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Good ol’ Jack Chick was born in 1924, so it’s understandable that his output has been slowing down. New comics are showing up at a very slow pace. The last time we wrote about one was six months ago: Cosmic History from Jack Chick.

As you know, Chick is the world’s greatest theologian, philosopher, illustrator, communicator, and creationist. He is also the purveyor extraordinaire of the most mindless, theologically primitive version of raw, young-Earth creationism that can be found anywhere. He makes ol’ Hambo look like a moderate. When Chick puts out a new comic book, it’s an important event.

Today there are two — yes, two! — new comics you can see at his website. The first is And It Was Good! It’s all about Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden — their creation and fall. This is the true history of the world, dear reader, so you don’t want to miss it. Chick also mentions an especially important lesson — when Eve was created, we are reminded: “Note that God brought Eve, not Steve.”

The second one isn’t about creationism. It may not even be new, although it’s announced as such, but it has a copyright date of 1993. It’s The Thief, who breaks into a house and the godly homeowner saves him from the consequences of his sins.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of Jack Chick. If you haven’t yet seen his other comics, you can read them online using the links in this post: Creationist Comic Books. They’re classics — especially Big Daddy?

That’s all the news we could find this morning, so we’re declaring this to be an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. Talk about whatever you think is interesting — science, politics, philosophy, etc. Banter, babble, bicker, bluster, blubber, blather, blab, blurt, burble, boast — say what you will. But beware of the profanity filters.

We now throw open the comments to you, dear reader. Have at it!

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13 responses to “Jack Chick Free Fire Zone

  1. IFFZ entertainment: Lawrence Krauss: Parents who teach creationism are child abusers — just like anti-vaxxers

    First half is about AI, followed by some simple observations about why Creationism persists despite advances of science

  2. But beware of the profanity filters.

    Good advice. I try to get mine changed about twice per year.

  3. Charles Deetz ;)

    I found this quite disturbing theocratic declaration by an Alabama state lawyer, via Right Wing Watch.

    “Public officials are ministers of God assigned the duty of punishing the wicked and protecting the righteous” …. “The U.S. Supreme Court, although it claims to have done so in 2003, cannot take something that God calls a crime and declare it not a crime.”

    This is a lawyer, an employee of the state clearly relying on the bible (well, what he thinks is in the bible) and not case law. Teaching creationism in a public school is screwy, but outright theocracy is dangerous and against the way things work in America. If I lived in that state I would be steaming mad.

  4. Joshua Joscelyn and his wife Felicia Joscelyn, who have been public supporters of Kent Hovind in his recent travails, have been arrested in conjunction with their obnoxious street preaching; though the charge filed against them had to do with leaving their children in a motor vehicle for more than 15 minutes (a crime in Florida).

    Rudy Davis has sent out a call to arms to make the Joscelyn case another national rallying point:

    However, since that video was posted I have not been able to find any further reports of what the Hovindicators or others may be planning in support of Josh’s cause.

    They bonded out of jail and have another court date set for July 23, 2015.

    Here’s a link to an interview Josh had with documentary film maker Jonathan Schwartz in conjunction with the recent Hovind trail proceedings.

    And here’s another interview Josh had with one of Jonathan’s associates who assisted him in covering the Hovind trial proceedings.

  5. There is an islamic version of Big Daddy; I’ve read it in a Dutch translation. Believe it or not, it contains even more howlers.


    If you feel an irresistable urge:


    Yup, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of Jack Chick.

  6. Jeeper, mnb0. The Islamic one is even dumber than Jack Chick. I can’t believe that’s even possible.

  7. michaelfugate

    “Note that God brought Eve, not Steve.”

    Note that God brought all the animals around first before Eve – isn’t there a verse on sheep?

  8. Stephen Kennedy

    Chick and other creationist fanatics like Hambo and Hovind frequently claim that the worst sin is “unbelief”. They do not seem to realize that people can not make a conscious decision on what to believe. Whether to believe something or not is the result of complex processes in the brain where the basic question asked is ” Is this credible?” Based on what I know through my education, life experiences, personal observations does thing that is being claimed as a truth by another party pass my particular unconscious mental barrier that divides truth claims into ones which are credible to me and therefore I believe, and truth claims that complex processes in the brain do not find credible and reject.

    My belief in the actual facts of Evolution and the Big Bang being true and the claims of young earth creationists being false are an unconscious result of my thought processes and not because I particularly desire to believe as I do. YEC and other religious claims have no credibility for me. Scientific explanations of the origin and evolution of the Universe seem credible to me so I am compelled to believe them.

  9. @Stephen Kennedy
    Standard Christian theology says that faith is a gift (“grace”) given by God, not a result of mere human action. There are elaborations and varieties on this theology.
    I quickly learned from the creationists to avoid using the verb “believe” in speaking of my accepting the evidence and reasoning concerning evolutionary biology. For I can see for myself enough to realize that there is common descent at least among the vertebrates.

  10. Is Hovind going home on July 8th?

  11. The rumor is that Kent Hovind is being moved to Home Confinement on July 8, 2015 and will be released into his 3 years of supervised release (probationary period) on August 9, 2015.

    I know of no official public record that is available on-line to confirm the July 8 date, but that is what Hovind and his people have been promoting.

    Also, the August 9, 2015 date is subject to final determination by the Bureau of Prisons and could be affected by Kent Hovind’s behavior; the August 9 date being based on the most advantageous time off for good behavior.

    Time will tell.

  12. Thanks Robert, it is hard to find a sane source. A red flag is when they call him “Brother” Hovind ha ha ha.

  13. You are welcome.

    I think the following is a pretty good source, but I may be seen as a little biased.