Ken Ham: Dinosaurs Are in the Bible

Once again, we learn something amazing from Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia, famed for his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG) and for the mind-boggling Creation Museum.

Ol’ Hambo just posted this on his blog: Do You Squeeze Dinosaurs into the Bible?

That’s a great question! Especially if you’re one of those nasty evolutionists who pounces upon creationists and demands to know: “How does your bible explain all those dinosaur fossils, huh? Huh?

This is going to shock you, dear reader, but ol’ Hambo knows your tricks, and he has the answers! We won’t keep you waiting. Here are some excerpts from his informative post, with bold font added by us:

I often get asked how to “fit” dinosaurs into the Bible. But you don’t fit dinosaurs into the Bible! You use the Bible to explain dinosaurs! Let me explain.

Hambo explains:

You see, those who are trying to squeeze dinosaurs somewhere into the Bible are usually starting with man’s interpretation of dinosaurs (including the timeline of millions of years), based on fallible man’s ideas about the past, and can’t understand how the Bible and this understanding of dinosaurs go together. But we shouldn’t be starting with man’s ideas about the past! We need to start our thinking with God’s Word in every area.

Yes, that’s the key. You must purge your mind of all the lies you learned outside of Sunday school. Once you’re in the proper state of mind — creationism mode — you’ll see that everything is in the bible. Let’s read on:

To understand dinosaurs, we need to look at what the Bible teaches us about Earth’s history. We also need to recognize that the word dinosaur wasn’t invented until 1841, as a word for a particular group of land animals.

Oooooooooooh! So that’s why “dinosaurs” aren’t specifically mentioned in the bible. Our teachers lied to us! Hambo continues:

According to Genesis, God created everything in six, literal, 24-hour days. Land animals were created on Day Six of Creation Week (Genesis 1:24–25). Since dinosaurs are land animals … they must have been created on Day Six as well.

Yes, it’s perfectly logical. Here’s more:

The reason we have a number of dinosaurs buried in sedimentary layers is because of the global Flood described in Genesis 6–8. This catastrophic Flood would have ripped up miles of sediment, trapping and burying creatures that weren’t on the Ark as it was re-deposited. These creatures turned into fossils that we dig up today.

It’s so obvious — the bible not only mentions dinosaurs, the Flood explains their fossils! Moving along:

After the Flood, dinosaurs died out for many of the same reason species die out today: changes in climate, habitat, lack of food, human predation, and so on.

Ah, despite the fact that they were saved on the Ark, that’s why they aren’t around any more. It’s wonderful — the bible even explains their absence! Another excerpt:

Dinosaurs aren’t a mystery when you start with the history recorded in God’s Word. The Bible perfectly explains dinosaurs. They are just another example of the incredible variety of creatures that God created in the beginning.

That was wonderful, but it’s only part of Hambo’s post. You’ll have to click over there to see the rest. It’s an exciting promotion for what he calls the Answers Mega Conference. If you register early, you can get a special early-bird price. What an opportunity!

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42 responses to “Ken Ham: Dinosaurs Are in the Bible

  1. I’m just reading through Duane Gish’s “Dinosaurs by Design,” and it’s amazing how utterly unchanged these arguments are.

  2. Charles Deetz ;)

    What an unintentional laugh-line:

    The Bible perfectly explains dinosaurs.

    Bible doesn’t mention AT ALL dinos, extinction, fossils, or evolution within kinds. Perfect … for Hambo to make up whatever he wants.

  3. OMG … oh my goodness … was old Hambo raised on the Alley Oop comic strip? I am gob smacked. (But then, there is a sucker born every minute.) Maybe that’s why they are always referring to their flock … they are fleecing them!

  4. “Since dinosaurs are land animals”
    Eh? Like this one?

    How does the Bubble explain that?

  5. a special early-bird price

    You mean a dinosaur price?

