Image of Jesus Appears on Bathroom Wall

We’re not sure how to classify this one, but it definitely belongs somewhere on this blog. In the Daily Mail, a tabloid which is the UK’s second biggest-selling daily newspaper, we read Image of Jesus seen on bathroom wall in Mexico home. The article already has 50 comments. Here are some excerpts from the news story, with bold font added by us:

A family in Mexico say they’ve seen the face of Jesus in their bathroom wall. Elvia de la Toba’s daughter first spotted what they believe is a depiction of Jesus Christ on Monday in a cinder block in their home near La Paz.

‘In the morning my daughter went into the bathroom, and shouted “mother come, come and see what’s appeared.” I came, and yes, there it was. ‘I said to my daughter -his daughter- that Christ Jesus is with us, taking care of us. We feel a very beautiful thing when we look at this image, we feel at peace and feel chills when we look at it.’

If that doesn’t thrill you, then you’re beyond hope. We’ll give you only one more excerpt, because we know you’re going to click over to the Daily Mail to read it all for yourself. They’ve got pictures too! Okay, then they say:

According to Yahoo News, the bathroom image is now surrounded by candles and visiting admirers. This is hardly the first time Jesus has been seen by the devout in everyday things. Nor is this the strangest instance. Early this summer, a woman in southern Mexico looked into a tortilla she’d just made and saw the face of Jesus Christ looking back at her.

Isn’t that great? Hey — thanks to this news, we’ve figured out what has heretofore been a great mystery. You all know about the sordid case involving bathroom voyeurism charges against Northern Ireland creationist minister and political activist David McConaghie. If not, this recent post will refresh your memory: David McConaghie Trial Lurches Forward.

You remember that McConaghie’s defense is based on his claim that prosecutors failed to prove that his concealed video camera in the loo was placed there for his sexual gratification. Well, thanks to this Mexican apparition, now we have a plausible reason for that hidden camera — McConaghie was looking for the appearance of religious images.

In conclusion, we suggest that you carefully check your own bathroom. You never know what might be there, looking back at you.

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13 responses to “Image of Jesus Appears on Bathroom Wall

  1. If it’s ok for jebus to watch you in the loo, then it’s ok for McConaghie too.

  2. Ack, than should be then. Sorry SC, a fix from the great hand above would be much appreciated.

    [*Voice from above*] I stretched forth my mighty hand, and behold! Your request is granted.

  3. Dave Luckett

    Look up “pareidolia” in a reasonably good dictionary.

  4. Well, don’t true xians believe he’s always watching them everywhere anyway? Kind of creepy, when you think about it.

  5. abeastwood says: “Kind of creepy, when you think about it.”

    Why? Are you doing something you shouldn’t be doing?

  6. Whenever I hear someone say something/someone “looks just like Jesus,” I’m reminded of my 9th grade English teacher who joked that he could perfectly impersonate George Washington.

  7. Holy Voyeurism Batman!

  8. Pish and bosh! Stuff and nonsense!

    The miraculous image is clearly that of Genghis Khan.

  9. Oops, html linky thingy no worky:

    [*Voice from above*] It’s so sad to see a Neanderthal trying to survive in a Sapiens world.

  10. God goes from a universe creator 6,000 years ago to now being only able to appear on cheese sandwiches and the occasional urinal or bathroom wall.

    How the mighty have fallen . . . .

  11. Ceteris Paribus

    My older sister would have been much more impressed to see our bathroom wall emblazoned with a visage of The Virgin Mary, directing me to put the seat back down when finished.

  12. “…a woman in southern Mexico looked into a tortilla she’d just made and saw the face of Jesus Christ looking back at her.”

    Yeah, that image is also in the Daily Mail link you provided, Curmy. But I don’t think it looks like any of the standard portrayals of Jesus; it looks more like Phyllis Diller with a handlebar mustache.