Ken Ham: Nepal Earthquake Caused by Sin

You have certainly heard of the recent Nepal earthquake. And no doubt you’ve been wondering how this natural disaster would be viewed by Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo). He’s the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia, and he’s famed for his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG) and for the mind-boggling Creation Museum.

Ol’ Hambo just posted this on his blog: Nepal Suffering After Major Earthquake. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us and Hambo’s scripture references omitted:

We at Answers in Genesis have been saddened by recent news of a devastating earthquake that rocked Nepal on April 25. This earthquake and its aftershocks have killed thousands, levelled [sic] buildings, and left countless thousands homeless and hungry. It even triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest that resulted in fatalities.

Awwwww, that’s sweet. Hambo is saddened. Come on, Hambo, get to the good stuff! Patience, dear reader, it’s coming:

Now, the headline of an article in the New York Times declares, “Ancient Collision Made Nepal Earthquake Inevitable.” The author writes, “More than 25 million years ago, India, once a separate island on a quickly sliding piece of the Earth’s crust, crashed into Asia. The two land masses are still colliding, pushed together at a speed of 1.5 to 2 inches a year. The forces have pushed up the highest mountains in the world, in the Himalayas, and have set off devastating earthquakes.”

You know Hambo disagrees with that. He says:

But starting from the history recorded in God’s Word we know that this earthquake is not the result of a crash 25 million years ago and slow and gradual processes ever since. Instead, when we start with the history recorded in God’s Word, we know that this earthquake is one of the tragic consequences of the Fall and the global Flood of Noah’s day.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s Adam & Eve’s fault! Hambo continues:

You see, God’s original creation did not contain earthquakes or any other natural disasters. When God saw all that He had made over Creation Week, He called it “very good”. The original creation was free from any death or suffering. It wasn’t until Adam and Eve rebelled against God that death and suffering became a part of our world. The death and suffering caused by this earthquake is a reminder of sin and the severe consequences that rebellion against our Creator brings.

Yes, Hambo, we see. Here’s more:

We know the collision of the two plates that created the fault line that caused this earthquake did not happen 25 million years ago. This collision of plates would have occurred during the global Flood of Noah’s day around 4,350 years ago. This global catastrophe — a judgment on man’s wickedness — completely reshaped the globe. It would’ve ripped the original, single pre-Flood land mass apart.

Does the bible say there was only one land mass before the Flood? If not, how does Hambo know? Was he there? Moving along:

The process that did this, catastrophic plate tectonics, likely caused by the breaking up of the fountains of the great deep, would’ve rapidly moved those newly created plates into near their current positions. They’ve been moving slowly ever since. The catastrophic moving and colliding of these plates is responsible for many of our mountain chains, like the Himalayas in Nepal and even Mount Everest. The fault lines around the globe that cause earthquakes are also grim reminders of the judgment of Noah’s day.

Uh huh, the Flud did it. Skipping some bible stuff, this is from the end:

It’s important to know that such tragedy is not God’s fault — it’s our fault because of our sin in Adam. God stepped into history in the person of His Son to rescue us from the problem we caused and the resulting separation from our God.

So there you are. All we can conclude from this is that there must have been a lot of sin going on in Nepal.

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44 responses to “Ken Ham: Nepal Earthquake Caused by Sin

  1. WOW!!! Gays, Sin, Boobs, Gay marriage…..
    The power is OURS!!!!! Lets focus on the enemy!!

  2. I’d love to see the calculations of a physicist for the heat production involved breaking up “the original, single pre-Flood land mass” and moving the tectonic plates of the world to their present locations in a few days’ time as Ken Ham imagines them. Perhaps that is why Ham insists that there was only one Ice Age and it was associated with the flood. He probably figured that enlarged polar ice caps and lots of Ice Age glaciers would neutralize the enormous heat!

    The fact that the Bible says nothing about an Ice Age during Noah’s Flood never seems to bother Ham. “Were you there?” is a question he asks but never answers.

  3. cnocspeireag

    Why ‘sic’ after ‘levelled’, that’s how it’s spelled, at least it is in English.

  4. [Expletive deleted] I live in New York City does that mean the Catskills are ready to collapse??

