Exciting News About Ken Ham’s Ark

Once again, we are indebted to our clandestine operative in Kentucky — code-named “Bluegrass” — for keeping us informed of news about ol’ Hambo’s “replica” of Noah’s Ark. This article appears in USA Today, which is located in several places. Their headline is Noah’s Ark builders expect up to 2.2M visitors annually. They have an active comments section. Here are some excerpts from the news story, with bold font added by us:

The giant Noah’s ark tourist attraction planned for Northern Kentucky will be physically imposing, and according to those leading the charge for the new park it will have an even bigger economic impact on the region.

Wowie — an “even bigger” impact! Isn’t that wonderful? We’re told:

The man in charge of the organization that will run the theme park being built in Williamstown told the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday that the ark could attract between 1.4 million and 2.2 million visitors annually. That could help create more than 21,000 new jobs for the region over the next 10 years, said Ken Ham, co-founder and CEO of Answers In Genesis.

It wouldn’t surprise us of most of those new jobs will be in flood control, because of the expected Deluge of Drool those tourists will generate. Let’s read on:

An announcement on when the park will open is expected sometime in November, and Ham said the park is on schedule to open sometime in late summer of 2016. Answers In Genesis also runs the Creation Museum in Petersburg, and Ham said that attendance there could be boosted by an extra 500,000 annually because of the ark.

The creation business is booming! We continue:

Admission prices have yet to be set for the Ark Encounter, Ham said. But prices probably will be slightly more expensive than at the Creation Museum, where an adult ticket costs about $30.

It doesn’t matter what it costs. If admission were only ten cents, we still wouldn’t go. Or they could charge $100 and the droolers will line up to pay. Here’s our last excerpt:

“After the flood, God said it wouldn’t happen again,” Ham said. “And that’s a good thing, so we don’t have to worry whether ours floats or not.”

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Our guess is that Hambo’s Ark will be just as seaworthy as Noah’s was.

There’s more in the news article. If you’re eager for news of ol’ Hambo’s Ark, click over there to read it all. It’ll either restore your faith, or cause you to abandon hope.

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15 responses to “Exciting News About Ken Ham’s Ark

  1. As long as we’re talking about Noah’s Ark, there’s an hour-long show on Nova tonight about the discovery of a 3700-year-old Babylonian clay tablet that describes a circular ark. We wrote about it a couple of years ago — see Hey, Hambo — Noah’s Ark Was Round!

  2. I can just imagine Hambo’s reaction to Nova. You see that’s a description of an ark in a Mesopotamian story, it’s nothing like the “real” ark.

  3. “And that’s a good thing, so we don’t have to worry whether ours floats or not.”

    Oh I think AiG has still some worries concerning their little project floating or not.

    Is it just me or does it seem that every time I read a new estimate concerning the amount of droolers that will visit the sham park, the amount needed to be raised balloons as well?

  4. “After the flood, God said it wouldn’t happen again,”
    Then why are you saying that climate change is a myth, KEN??
    Because if all the ice melted it would NOT cover the earth, so climate change is NOT against the BS in your book.

  5. Derek Freyberg

    SC, isn’t this (the 2.2M visitors) old news, previously reported in one of your pieces on the Ark? I think you did one when Hambone proudly reported that a “new survey” done by his favorite Christian pollster had boosted the numbers from 1.4M or thereabouts to 2M or thereabouts. Maybe USA Today is short of news.
    Considering that the Creation Museum now draws only around 250,000 people per year (if I recall earlier stories), the idea that its attendance would triple when the Ark opens seems optimistic – unless you get a super-discounted ticket to the museum when you buy an Ark ticket.
    This is not going to be a cheap trip.

  6. Again, he goes on about his “ark” being the “world’s largest wooden structure”. Last I checked, the ATLAS-I, popularly referred to as the trestle, was still in existence in Albuquerque. I used to see it quite frequently, as I flew regularly in and out of the Sunport. Granted, the whole “ark” endeavor is silly, but at least this fact he should be able to acknowledge, as it doesn’t conflict with his religious leanings…

  7. Derek Freyberg


    Actually, the Ark Encounter site says “largest timber-frame structure in the US”; but even that is BS.
    ATLAS-I is purely wooden (not even nails or bolts) and more than twice as long as the Ark; plus it could support the nearly 500 tons of a fully-loaded B-52.
    And there’s the Tillamook Air Museum (granted, it’s a hangar, but still 1000 feet long and 200 feet wide and high versus 410 by 85 by 50 for the Ark), and the Hotel Del Coronado.
    And this does not even take into account buildings outside the US if you go for the grandiose statement.

  8. These allegedly ‘biblical’ creationists will be pushing unbiblical c**p AS WELL at their ‘Ark Encounter’. And their extremist supporters don’t even care that it’s blatantly unbiblical (as well as completely false). Proof that they are following what amounts to a cult rather than biblical Christianity:

  9. Ice ages (plural) are real. But the YEC version (including their ’cause’ of their ‘recent’ ice age) is total fiction. But it has become ‘holy writ’ for Ken Ham and co.

  10. @Ashley Haworth-roberts –
    Thank you. It deserves pointing out that there are things which are simply made up which are being promoted as Biblical. I know that most of the readers here don’t care, whether such-and-such has any Biblical basis. And imaginative interpretations of the Bible abound, which makes it idle to argue whose interpretation is the only one. But things like hyperevolution within kinds after the Flood, or this Recent Ice Age have no conceivable connection with the Bible.

  11. I believe the world’s largest all-wood structure is Todai-ji Temple in Nara, Japan. It houses an enormous bronze statue of Buddha inside.


  12. “After the flood, God said it wouldn’t happen again,” Ham said. “And that’s a good thing, so we don’t have to worry whether ours floats or not.”
    Well, as the old song says, “God gave Noah the rainbow sign: it won’t be water but the fire next time.”

    A wooden ark would burn nicely, along with anything (and anyone) inside.

  13. . . . at the Creation Museum, where an adult ticket costs about $30.

    That’s twice the cost of visiting a real museum, the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta.

  14. I wonder if the ark will also have free admission on Christmas Eve?

  15. @Derek and Paul: I stand in error. Thanks for the correction. (see how easy it is to admit to a mistake, Ken?)