Kent Hovind Trial: His Testimony Begins

Our last post about this was Kent Hovind Trial: Week Two Begins. All the background information is there, so we won’t waste any time with that.

We have our first news report of the week from the Pensacola News Journal. Their headline is Hovind takes the witness stand. Wowie! Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Embattled evangelist Kent Hovind took the witness stand today to defend himself from federal charges of fraud and contempt. Hovind – who has attained a degree of celebrity for debating against the theories of evolution and an “old” Earth – used his time on the stand to argue the validity of the charges against him and his perceived persecution at the hands of the government.

Yeah, his perceived persecution. Poor guy — he’s done nothing wrong, but the Darwinists are trying to destroy him. The news continues:

In a series of tense exchanges with his attorney, Hovind refused to give short answers to questions about his 2006 conviction for structuring funds and failing to withhold employee wage taxes. Instead, he prefaced all of his responses with details he perceived to be relevant, including admonishments of the government, references to scripture and verbatim readings of pertinent legal documents.

It’s every trial attorney’s nightmare — an out-of-control client. Let’s read on:

When asked to keep his answers brief, Hovind responsed [sic] the most expedient way to end the trial was to throw out the charges against him. “I’m threatened with 100 years (in prison),” Hovind said. “I want to go through every document that’s been presented. The jury is not going to go through all that. They’re just going to vote guilty or not guilty.”

Clever man — he’s insulted the jury. We continue:

In his testimony, Hovind said he believed all of his actions were lawful and that he had never conspired with Hansen to commit any dishonest act.

Hovind will be cross examined by Assistant U.S. Attorney Tiffany Eggers this afternoon.

Huh? The cross-examination isn’t in this news report? Aaaargh!! Okay, we’ll have to wait for that. We hate to leave you with a cliff-hanger, but that’s how it is. Stay tuned to this blog.

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22 responses to “Kent Hovind Trial: His Testimony Begins

  1. Hovind’s “persecution”? Isn’t that prosecution for tax fraud? As far as I know, the gov’ment doesn’t care who you pray to as long as you send your taxes in on time.

  2. Hey, it’s like a field trip, gets him out of the cell for a while.

  3. peterreillycpa

    You can rely on Lonestar1776 for more frequent updates

    Hovind was brilliant greatly helped by the presence of Christians in the audience.

    Tiffany Eggars was satanic, but could not perturb the good doctor.

  4. peterreillycpa

    Hope to have something up from my team early AM

  5. Too bad we don’t have video of the Hovind/Hansen proceedings, but some courts allow such.

    Here’s a recent example of a Hovind/Hansen look-alike down in Flordia recently.

    Judge handled it rather well.

  6. peterreilly says: “You can rely on Lonestar1776 for more frequent updates”

    Wow, I can’t listen to that stuff!

  7. Looks like there’s a 90 to 100% chance he’ll end up in prison for the rest of his life. He’s got nothing worthwhile to defend himself.

  8. peterreillycpa

    You might find Steven Gray’s stuff of interest. Background interviews and courthouse steps antics

  9. Sorry for the typo error. I meant “He’s got nothing worthwhile to defend himself.”

    [*Voice from above*] All fixed.

  10. Kent Hovind reports in tonight with Erin Davis!

  11. Ken Hovind is headed for the slammer, whereupon he will become a holy martyr to creationists. This is a win-win situation: the creationists get a “persecuted hero” and the rest of us get a “Christian” crook sent to the big house.

  12. This doesn’t really have anything to do with Ken ‘Horvath’ , unless God tried to shoot himself on purpose because he is tired of all the p–sing and whining and missed all the important organs, but it is pretty funny.,38183/?utm_source=The+Onion&utm_campaign=4cc2296c9b-The_Onion_Newsletter_Daily_Template&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6a8b5ad20e-4cc2296c9b-17338521

  13. Maybe next time when they call Kent maybe they can stifle the droning of that banshee.

  14. Why is it when I imagine Kent pontificating on the witness stand I hear the Dueling Banjos music from Deleverence playing?

  15. Keep talking, Kent, keep talking!

  16. Looks like there’s a 90 to 100% chance he’ll end up in prison for the rest of his life.

    Usually it is very difficult to achieve a life sentence for mundane financial crimes (i.e., no deadly weapons involved.) But Kent Hovind has proven himself talented in provoking judges to consider the absolute maximum sentence. In his last trial, “Dr. Dino” decided to make threats against the presiding judge the night before his sentencing. Apparently he didn’t believe that jail prisoner phone calls are recorded—and that his recorded threats against the judge would be played back the following day for the entire courtroom to hear. It’s hard to imagine a better strategy for getting the judge to consider locking him up and throwing away the key.

    When talking about Kent Hovind, “pathological” is not an exaggeration. Yet, consider the enamoured fans who are contributing thousands to his defense fund and praising him as their role model and a martyr for the cause of fighting The Theory of Evolution.

  17. Here’s the latest report from Peter J. Reilly’s blog, a more objective analysis, regarding yesterday’s trial proceedings.

  18. …if you can believe the Hovindicators, it would seem the jury has reached a verdict. Usually a quick verdict favors the defendant.

  19. Troy, do you have a link to where that can be found?

  20. According to this report from back in 2006 it only took 3 hours to convict Kent the first time around.

  21. Robert, I must have heard that wrong. There is no verdict

  22. (This is why I THOUGHT there was a verdict)