  5. Why am I responsible for some caveman eating a piece of magic fruit?

  6. Stephen Kennedy

    Hambo has sunk to a new low even for him. To use this tragedy to promote his insane belief that everything bad that happens to people is due to human sin is despicable. His implication that the earthquake was some sort of divine retribution for sin is insensitive and insulting to the Nepalese people.

    These professional creationists have a remarkable lack of compassion for other human beings with their beliefs that victims of disasters deserved punishment from god.

  7. I’m going to second Prof Tertius’s statement, and add this: Ken, we’re not playing the game according to your rules. We’re playing the game according to science. Ergo, if you believe that what science describes as happening is incorrect, then you or one of your “scientists” needs to come up with a better explanation. You can discount the scientific explanation all you want, but unless you come up with something better, then guess what? Twenty-five million years ago, India and Asia hooked up. Period. End of story. It matters not a whit that you have a complete, total and utter inability to comprehend what the Bible says (or doesn’t say, since you have this penchant for making up what the Bible doesn’t say, but you think it should).

  8. Luke 13:1-5
    Famous enough of a passage as to have a mention in Wikipedia:
    Tower of Siloam

  9. Mark Germano

    It’s got to be a complete drag to be somebody who can’t marvel at, or at least appreciate, the discoveries of science. To see a news report on any earthquake, large or small, and have to – have to! – believe it’s part of the Galactic Communist Atheist Tectonic Conspiracy must be an incredible cross to bear.

  10. Yeah, they’re saddened. So saddened that they make an amusement park celebrating a (supposed) far worse disaster!
    Or ask what they think about the imminence of the approach of Armageddon. Are they looking forward to that? Or saddened? WIth what emotion do they read the Book of Revelation?

  11. We know the collision of the two plates that created the fault line that caused this earthquake did not happen 25 million years ago. This collision of plates would have occurred during the global Flood of Noah’s day around 4,350 years ago. This global catastrophe — a judgment on man’s wickedness — completely reshaped the globe. It would’ve ripped the original, single pre-Flood land mass apart.

    Does the bible say there was only one land mass before the Flood? If not, how does Hambo know? Was he there?

    Creationists need that single land mass to account for how life galloped across the globe in the two thousand years between the Creation and the Flood. Of course, that doesn’t explain why different land masses have different biota–why, for instance, there aren’t any native kangaroos, or any signs that there ever were any, outside Australia.

  12. docbill1351

    I know we make a lot of fun about old Hambo, but he’s a really vile sociopath deserving of scorn and ridicule.

  13. > such [a] tragedy is not God’s fault
    Liar – your invisible friend is supposedly responsible for creating everything in the Universe. In your eyes, it gets credit for everything. Likewise, it gets blame for everything.

    Isn’t there a commandment about not lying?

  14. aturingtest

    “Saddened.” Uh-huh. You can always tell how truly saddened someone is at a tragedy by how quickly they take advantage of it to push an agenda.

  15. Mark Germano

    I don’t think it makes them sad at all. I just imagine having to be constantly vigilant of any news report or TV show that merely takes for granted that the Earth is more than a few thousand years old and become incredibly tired.

    It’s a lot to worry about.

  16. Dave Luckett

    If Ham’s organisation had made a donation to disaster relief, he would surely have mentioned it. So we can take it that they didn’t.

    So what’s Ham’s reaction to human misery, pain, and suffering? Why, to tell them that they had it coming to them, on account of God’s so just and all. As TomS remarked above, Jesus specifically told him different. Jesus also told him what he should do when confronted with suffering. Ham ignores both.

    Ham’s a screaming, raging hypocrite. Follower of Jesus? Jesus would have told him to his face that Ham is no follower of his.

  17. YEC = Young Earth Craziness

    Ham is totally psychopathic. No, wait — that’s an insult to all the world’s psychopaths. To even suggest that a flood could somehow rip a landmass apart and slam the various pieces into each other is absolute lunacy.

    A two mile deep ocean, on average, is sitting atop the sea floor. Is it being “ripped apart” today? No. The ocean floor *is* spreading apart along the Mid-Ocean Ridge, but at the rate of just a very few inches per year. And this is caused not by the water on top, but by movement within the mantle below.

