Lost Fortnight — Free Fire Zone

The past two weeks have been the worst we’ve ever experienced for our kind of news. Every day has been a struggle to find something to blog about, and today is no exception. What’s going on?

Either the creationists have given up trying to generate activity we find amusing, or the press has decided to ignore their foolishness, or Google has decided not to index such things. Whatever it is, this has been a difficult time for your Curmudgeon.

To add to our difficulties, there’s been some kind of accidental change in the WordPress software. If you’ve visited our Table of Contents lately, or any of the other listings of our posts, you’ve noticed that all the items are double-spaced. WordPress says they’re looking into it, but it’s been like that for at least four days, and it may never get fixed. Nevertheless, we shall persevere without grumbling too much. [Addendum: The problem seems to have been fixed.]

Because of the lack of news, it’s up to you to keep things going during this interval, and so we declare another Intellectual Free-Fire Zone. We’re open for the discussion of pretty much anything — science, politics, economics, whatever — as long as it’s tasteful and interesting. Banter, babble, bicker, bluster, blubber, blather, blab, blurt, burble, boast — say what you will. But avoid flame-wars and beware of the profanity filters.

We now throw open the comments to you, dear reader. Have at it.

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21 responses to “Lost Fortnight — Free Fire Zone

  1. Well, slow news days (or even weeks) should at least be an opportunity for updates on how your Miss Scarlett has settled in? It feels like a long time since we have had any news of Aaaarrrrggghhhh!!!

  2. Miss Scarlett is doing just fine. It’s like she’s always been here. Great dog. She bosses Aaaargh! around, and it doesn’t seem bother him.

  3. Aha! She’s a feminist!

  4. I sometimes check out David Coppedge’s blog, though I won’t leave any comments anymore since even non-threatening comments don’t get approved. (I guess as a creationist he doesn’t like any insinuation that he might be the slightest bit wrong. I pointed out that scientists knew before hand that Titan didn’t have a global ocean and gave a link to prove it.) Anyway he is still lamenting his defeat at trial. Though I’m not a completely objective observer, it baffles me he thought he could win. Cassini was already into at least one extended mission, and working on a space probe is always going to have some sort of sun set. (As for Cassini, it is still kicking, but will be deorbited in 2017 or so hopefully leading to some dramatic close ups of the rings.)

    Here is a link to his ramblings if anyone else is interested:

  5. Here’s a potential Darwin Award winner: Man struck, killed by roller coaster at Ohio theme park. One excerpt:

    “A coroner says a man entered a restricted area at Ohio’s Cedar Point amusement park to look for a lost cellphone and was struck and killed by a roller coaster. The Erie County coroner says a man in his mid-40s entered a fenced area Thursday evening and was hit by a ride called the Raptor. He hasn’t been identified.”

  6. What’s going on?

    Trump is sucking all the Oxygen out of the News Universe.

  7. That doesn’t rise to level of Darwin Award, since it probably didn’t seem intrinsically stupid at the time. It certainly isn’t on par with the Montana guy who got killed dressed up as Bigfoot and walking around a busy highway at night. I’d also speculate since he was an education administrator he may have had a blind spot for regulatory signs that were typically directed at the student body.

  8. Have you seen this news story?

    “One of Korea’s top universities to offer course teaching creationism”

    (As is so often the case, the Comments section at the end is the best part.)

    Full story at http://english.hani.co.kr/arti/english_edition/e_national/704174.html

  9. Creationist Cat gave me high (catnip?) praise in one of his videos last Wednesday, and now the video he praised is on the news feeds of MSN, AOL, Yahoo and Huffingtonpost among others. He saves my video for last starting at five minutes nine seconds into his video (but his whole video is hilarious as well as the videos it points to). He also endorses me for the ladies, and I dutifully put that on my Zoosk dating site profile.

  10. At last, TheBicyclingGuitarist, you have the fame you have so long deserved.

  11. I’ll do what I can to fix WordPress if I become rich and famous enough.

  12. A republican/creationist/denialist moment in the sun:
    http://shermanslagoon.com/ (see 5/14/15 cartoon)

  13. One of South Korea’s top universities may teach creationism this fall!

    As long-time creationism -watchers, we are used to American creationists trying to find and use convoluted or deceptive language to sneak their lessons into public schools. It looks like the same thing here. An excerpt from the newspaper article:

    “Choe, the professor who developed the class, responded to the controversy on Aug. 10.
    “It isn’t about how creationism is correct and evolution is always wrong,” he said, adding that he found the response “baffling.”
    “As a Christian studying and teaching engineering, I have often had to think about faith and science. My aim is to talk about these concerns with students – not to try to boost creation science,” he explained.
    In his course outline, Choe writes that scientists in the Christian faith “often experience conflict between the words of the Bible and their scientific understanding.” The course, he explains, is intended to “find the parts of the Bible that can be tested scientifically and aid Biblical understanding through a scientific approach to creationism and evolution.” Topics include “the emergence of life,” “the origin of species,” “creation and evolution,” and dinosaurs.”
    Richard Forrest, possibly a Talk Origins regular, appears in the comments defending evolution. He is listed in the comments as being from the UK, so you need to get some US commentary there quick to keep up!

  14. My favorite part is the sub-headline: “One disgruntled student says Yonsei University now may as well offer credit courses in African voodoo practices.”

  15. “Here is a link to [David Coppedge’s] ramblings if anyone else is interested.”

    And the irony of the “Footprints of David Coppedge” is that they all lead to his mouth. What a loon.

  16. Mary L. Mand

    Klinghoffer has given a bad review of Jerry Coyne’s latest book, even calls him Mr. Coyne.

  17. How about a little bit of Bobbby Jindaloo the Nuclear Chicken?
    White House hopefuls Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee have already visited the First Assembly of God Church in Indianola, and Bobby Jindal is scheduled to be at the church Saturday, according to the Des Moines Register.

    A veritable cornucopia of crazies staking their claims to the votes of the wackos of the creation bizarro central.

  18. TheBicyclingGuitarist says: “I’ll do what I can to fix WordPress if I become rich and famous enough.”

    Thanks, but that problem seems to have been fixed.

  19. The whole truth

    On Wikipedia, politically controversial science topics vulnerable to information sabotage


  20. Wikipedia entries can (not have to) be unreliable on any given topic for a whole bunch of reasons. Best is to use it as an introduction and compare it with sources that are reliable.

  21. The whole truth

    Bible Museum Recycles Celebrity Wax Figures — Starring Tom Cruise as Jesus