  6. Charles Deetz ;)

    @mnbo, you know you’ll never get an explanation other than ‘it just a fish’ (or about dinos with feathers other than ‘its a bird’), from Hambo. Because the Bible perfectly explains fish and birds, too.

  7. Ichthyosaurs aren’t dinosaurs. They are marine reptiles. So are Plesiosaurs.

    So, I guess the take away is that “We can interpret the Bible to be whatever we want.”

  8. Ogre, that’s pretty much right. Once you’ve decided that the purpose of a text is to support what you already think is true, it’s amazing how you can make a 2000 page book all about you and only you.

  9. The “early-bird” price is for archaeopteryx only.

  10. The “don’t fit dinosaurs” link in the first sentence of his article is to a 2000 version of pretty much the same article, except it goes into how dinosaurs can be an evangelical tool. It has one of my favorite lines in AiG writing:

    In fact, at Answers in Genesis, we call dinosaurs “missionary lizards.”

    I’ve met a few missionary lizards in my day.

  11. Our Curmudgeon reports that Ole Hambo is

    an exciting promotion for what he calls the Answers Mega Conference

    I am terribly tempted to gate-crash the event, charge the podium, wrest the microphone away from Ole Hambo himself, and turn the event into the Answers Megalonyx Conference

    Of course, that improved event would feature my beloved Olivia as the celebrity guest speaker…

  12. Hey, do we know what the financial situation is with the Creation Museum? I know the Ark is in trouble, but how is the museum itself doing.

  13. I have previously sent this link to Answers in Genesis. They have NO ‘answer’ to my question at 22.32 pm on 17 Dec 2014:

    You can tell by such things that these Christians – unlike many others – are dishonest Bible fanatics.

  14. Ham’s stance seems to be that anything the Bible does not, in his biased opinion at least, say is false MIGHT possibly be true (if he cannot deny that it has been observed). But anything that goes against what the Bible says, even though the Bible does not expressly state that it is false, is by definition ‘false’ case closed.

    And he claims to ‘lurve’ ‘science’…

    I will send them this blog as a reminder that their ‘worldview’ is BIBLE PLUS not Bible – and bananas.

  15. michaelfugate

    Birds definitely are dinosaurs and would have been created a day before their other dinosaur ancestors – now that is a miracle.

  16. @michaelfugate

    Birds definitely are dinosaurs and would have been created a day before their other dinosaur ancestors – now that is a miracle.

    You’d have thought Our Man would have figured this one out: Dinosaurs were just different members of the bird “kind” (no macro-evolution required to account for the morphological differences because all the same “kind”!). Since the Babel mentions all the fowl that fly in the air being created on Day 5, it clearly mentions the dinosaur “kind”. Voila. There’s yer proof.

    I’ll be here ever Sunday through April, longer if you keep filling them collection plates.

  17. docbill1351

    Ichthyosaurs, looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck – it’s a fish!

  18. I’d like Ken to squeeze brachiopods, trilobites, the Ediocaran fauna,
    and my Aunt Mable into the Bible. Should be a good trick.

  19. Stephen Kennedy

    When I saw Hambo’s pitch for his Megaconference as a place where one could learn all about dinosaurs, I thought of my elder son. He is in his final semester at California State University Sacramento doing a double major in Physics and Geology and has just been informed he has been accepted into California State Northridge’s Masters Degree program in Geophysics with a full scholarship starting in the Fall.

    When he was in his first semester of Freshman year he took a course offered by the Geology Department called “The Age of Dinosaurs” that focused on the geology of the Mesozoic and how it influenced the natural history of dinosaurs. He liked it so much that he decided to add a major in Geology and get Bachelor degrees in both Physics and Geology.

    My son was lucky to have learned about dinosaurs from real experts at a well regarded University. I can not help but think that some poor 18 year old kid is going to be dragged by his creationist parents to Hambo’s event to hear nothing but a pack of lies about dinosaurs from professional creationists.

