Glorious News: Habemus Canem!

Miss Scarlett

The mysterious mission on which your Curmudgeon was engaged has been accomplished. We have a new dog here at Curmudgeon Headquarters. She’s a red Doberman, and we’ve named her Miss Scarlett.

The Doberman breed comes in four colors. The standard color is black (with the usual tan splashes on the muzzle, chest, legs, and below the tail). Besides black, which is by far the most common color, they can also be red, fawn, or blue (which is actually sort of gray). Miss Scarlett is a splendid red, although it doesn’t show in the pic because she was in the shade. Her eyes are light brown.

The reason for this acquisition is that we recently lost our Pearl. She was nearly 11 years old — an old age for a Doberman — when she succumbed to Wobbler disease — a spinal disorder that affects horses and certain large breeds of dogs. She was fine until the very end, when she suddenly had problems getting up, and she was in pain. We took her to the vet and learned that the situation was hopeless, so we did what had to be done.

Poor Aaaargh! (a blue Doberman whose formal name is Argos) had lost his companion of many years. He’s been listless and very demanding of our constant attention. He needed another dog, so we began a search of various Doberman rescue organizations.

Our requirements were specific: we wanted a female, young — but not a puppy. We were looking for one about 2 or 3 years old, house broken and with a good disposition. After an agonizingly long search, we found Miss Scarlett. She had a goofy name, but we’ve always wanted a red we could name Miss Scarlett. She’ll eventually respond to it.

It was a two-hour car ride to get her, and two hours back. Then she was introduced to Aaaargh! That went well. At the moment, she’s exploring every room, playing with all the toys that belong to Aaaargh!, and getting used to her new situation. It’ll take time, but she’ll be fine. In a day or two they’ll be frolicking on the lawn, and things will be back to normal around here.

So that was our galactic mission. You can relax now. All is well.

Copyright © 2015. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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19 responses to “Glorious News: Habemus Canem!

  1. Doctor Stochastic

    Cavete canes dona ferentibus!

  2. michaelfugate

    That’s why we saw the red smoke coming out of your chimney….

  3. Congratulations on Miss Scarlett – that’s exciting. I know you’re obviously an experienced dog person but I gently note that introducing a dog to your home as a first order of business (you didn’t quite say that’s what you did, I know that) is a very human-centric thing to do. Better: take both dogs for a long walk. Dogs are natural daily travelers and that’s how you establish yourself in the order of things, and how the dogs will get to know one another best.

  4. Maezeppa, the first thing I did was let the dogs meet in the back yard. We stayed there for maybe 30 minutes, while they sniffed each other, ran around, and did all the usual doggie things. Then we went inside.

  5. Doctor Stochastic, dogs are gifts.

  6. She is absolutely gorgeous!. More pictures, please!

  7. Miss Scarlett is absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to see a pic taken in the sun.

    In a sense, the crack I made in the FFZ was right — owning a dog is a commitment akin to marriage. Congratulations! Miss Scarlett is a very lucky dog.

  8. Jill Smith

    And I thought you were going to inspect a croco-duck! May Miss Scarlett bring you and Argos years of joy.+

  9. Mike Elzinga

    Very pretty!

    What is it they say about Dobermans? No matter what colors, they always look good on a lawyer.

    I’m partial to Siberian Huskies. Had one for nearly 14 years; and my arms are about 2 inches longer as a result of our frequent walks together.

  10. Very nice. Congratulations to you (and to Miss Scarlett, too, of course).

  11. Charles Deetz ;)

    Congrats on finding the new dog … the search is well worth it.

  12. Congratulations! I am stuck on one breed too. I am also stuck on adult rescues. Not a puppy raiser in the least!

  13. @ladyatheist: Would that favorite breed of yours be rottweiler?

  14. Miss Scarlett is a Red Beauty. Was Aaaargh! OK with her playing with his toys? If yes pat him extra for me – he’s very generous.

  15. Belated condolences on the sad loss of Pearl, but a warm welcome to the new arrival to the Curmudgeon family!

    But Miz Scarlett, I don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no puppies!

  16. Ceteris Paribus

    Habermas Canem? Oh, wait, yes yes, now I see it! Mixed it up with that other philosopher, Twain, who said: “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.”

    Good work Curmy!

  17. docbill1351

    Kink the Cat is not amused.

    (yes, my cat has his own domain.)

  18. linky no workie, docbill1351

  19. That’s certainly a much more natural way to introduce Scarlet to your home. We tend to ‘humanize’ the situation by showing her where she can unpack her things and where her bed is.