    Of course, Ham dismisses all the science that is evidence of this, from the radiometric dating of the basalt of the sea floor showing progressively greater age at progressively greater distance from the Mid-Ocean Ridge, to the symmetrical bands of magnetic-reversal-recording basalt seafloor on either side of the M-OR, to the increasing thickness of sediment at increasing distance from the M-OR.

    If Ham were truly interested in spreading the word of God for the benefit of humanity, he would concentrate on the humanistic wisdom of the bible, such as the Golden Rule, turn the other cheek, meek shall inherit the earth, get wisdom, etc., etc., rather than hammering away to pound Genesis into the brains of his followers for his own benefit — getting them to support his commercial endeavors.

    I wonder how he would spin it if his beloved Creation Museum were to be hit by a tornado.

  18. Nepal Earthquake Caused by Sin

    “Sin lies only in hurting other people unnecessarily. All other sins are invented nonsense.”

    Robert A. Heinlein

  19. Truly, truly pathetic to hear someone talk in this manner. The man is clearly delusional, but unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything that can be done for him.

  20. “I wonder how he would spin it if his beloved Creation Museum were to be hit by a tornado.”

    Well, duhhh… Isn’t it obvious that there must have been an evil atheist evolutionist who snuck into the museum [sic] with the intent of corrupting innocent children at the time! And no doubt that evildoer was smote out of existence, which is why there would not be any human remains to examine afterwards. In fact, the lack of any human remains completely proves that the evildoer was smote entirely out of existence.

  21. @Zetopan:
    But if G.O.D. is just going to “smote him entirely out of existence” anyway, why bother with the tornado? Yeah, I know. God acts in mysterious ways (and all that jazz).

    Nah, I think if God were to wipe out the Creation Museum with a tornado, it would be because he’s ticked off at Ham making Him the laughing stock of all intelligent people.

  22. Anonymous

    What exactly was the sun of the pre-Flood people that caused plate tectonics?

  23. Anonymous

    Note that Pat Robertson used to blame hurricanes on gays and general immorality, but a hurricane did hit his studios in Virginia once.

  24. Dave Luckett

    The sins of the pre-flood people are not specified in the Bible, or anywhere. General, pervasive wickedness of all mankind is all that Genesis says. Psalm 14 says the same of the whole human race in that day, so clearly the inundation solution did not work, and can be taken as another failed experiment, like forbidding the fruit.

    But it did give rise to the Christian doctrine of universal and infinite depravity. Well, you have to believe in something like that to justify eternal damnation. In fact, you have to despair of any good in humanity completely.

    Of course, the fundies merrily invent stuff to provide something specific: child sacrifice, sacred prostitution, worshipping idols, not being nice, even (whisper it) being teh gay. Fundies are very inventive that way, and they’ve never let a little thing like the lack of actual words in the text stand in their way.

  25. If a tornado hit the Creation Museum, Ken Ham would quote the scripture which calls Satan “the prince and the power of the air” who rules the earth until Christ’s return. What could be more appropriate than the prince of the air sending a tornado to destroy the most awesome monument in all of YECdom?

    (Ham would also explain that Satan’s dominion on earth is why Satan was able to offer Jesus the kingdoms of the earth. The earth is Satan’s domain until Jesus’ deposes him at the end of the age. That is why Satan offered him the earth prematurely if only Jesus would bow down and worship him, so that Jesus’ long-term mission of doing things according to the will of the Father would be prevented.)

    Yes, a tornado would usher in the biggest fund-raising blitz in “creation science” history.

  26. Richard Bond

    I was going to add to add to what others have said, that Ham must be utterly repugnant to exploit thousands of dead and many more injured to push his malignant agenda. Then I realised that to express what I really feel about this hypocritical creature would fall foul of the penultimate rule of this blog.

    Perhaps the only very slight good that might come out of this is that a few of Ham’s less deluded followers just might realise how sick the whole enterprise is.

  27. H. K. Fauskanger

    What would Ham say if a tornado hit the Creation Museum and reassembled it into a Boeing 747?

  28. …But…but…the Discoveroids keep assuring us that it is only evil Darwinists who have no regard for human life, unlike the acolytes of the various forms of Oogity-Boogityism, who cherish each and every individual human life! So how can a hard-core full-metal jacket Oogity-Boogityist like Ham so flippantly write off the agonising loss of thousands of Nepalese lives as some sort of deserved punishment?