  20. Holding The Line In Florida

    In my class today, I found a note on the floor clearly written by a female adult. Saying the following, Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis. Dinosaurs Behemoths, bible verse added. A timeline straight from Hambo. Beginning 4000 BC with Adam and Eve. Mention of Mt St Helen causing a flood and canyon creation just like how the Grand Canyon was formed only smaller and the carbon dating of the Grand Canyon was all incorrect. I can the kid’s mother saying, “Now when that teacher starts talking that millions of years blasphemy and Evilution, gird thy armor with words of the great Ham!”
    The stupid is strong down here! I would estimate that 1/3 of the kids are confirmed God Bots! The Mega Church we have down here is indeed strong! I just love watching their faces every time I mention evolution and millions of years of time. I make a practice to slip it in at least 3 or 4 times a day!

  21. michaelfugate

    I had those same people when teaching biology in Kansas during the early 80s. The best line was from the Social Studies teacher who decided to title his lecture “the evolution of governmental systems” soon after I had caused havoc teaching evolution in Biology. He had a student tell him after said title – “I don’t believe in evolution, so I’m not taking notes.”

  22. I have this mental picture of tyrannosaurs, velociraptors, brontosaurs and pterodactyls marching/lumbering/flying onto the Ark . . . ! What would they have been fed? Who would have mucked out their cages? I wouldn’t want that job.

  23. Mike Elzinga

    @ Ed:

    It has one of my favorite lines in AiG writing:

    In fact, at Answers in Genesis, we call dinosaurs “missionary lizards.”

    I’ve met a few missionary lizards in my day.

    This has to be a golden opportunity for the AiG “scientists” to study the sex lives of dinosaurs. They already know that dinosaurs used the “missionary position.”

  24. Dave Luckett

    Oh, they didn’t take the adult dinosaurs. They only took fertilised eggs, possibly held in miraculous suspended animation. Scripture is silent on this, so it could be.

    And that would also be true of most of the larger animals – only the young were taken. If mammals, they’d have to be weaned, of course. Or maybe invoke another miracle?

    Why not go the whole hog? Scripture doesn’t say that Noah didn’t take ova and sperm in vitro, does it? Mind you the refrigeration plant was a bit of a stretch for 2400 BCE… so maybe another miracle? Scripture is silent, so it could be…

    Miracles are like peanuts to a mind like Ham’s. You can’t stop at just one.

  25. Steve Rius asks

    was old Hambo raised on the Alley Oop comic strip?

    I think it was a horrible comic.

  26. Och Will: “I’d like Ken to squeeze brachiopods, trilobites, the Ediocaran fauna … into the Bible.”

    Funny you mention that. Ironically, Ham’s Creation Museum is sitting on top of several hundred feet of Ordovician strata that no doubt contains oodles and oodles of brachiopods, trilobites, and ediocaria, along with cephalopods, crinoids, bryozoans and pelecypods — but no fish. Not a one. And of course, no vertebrates of any kind. For that matter, no horn corals, either. They are just a tad younger than the strata at his museum’s location.

    Quite a mystery — if all these different “kinds” were created in the same week, why don’t we find any evidence of them all together? Very strange. No matter how hard I looked, I could find no answer in Genesis.

  27. Dave Luckett: “Mind you the refrigeration plant was a bit of a stretch for 2400 BCE… so maybe another miracle?”

    God floated an iceberg down to the Ark. Problem solved.

  28. makagutu: “I think it (Alley Oop) was a horrible comic.”

    Still is. It’s still being published.

  29. makagutu: “I think it (Alley Oop) was a horrible comic.”

    But Gertie the Dinosaur and Winsor McCay are worth believing in.

