Kent Hovind Will Be Tried Again

Our last post on this topic was Kent Hovind Trial: He’s Guilty! The next few indented paragraphs provide background information, which most of you can skip:

The principal defendant has a writeup in Wikipedia: Kent Hovind (a/k/a “Dr. Dino”), which describes his 2006 conviction for tax evasion.

Hovind contested the original tax charges against him, and lost. Then he appealed and lost. He’s been in prison for eight years, during which he also contested the seizure of his property, and was unsuccessful in that. He had his day in court. Now he’s being charged with fraudulently trying to stop the feds from selling property that the courts have already determined was lawfully taken from him.

He filed lis pendens documents attempting to cloud the government’s title to the confiscated property. Here’s a link to the text of the indictment. Hovind is a martyr to two different groups of people, and his behavior suggests a certain similarity between them — see Creationists and Tax Protesters.

Hovind ‘s co-defendant is John Paul Hansen, who seems to have been providing Hovind with advice in these matters. Hansen is also facing mail fraud charges in connection with the lis pendens filing on the real estate that the government had seized.

There were four counts against Hovind. On 12 March 2015, the jury returned a guilty verdict on one count against against him and not guilty on another. There were five counts against Hansen. The jury found him guilty on two counts and not guilty of another. On all the other counts against them, the jury couldn’t reach any verdict. Sentencing is set for 12 June.

That’s where we left things. There were two open questions: (1) would Hovind and Hansen appeal the guilty verdicts; and (2) would the feds demand a new trial on the unresolved counts? Today we have some information as to the second question. At the Forbes website there’s a column by Peter J Reilly: Kent Hovind Will Face A New Trial. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

The jury found Hovind and Hansen guilty of contempt, but was unable to reach a verdict on the more serious fraud and conspiracy charges. Today federal prosecutor Tiffany Eggers has filed notice that the Government intends to proceed to retrial on the charges that the previous jury did not reach a verdict on.

Reilly provides us with a link to the GOVERNMENT’S NOTICE OF INTENT TO PROCEED TO TRIAL. It looks like a straightforward notice which is required by statute. It says that the government intends: “to proceed to trial as to Counts One, Two, and Four against Hovind, and as to Counts One and Four against Hansen.” The counts are described in the original indictment, which you can see using the link we provided in the background information.

The rest of Reilly’s column is about the limited but fervent support Hovind has generated on the internet. They’re the true believers. The only other news we’re given is this:

Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers has scheduled the new trial to commence May 18th.

That’s interesting. The new trial will start — and probably end — almost a month before the defendants are sentenced on the verdicts from the earlier trial. We’re guessing that the sentencing on the verdicts from both trials will happen all at once. It’ll be judgement day, so to speak.

Hovind may one day learn that reality denial is relatively harmless when it’s limited to creationism. The only penalty is being regarded as an ignoramus, which seems to be offset by the adoration and financial support of drooling fans. But when one denies the reality of law, the penalty can be more severe. But then, there’s always the joy of martyrdom. Perhaps that reward makes it all worthwhile.

Whenever we find any genuine news — apart from ranting by Hovind’s supporters — we’ll let you know. Stay tuned to this blog.

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12 responses to “Kent Hovind Will Be Tried Again

  1. As to that other question, about whether they will appeal, I have read that they can’t file a notice of appeal until after sentencing.

    For now, sentencing has been scheduled for June.

    Kent’s public defender has filed his brief for the Motion of Judgement of Acquittal and the Government’s brief on that issue is due Monday.

    After that, I suspect the judge will quickly rule as to whether she will set aside the jury verdict.

    I’m thinking she will NOT set aside the jury verdict.

  2. Again?

    Maybe they need to use a wooden stake next time…

  3. Megalonyx exclaims: “Again?”

    That’s the terrible price he pays for disproving evolution.

  4. Curmudgeon: You must be doing backflips for joy because of Hovinds troubles. Enjoy.

  5. Off topic for this thread, though a nice footnote to the SC post of 18 March, ‘How Life Began: Problem Solved?’:

    Possible fatty acid detected on Mars

    The preliminary result will excite scientists because fatty acids are key components of the cell membranes found in all life forms, including microbial organisms.

    Dr Glavin told an audience that the result was “provocative”, and said the link to biology was the “million-dollar question”. But he explained that a non-biological origin was equally plausible at this stage of the research.

  6. @ Doug Maenpaa: Anyone who despises charlatans and fraudsters cannot help but enjoy Hovind’s present travails, which are entirely self-inflicted. He is the author of his own misfortunes, and it doesn’t get better than that!

  7. Creationists will feed on this, claiming it’s proof–proof, I tell you!–that those satanic atheistic Communist evolutionists are trying to persecute true Christians and that therefore the rule of the Antichrist and the Tribulation are at hand.

  8. Besides Kent’s criminal convictions and charges, he also owes over $3 million in personal income taxes and penalties. I wonder if he ever wishes he had just paid in the first place.

  9. I wonder how Hovind qualified for a public defender? In any case, can you imagine being the attorney who drew the short straw and has to defend Hovind?

    I’m surprised that Hovind didn’t insist upon his followers raising his entire defense fund and finding some divinely-appointed Young Earth Creationist to lead his “defense team”.

    Meanwhile, we hear very little about Mrs. Hovind these days. I think her prison sentence was for only a year or two–but how long is her parole? One might expect her to be “on the road” raising money from Hovind fans….but I wonder if she has reached her limits.

    Also meanwhile, Eric Hovind seems to have avoided his father’s constant smart-aleck abrasiveness and appears to be bringing in the big bucks. Has anyone checked the 501c3 IRS reports to see if net revenue has risen with Junior at the helm?

  10. Professor Tertius,

    I think they have done a pretty good job of keeping Jo under wraps, though she has a very important part of this story to provide if she is ever allowed to openly and honestly do so.

    And, earlier this week I was trying to catch up on Eric’s Form 990 and the last one posted to Guidestar was for the year ending July 31, 2013.

    The Form 990 for the year ending July 31, 2014 was not posted.

    I don’t know if it has been filed or not. Someone in Pensacola may go by Eric’s office and ask for it or get whatever response he might give as to why it isn’t available. They are supposed to be made available for public inspection upon request.

  11. From what I read it seems there was one hold out for a guilty verdict. The prosecutor will typically always retry a case that is that close. Maybe if Hovind has another hung jury maybe that’ll end it. While the Hovindicators believe Hovind is being persecuted for his creationist beliefs, it really isn’t. Judges take a dim view of anyone who doesn’t take “the system” seriously.

  12. I don’t know what the point is in another trial. The government is not going to get any more money out of it. No one is going to be deterred who doesn’t already know that it’s a dumb idea. Hovind’s supporters are not going to think that one more trial will prove anything about him. There are going to be another 12 citizens who are going to be bothered (and, believe me, it is a bother). The court surely has a number of pending cases in which justice is going to be denied while this goes on.
    And if Hovind has to spend more time in prison, that is just more tax money being spent. Or maybe, that means that a cell being used when it could be occupied by somebody who might just learn from the experience.
    It surely has nothing positive to contribute to public understanding of evolution.