    Ham’s brand of fundamentalist clap-trap is morally indistinguishable from that of, say, Isis or Boko Harum. And such morally pernicious horseflop from Ham only leads me to affirm that, if such a divine creator actually did exist in the form these various fundamentalists maintain he/she/it does, I would feel morally bound to defy such a cruel and vicious tyrant with every fibre of my being.

  29. Oopsie: make that “each and every individual human life” in previous post, which is what I intended to type–but some cosmic imp intervened to lead me astray, as punishment for the time my great-great-great-great grandmother once jay-walked in New York City…

    [*Voice from above*] Lo, I am with you always. Your g-g-g-g grandmother was quite the hottie, by the way.

  30. retiredsciguy says: “… if God were to wipe out the Creation Museum with a tornado …”

    There once was a Lightning Strike at the Creation Museum. Hambo reported it as merely something that happened. He didn’t even hint at any divine significance.

  31. Anonymous

    Doesn’t lightning striking the Creation Miseum mean that they’re doing filthy, depraved, sinful things inside? Begin your speculation now about what kind of depraved acts Ham, David Menton and Georgia Purdom are up to that brought down such wrath.

    Worshipping their mannequin of Martin Luther?

  32. Anonymous

    Or should I say, Martin Lucifer?

  33. waldteufel

    Yet again Hambo shows us what a despicable, heartless, evil little piece of work that he is. The really amazing thing about this intellectual zero is how well he fleeces his drooling and adoring followers.

  34. @Anonymous
    No, their idol is a KJV.

  35. waldteufel says: “The really amazing thing about this intellectual zero is how well he fleeces his drooling and adoring followers.”

    You must learn to be more tolerant. Always remember these words of wisdom from a bandito in “The Magnificent Seven”:

    Do men of our profession worry about things like that? It may even be sacrilegious! If God didn’t want them sheared, He would not have made them sheep.

  36. Diogenes' Lamp

    The ultimate argument from Intelligent Design!

  37. Diogenes' Lamp

    Double post error.

    [*Voice from above*] I’ve seen worse.

  38. A very fine example of the way fundies love mankind.

  39. So if Adam and Eve caused all this suffering, why are they not reviled by Christians? Their names should be curse words, they should appear in art as disfigured evil witches rather than beautiful people, and most especially, there should be no exhibit honoring them in the creation museum.

    The logic escapes me.

  40. @Curmie: Thanks for reminding about that lightning strike two years ago at the Creation Museum.

    Fried Ham & YECs, anyone?

  41. Ken Ham: “I love pseudo-science! I love pseudo-science!”

  42. The moronic Ken Ham is confusing natural explanations with spiritual ones when perhaps BOTH are true (though there is NO evidence for the latter). He’s essentially totally rejecting a ‘how’ answer (only because it is involves the millions of years that he insists are ‘fiction’) and replacing it with a ‘why’ so-called explanation.

    The man also cannot resist making use of a tragedy to spread his YEC propaganda. Strictly speaking the Bible does not even use the word ‘fall’ in Genesis 3 – and the Curse in Genesis 3 only has God speaking about childbirth, difficulties working the ground and growing crops, and – snakes.

    That is what this man ALWAYS does. Dismisses solid science with Bible verses and simplistic answers – and then he claims to “lurve science”.

  43. Whilst Genesis 1 may imply a single landmass, the description of the flood in Genesis does NOT REMOTELY say or imply that “This global catastrophe — a judgment on man’s wickedness — completely reshaped the globe. It would’ve ripped the original, single pre-Flood land mass apart”. Besides – this moron and false teacher would have Christians believe that in the space of a few months India and Asia BROKE APART but then came back towards each other and COLLIDED (making what were low, water-covered hills into massive high mountains).

    Young Earth creationism REFUTES itself. Thank You, Mr Ham.

  44. Genesis 6:13 has God saying: “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth …”. But Earth was not destroyed. And there is nothing in the verse about ‘catastrophic plate tectonics’ or ANY plate tectonics. Yet another example of Ham’s exegesis also including some blatant EISEGESIS.