  30. The whole truth

    Ashley Haworth-roberts linked to a comment of his on the BCSE site and in that comment Ashley quoted the bible as saying:

    “Come out of the ark, you and your wife and your sons and their wives. Bring out every kind of living creature that is with you—the birds, the animals, and all the creatures that move along the ground—so they can multiply on the earth and be fruitful and increase in number on it”

    So, hambo’s so-called ‘God’ (yhwh-jesus-holy-ghost) told noah to bring “every kind of living creature” out of the ark so that they can multiply and be fruitful and increase in number on the Earth. Hambo is claiming that dinosaurs were on the ark (but weren’t called dinosaurs at the time) and that after the flud the “living creatures” that were dinosaurs (but weren’t called dinosaurs at the time) “died out for many of the same reason species die out today: changes in climate, habitat, lack of food, human predation, and so on.”

    First, I wonder what hambo thinks the living creatures that were dinosaurs were called back then. Wasn’t adam supposed to name all living creatures? What were adam’s names for dinosaurs (and pterosaurs, mososaurs, ichthyosaurs, trilobites, eurypterids, etc.)?

    Second, and more importantly, I’d like to see hambo coherently explain how dinosaurs and any other living creatures could die out if ‘God’s’ intent and plan was for all living creatures that were on the ark to “multiply”, be “fruitful”, and “increase in number”? How could any post-ark extinctions fit into that intent and plan? How could any “changes in climate, habitat, lack of food, human predation, and so on” that caused the extinction of any living creatures that were on the ark fit into that intent and plan? How could any suffering and/or deaths whatsoever fit into that intent and plan?

  31. @Dave Luckett
    I know that it is a common way of explaining away the space problem on the Ark by having Noah take the animals as eggs and juveniles. But Genesis 7:2 says that the animals we taken “male and his mate”. That means that they must be adults. Moreover, as the Ark was at sea something like a year, eggs would have hatched and juveniles would have grown.

    On another problem, we don’t have to get into dinosaurs and other extinct animals. The majority of today’s life forms are not mentioned in the creation week. The microbes. Things which are not plants nor water-animals, flying animals, land- animals. All of the varieties of two of the three domains of life and a substantial part of the third – only two kingdoms of eukaryotes. As if whoever was writing the Bible had no knowledge of most of life.

  32. @The whole truth would “like to see hambo coherently explain how dinosaurs and any other living creatures could die out if ‘God’s’ intent and plan was for all living creatures that were on the ark to “multiply”, be “fruitful”, and “increase in number”? How could any post-ark extinctions fit into that intent and plan?”

    Ah! The diligent AiG experts are light-years ahead of us. They have long since adressed this:

    Main points:
    1. How can you say that it doesn’t make sense to save the dinos only to have them go extinct later? If you don’t believe in the AiG deity, you are hopelessly lost on the great sea of moral relativism, and you have NO BASIS WHATSOEVER to make any judgements about anything!

    2. Yeah, God surely foresaw that the dinos would go extinct, but then, his ways and thoughts are higher than ours, and yadda-yadda-yadda …

    3) Everything that dies does so because of man’s sin. So if you don’t see any dinosaurs around, it is YOUR FAULT, not God’s. (No, we don’t want to hear any evolutionary nonsense about dinos going extinct 65 million years before there were any humans around to sin. The universe is 6000 years old, REMEMBER?)

    There. Problem solved!

  33. From Deep Time

    The story of life is told primarily by its ghosts — the victims of extinction. Scientists say that only one in a thousand species that have ever lived survives today. The other 99.9 percent are extinct, gone forever.

    Ham opines:

    After the Flood, dinosaurs died out for many of the same reason species die out today: changes in climate, habitat, lack of food, human predation, and so on.

    Per Ham’s telling of the flood story, all land animals that ever lived, including dinosaurs, and all birds and other flying creatures were on the ark. (Fish and other marine creatures presumably took care of themselves) Ham states that those that are extinct today, using dinosaurs as an example, died subsequent to the flood. This means that the entire history of life over the past 4,000 to 4,500 years has been one of massive extinction. Oddly, an extinction unnoticed by the people that lived through it. The reasons given by Ham for the loss of non-avian dinosaurs seem inadequate to explain the loss of 99.9% or the diversity of life on earth.

