Creationism in Nigeria

We almost always ignore newspapers from Africa, India, and the Middle East, because their intellectual traditions are so different from ours that their articles — even when they discuss science issues — aren’t the sort of thing we’re comfortable discussing. Although we disagree with our own creationists, at least we can understand them. But today, as an experiment, we’re going to make an exception.

At the website Information NIgeria, which styles itself as “Nigeria’s No.1 Information Portal,” we read The Big Bang Theory Is Another Malthusian Therory. The author is Nwanna Ezi, and their website has a comments section. Here are some excerpts from the article, with bold font added by us:

All sides of every religious debate agree that God created the universe but for the unilateral position of a group of scientists that are behind the theory of Evolution. This set of people and atheists do not believe in the idea of a God because to them there is no proof of the untenable theory.

That begins much like the articles with which we’re familiar. Maybe we shouldn’t have been ignoring sources like this. Let’s keep going:

Evolution and christianity [the author’s lower-case] are antithetical beliefs because they view the concept of creation differently. The Big Bang Theory of the former terraces the origin of the universe to somewhat presumptuous by assuming that life originated elsewhere without giving the credit to the Almighty God. To them there is no absolute proof on the creation as recorded in the bible.

The phraseology is a bit odd, but we think we can follow it. Then we’re told:

While we were not there when God created heaven and earth there’s a truth that underlies a reality. We all in one way or the other reckon with the Almighty God. As anyone who has encountered a near death experience knows, the shout of my God! My God! has always been the case which Indicates a call for help. Most of us, at some point in our lives, have encountered it. All individuals, however unique they may regard themselves personally, must in some ways reckon with the Almighty God.

Yes, we all do that. Let’s read on:

We might imagine that these people really know that they are deceiving themselves, and that their words are lies picked from the depth of hell. The Big Bang Theory is another Malthusian theory that has been ignored for long. Malthusians, whose descendants until quite recently predicted that the world would run out of food, have thereby been confounded. So what are we waiting for in the case of Theory of Big Bang.

Yeah — the Malthusians were wrong, so why do we tolerate the Big Bang? The article continues:

It should be noted that scientists have been proving what has not been real before now. Menopause is one of them which in many cases has been proven wrong. Despite what they describe as insuperable odds, procreation has been taking place at old age since the days of Sarah. Unfortunately, some people have begun to extol those behind this theory instead of the Almighty God who created the universe.

Egad, menopause has been debunked? We have nothing left to believe in! Here’s more:

Whichever way you see it, God is the creator of heaven and earth and the mystery behind the creation will remain unravel till eternity. It is recondite. There are a heck a lot of lies being taught by the scientists. The Big Bang Theory topples the list.

Yes, Big Bang theory topples the list. Moving along:

It is odd how such grotesque theory find its way out. The people that still believe in this theory should stop being parochial and try to listen to theories that the bible posits.

Good advice! Then, suddenly, the article comes to an end:

Do not be swayed by theories like this regardless of the trust you feel for them. It is an extremely heretical theory written mainly with deception in mind more than anything else. God remains our antecedent because without Him we never would have been created.

So there you are. Now that we’ve broken our rule about ignoring articles from outside the intellectual traditions of the West, we wish that we hadn’t. So don’t worry, we won’t do it again.

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10 responses to “Creationism in Nigeria

  1. I think you should keep doing this especially given that most Africa’s educational systems follow those of their colonizers.

  2. Nwanna Ezi proclaims

    anyone who has encountered a near death experience knows, the shout of my God! My God! has always been the case which Indicates a call for help.

    Reading this article has been a near brain-death experience. It reduced me to far more extreme oaths and supplications than the ones itemised above…

  3. “Maybe we shouldn’t have been ignoring sources like this.”
    This might be correct – they don’t ignore the western intellectual tradition either, including it’s goofy offspring. Note how our Nigerian in the best western creationist tradition lumps the Big Bang, abiogenesis and evolution together.
    But it’s the original stuff that makes this article qualify. Malthuse, menopause, our Nigerian has a very broad brushstroke indeed. I’m tempted to speculate that he successfully merges the (goofy offspring of the) western intellectual tradition with some local stuff.

    “So don’t worry, we won’t do it again.”
    I genuinely think this is a pity. The local touch on tiring rehashed stuff is delicious.

  4. Well, certainly Nigeria is not in my bucket list of places to visit.

  5. What a load of bigoted rubbish!!! Bigoted because he thinks it is his BS gawd that is the DUDE. Even granting that some DUDE made the universe, who’s to say anything about him? And even if his DUDE is the main DUDE, who cares what this dimwits says. If his DUDE is so awesome then the DUDE can come talk to me personal like.
    I’ve noticed I’m starting to use the word DUDE, most likely because when you say gawd everyone thinks you are talking about their personal myth.

  6. “Egad, menopause has been debunked?” Sarah, whoever that was, had kids when she was old. This stuff, it would be impossible to make it up.

  7. Got news for ya, Nwanna — menopause is real. If not, my wife and I would have at least twenty kids by now instead of the two we are quite happy with.
    Although one of my good friends from childhood had two younger uncles. That was somewhat confusing for his friends.

  8. Why do so many creationists (apparently regardless of country of origin!) confuse big bang theory and evolution. My guess is it’s because they know nothing about either one, so in that sense, the theories are the same.

  9. Malthusian theory has not been discredited, it still works perfectly in nature itself. For most of human history it worked on us too, it was only when we started using our knowledge, and technology, to by pass the restrictions nature imposed on us, that this it fell out of use for humans.

  10. abeastwood, I’ve got a different guess from yours. Or maybe it’s just an explanation of why you are right that creationists know so little about either the big bang or evolution. The distinction gets lost on them because they are busy squeezing and trimming the modern view onto the template of Genesis, which they use like a procrustean bed. The Genesis myth goes from the initial flash to the creation of human beings in one work-week. For creationists he big bang corresponds to (and competes with) “Let there be light,” the first instant of the first day, and evolutionary theory corresponds to days three through six.