The Time Cube Is Gone!

Time Cube

We were stunned to find this at the technology website Gizmodo Australia: RIP, Time Cube. Your Curmudgeon is in deep shock at the implications of that headline, so we’ll just give you some excerpts, with little of our customary banter. They say, with bold font added by us:

Time Cube is no more. The internet’s most interesting website has disappeared, and it’s a genuinely sad day around the world — or is that four sad days simultaneously?

What? We hastened to link on The Time Cube, and saw … nothing! Just a blank screen. What’s going on? Gizmodo tells us, with the strike-through in their version:

Time Cube is was the brainchild of Gene Ray, the Greatest Philosopher and Greatest Mathematician — whose personal website, The Wisest Human, has also lapsed.

Egad! We hastened to the Wikipedia entry on the Time Cube. The first sentence says:

Time Cube was a website created in 1997 by Gene Ray …

Was a website”? We looked at the “history” of that Wikipedia article, which discloses that it was edited today “noting death of site.”

Let’s read on from the Gizmodo article. After describing the “theory” of the Time Cube and the — ah — unique appearance of the website, they tell us:

We attempted to contact Gene Ray to discuss the website, but all methods using technology developed using the Standard Model of particle physics have so far failed.

Well, dear reader, that’s the news. We have no idea what happened. Maybe it’s just a technical glitch, and that venerable site will be restored. We shall keep you advised of any developments as we learn them.

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14 responses to “The Time Cube Is Gone!

  1. There can be no doubt at all here: this is the fell handiwork of the International Darwinist Conspiracy as it continues to censor THE TRVTH ™ ®

  2. The Wayback Machine is your friend:

    Just enter the url there and you can still enjoy the genius of the Time Cube.

  3. John Pieret says: “The Wayback Machine is your friend”

    Yes, but it’s not the same. I began every day with a visit to The Time Cube. It inspired me. Now that it’s gone, it will be difficult to carry on.

  4. whois
    Registered to: Pending Renewal or Deletion
    Last Updated: Aug 26, 2015
    Expires On: Aug 24, 2015

    Ah, right, it expired.

  5. How can there be any meaning to life without the Time Cube?


  6. If Gene doesn’t renew and time is no more, does that mean Ucommonly Dense moves into first place?

  7. Our Curmudgeon laments

    I began every day with a visit to The Time Cube. It inspired me. Now that it’s gone, it will be difficult to carry on.

    But this is your chance to extend your Internet Empire! Grab that domain registration yourself! Use it as a forum for the next level of Curmudgeon Creative Challenges and see if we can’t collectively generate something just as wacky as the venerable Time Cube itself!

    After all, when the going gets nuts, the nuts get going!

  8. Perhaps Gene Ray used his Time Cube to transport himself, along with his website and Time Cube, into a new dimension. He may be just one-trillionth of a second ahead of us; impossible for us to see or interact in any way with him, but he would still be able to see and hear us.

  9. I think Pope retiredsciguy has solved the riddle!

    But I still think this a golden opportunity. The world is crying out for The Curm Cube!

  10. Megalonyx says: “The world is crying out for The Curm Cube!

    If I made a move in that direction, Olivia would leave me.

  11. Which is no doubt Mega’s foul intention.

  12. Ceteris Paribus

    Not to worry. Quite likely Ray merely encountered a region of space-time where cubic geometry is not allowed. Even at this very moment he may be researching Dr. Who’s library for an appropriate TARDIS [Traversable Achronal Retrograde Domains In Spacetime”] algorithm to rectify the problem. In layman’s terms, it isn’t so much that Ray is now gone; it just happens that he hasn’t even been here yet.

  13. All the microwave signals from GPS satellites fried his brain into forgetting to renew.