Daylight Savings Time Free Fire Zone

These are the times that try men’s souls — The American Crisis, by Thomas Paine.

We expressed our outrage at the concept of daylight savings time last year in Obey Your Masters and Spring Forward. We referred to it as a tyrannical directive which commands us all to reset our clocks this weekend by moving them ahead one hour. It was a good rant, so we’ll repeat something we said then:

Hey — do you like getting up early? That’s your affair! If you run a business and you want the work day to start at 6:00 in the morning and end at 2:00 in the afternoon, and your employees are willing to comply, then do it. But why should everyone be forced to change his clocks? Leave our clocks alone!

And this is from a still earlier rant on the same subject:

In the US, this tyrannical mandate is the result of the Uniform Time Act — an intolerable governmental intrusion into all of our lives which upsets the natural order of things twice a year.

Hey, one of our local channels has a weather girl — with no talent but a great bod. We think we know how she got the job. She always babbles in monotone and stands in front of the graphics that, except for her blocking them, would tell us what the weather will be. Yeah, we watch her anyway. All this week she’s been saying that we’ll get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Okay, that’s the end of our rant. Now it’s time for an Intellectual Free-Fire Zone. Use it for discussion of pretty much anything — science, politics, economics, whatever — as long as it’s tasteful and interesting. Banter, babble, bicker, bluster, blubber, blather, blab, blurt, burble, boast — say what you will. But avoid flame-wars and beware of the profanity filters.

We now throw open the comments to you, dear reader. Have at it!

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15 responses to “Daylight Savings Time Free Fire Zone

  1. @Megalonyx
    That’s good news!

  2. I found this on Drudge: New Procedure Changes Brown Eyes To Blue. One excerpt:

    According to ophthalmologists, we all have blue eyes below our brown eyes, under a thin layer of pigment. A California company has now developed a laser treatment that disturbs the melanin in the pigmented part of the eye and causes the body to eliminate it over time. The procedure only lasts seconds, but it may take weeks before the blue tint emerges.

  3. Jeepers! Now I have to worry if my eyes are gold and white, or blue and black!

  4. skmarshall

    Oh those pesky Socialists!

    Russia’s legislature, often accused of metaphorically turning back the clock, has decided to do it literally – abandoning the policy of keeping the country on daylight-saving time all year. The 2011 move to impose permanent “summer time” in 2011 was one of the most memorable and least popular initiatives of Dmitry Medvedev’s presidency. It forced tens of millions to travel to their jobs in pitch darkness during the winter. In the depths of December, the sun doesn’t clear the horizon in Moscow until 10am.

    The State Duma, the lower house of parliament, voted 442-1 on Tuesday to return to standard time this autumn and stay there all year.

    (from the Guardian)

  5. SC, Crystal Gayle hypothesized the possibility of eyecolor change back in 1977.

  6. Dave Luckett

    The nonsense of “daylight saving” (a propagandist’s masterpiece of a term, Newspeak exemplified) was defeated here in three different plebiscites. Standard Western Australian time prevails throughout the year. None of this idiocy of putting clocks back and forward, ever.

    I have no idea why in some other states people put up with Australian summers in which the last cool hour of the day is spent, not as a sane person would spend it, ie, asleep, but trying to get to work and children off to school, while what the clock says is early evening is actually the roaring heat of a summer afternoon. Outdoors, in that? Can you say “melanoma”?

    You’d have to be out of your mind.

  7. I suppose someone with “Curmudgeon” in their name has to complain about DST. Then again I don’t see how it would affect the SC as I always figured he must be independently wealthy with no job to go to. He just searching the world nonstop for creationist nonsense to blog about.

  8. Troy speculates wildly: “I always figured he must be independently wealthy with no job to go to.”

    Yes, blogging is what all of us billionaires do. Who wants to waste his time endlessly frolicking with supermodels?

  9. Yep SC, that is some wild speculation on par with those who think the bright spots on Ceres are alien spacecraft landing beacons.

  10. Not sure what my namesake has to do with DST, but here is another reason to do away with it:
    Turns out the accident rate increases the Monday of the “spring forward,” presumably due to slightly increased sleep deprivation. But it also increases on the Sunday of the “fall back,” presumably as people think, “I can stay out an extra hour tonight,” as they hit the bars. One problem of time zones is that they only take longitude into account and not latitude. Maybe time zone lines should slant or curve in some way? I have no idea.

    Since this is a free fire zone, here is a blog post I wrote in response to some ideas here:

  11. Holding The Line In Florida

    You mean the bright spots aren’t landing beacons! Say it ain’t so! The SC obviously is multi-taskable. He can do supermodels and blog at the same time. You have to admire the man.

  12. Now I have to go around and change all my clocks. [*Mumble, grumble*]

  13. SC, that’s a good job for your butler.

  14. Paine in the Butt: “One problem of time zones is that they only take longitude into account and not latitude. Maybe time zone lines should slant or curve in some way?”

    Good point. For that matter, it makes more sense to reverse the seasons of Daylight Savings in the far northern latitudes, because they get plenty of extra daylight in summer, but really need more in winter.

    Now that would really get everyone confused, eh?