

  9. Yep, as far as I know the IRS doesn’t care which sky fariy you pray to as long as you send in your taxes on time.

  10. Curmy, the article in the Pensacola News Journal quotes Alan Hoyle as saying, “They’ve persecuted a non-violent person who has done no wrong.”

    However, one letter got changed in your post above that reverses the meaning: “They’ve persecuted a non-violent person who was done no wrong.” I thought it strange that a Hovind supporter would say Hovind “was done no wrong”.

  11. You’re right, retiredsciguy, and I just fixed it in my post. But it must have been a typo in the original that got corrected, because I do those excerpts by cut and paste.

  12. SC: ” But it must have been a typo in the original that got corrected, because I do those excerpts by cut and paste.”

    That’s what I thought you did, so I was surprised when I saw the original. I’ll bet your explanation is exactly what happened.

  13. Hovind and his supporters are typical right-wing fundamentalist gasbags. They think mere secular laws don’t apply to them, and that when one of them gets in trouble for violating those laws it amounts to religious persecution.

  14. “We pray for justice that Kent be liberated at the shame of the government,”
    Then Alan Hoyle should get off the streets asap, because he makes Baby Jesus cry.

    Matth. 6:6 “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”

  15. Holding The Line In Florida

    So let me see if I got this right. A dozen supporters, at least one third of which come from outside our glorious God fearing, hard core right wing, republican area of the state, in an area realistically called by our SC the Ark of FL, and are saying the lad has been persecuted by the jack booted Obama thugs and can muster only eight Floridians? What a joke!