    For the pre-flood people, modern lifeforms were a rare component of their ecosystem (0.1%) — the animals that dominated their lives must have been very different. Forget the dinosaurs – they would have had to contend with giant scorpions and dragonflies bigger than most modern birds. And, of course, talking serpents.

    The mystery of the bible is not that it doesn’t mention dinosaurs, it’s that modern animals appear at all in the early stories.

  34. @CharlesD and Ogre: sure, but I’m always curious what more stuff they suck out of their big fat thumbs to back up their made up stuff. There is always a good chance for another good laugh. I refer to DocBill’s impeccable logic.

    @AHR: “these Christians are dishonest Bible fanatics.”
    That’s the default position. I yet have to meet the first creacrapper who is honest.

    @TomS: “Things which are not plants nor water-animals, flying animals, land- animals.”
    Actually bats are mentioned in Lev. 11:13-19. They are birds. Someone should ask Ol’ Hambo about that one.

  35. @mnbo
    About bats and birds, imho …

    In the Ancient Near East they had different interests about the world of life. They didn’t have any systematic taxonomy, as we have grown used to. The Biblical Hebrew word ‘OP seems to refer to any flying animal, including insects. I don’t think that there is any reference to ostriches (and obviously, not penguins) – would they be called ‘OP?
    Interestingly, the are no references to anything which modern taxonomy would recognize as a clade of non-tetrapod vertebrates (“fish”). “Whale” appears in the Greek Bible but is clade of tetrapods. “Leviathan” is not recognized by modern taxonomy. “Fish”, of course, is not a clade. (Maybe would “fish with scales and fins” be close to “Osteichthyes”?) It is puzzling to me that, given the number of fisherman among the disciples, that there is no reference to, for example, “perch”.

    So, I can’t see “bat” issue as being very interesting.

  36. I had two missionary lizards wearing white shirts and ties come to my door yesterday trying to offer us their free publication. They were shooed away without any food.

  37. @TomS is missing the point: ” can’t see “bat” issue as being very interesting.”
    No, but what Ol’ Hambo (or many an other creacrapper) might say about it is highly interesting, if only for entertainment value.

    “they had different interests”
    Yeah, now tell Ol’ Hambo so.

  38. @mnbo
    I can’t see what they would say would be more interesting than when Jesus says that Jonah was swallowed by a whale, and the Book of Jonah
    says that it was a fish. This came up in the Scopes trial in the exchange between Darrow and Bryan. (Because both of them were not really prepared for the question, it was not followed up on.)
    We know what fundamentalists say, that it is a matter of translation, that the Hebrew/Greek term really means such-and-such. In the cases of “bird”, and “fish”, I would have to concede the point to the fundamentalists, because the culture of the Ancient Near East had no interest in taxonomy, reflected in their lack of terms.

    See the Wikipedia List of animals in the Bible

  39. The whole truth (incidentally I see someone of that name has also commented at the John Hartnett blog dated 2 April):

    Re dinosaurs total ‘post-flood’ extinctions and scripture not ever predicting extinctions, have you tried sending your question above to Answers in Genesis and seeing if you get any kind of answer (they never answer my questions but I am ‘known’ to them)?


  40. The whole truth

    hnohf said: “[…] There. Problem solved!”

    Aargh, I feel terrible for not looking to the diligent AiG experts for the coherent explanation that I seek. Those brilliant, unbiased scientists have all the coherent explanations that anyone could possibly want! How could I be so foolish to not put my complete faith in them? I can only pray that I’ll be forgiven. 😉

  41. The whole truth

    Ashley, that was me commenting at Hartnett’s blog. I may submit one more comment there if I can muster up the energy. I haven’t tried to send any questions to AiG. I’ll think about doing it.