Ken Ham Shatters All Irony Meters

Everyone knows who Richard Dawkins is. So does Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia. He’s famed for his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG), and for the mind-boggling Creation Museum.

In what may be the most ironic post on the internet, ol’ Hambo has just written this: Dawkins’ Mind Is Closed.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Pause for a moment, dear reader, and savor the situation. Hambo — perhaps the world’s most clamorous creationist — says that Dawkins has a closed mind. In the immortal words of Bert Lance: “It’s like being called ugly by a frog.” Now you know why your irony meter blew out — and so did every other irony meter on Earth. They all need to be replaced.

We could stop right here and our point will have been made — but you want more, don’t you? Okay, we’ll give you some excerpts from ol’ Hambo’s post, with some bold font added by us for emphasis:

In an article titled “Atheist Richard Dawkins Calls It ‘Disgraceful’ That Presidential Hopefuls Are Creationists — and Reveals Which Religion Has ‘Maximum Toxicity,’” The Blaze website reports on a Fox News TV interview with prominent evolutionist Richard Dawkins.

We’re not familiar with that website, but the interview wasn’t on television. This is the radio interview Hambo is talking about. It’s 14 minutes long. Time well spent. Then Hambo tells us:

During the interview, Dawkins was asked “whether the atheist leader would ever change his mind about God, he said that he’s open to the idea. ‘Just show me some evidence and I’ll change,’ Dawkins said.”

That sounds reasonable. Here’s Hambo’s reaction:

Well, Dawkins has been shown overwhelming evidence by many people through books, discussions, a radio debate with my friend Dr. Andy McIntosh, and so on! In fact, God tells us that people like Richard Dawkins are without excuse (Romans 1:20). Dawkins reminds me of [bible, bible, bible]. People like Dawkins also remind me of [bible, bible, bible].

Overwhelming evidence indeed, but Dawkins’ mind remains closed. Let’s read on:

We need to pray for him. His heart is hard and he is blind.

Hambo is such a compassionate man! He continues:

So is Dawkins truly “open” to believing in God? Well, he pretends that he is willing to listen to evidence — but the evidence from his own life clearly shows that he refuses to believe despite the evidence. He is like the scoffers in [bible, bible, bible]. It is a deliberate act on their part to ignore the obvious and reject the truth!

Harsh words, but well deserved! Here’s more:

I’m reminded of what Abraham said [bible, bible, bible].

All that evidence, but Dawkins still won’t take heed. This is our last excerpt:

Dawkins has spent most of his life rejecting the writings of Moses, particularly Genesis, and trying to get as many people as he can to follow his rebellious lifestyle that leads directly to hell. Yes, we do need to pray much for him.

So there you are, dear reader. Will Hambo’s prayers have any effect? Will Dawkins open his closed mind? We fervently hope so. Otherwise, the poor fellow is doomed to the Lake of Fire!

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16 responses to “Ken Ham Shatters All Irony Meters

  1. “[bible, bible, bible]”

    Oh thanks. Now I have an image of a talking Ken Ham bobblehead doll firmly lodged in my head.

  2. Ken Ham, the man responsible for the mass extinction of irony meters.

  3. michaelfugate

    The University of Leeds on Andy McIntosh – the professor of thermodynamics who believes evolution violates thermodynamics :

    29 November 2006

    Press statement: Professor Andrew McIntosh

    Professor Andrew McIntosh’s directorship of Truth in Science, and his promotion of that organisation’s views, are unconnected to his teaching or research at the University of Leeds in his role as a professor of thermodynamics. As an academic institution, the University wishes to distance itself publicly from theories of creationism and so-called intelligent design which cannot be verified by evidence.

  4. Dawkins has a “rebellious lifestyle”? And the evidence for that statement is what? Hey Hambone, there’s far more evidence that the (bable, bable, bable) is based on bronze age myths about imaginary gods. In any case, Dawkins did more useful scientific research on any day of his career than all of the alleged “research” done by all the ID institutes combined.

  5. Apparently rebellion, according to little kennie ham, is not signing up to be one of kennie’s mindless ‘Hamians’. He’s so far off the deep end, I can’t even think of him and his followers as Christians. If not agreeing with kennie is going to lead me to hell, I am looking forward to the trip. I will really enjoy it knowing kennie is in the line ahead of me once he discovers what the deity he gives mouth-service to thinks of his beliefs and tactics.

  6. Ken Ham is fast becoming a parody act. He’s actually surprised that Richard Dawkins doesn’t listen when people quote “evidence” from the one book that Kenny’s ever read…

    By the way, Dawkins is the “atheist leader” now? Did I miss a memo?

  7. @Ted Herrlich: Well, at least the company where we’re going, according to Hammbone, will be much more interesting.

  8. Well, Dawkins has been shown overwhelming evidence by many people through books, discussions, a radio debate with my friend Dr. Andy McIntosh, and so on! In fact, God tells us that people like Richard Dawkins are without excuse (Romans 1:20).

    God didn’t say any such thing. the Book of Romans is attributed to the Apostle Paul, not to the Supreme Being.

    And having seen some of the “evidence” creationists peddle, I’m distinctly underwhelmed.

  9. Ham calls others closed-minded.

    Well, isn’t that quaint!

    Answers in Genesis, Statement of Faith, § 4(6)

    By definition, no apparent, perceived or claimed evidence in any field, including history and chronology, can be valid if it contradicts the scriptural record.

    Open minded indeed!

  10. @Reflectory:
    … if it contradicts what I say is the scriptural record.

  11. Thank goodness the University of Leeds (my alma mater) made that statement. I would otherwise have had to cut off ties.

  12. kennie ham calls others close minded but believes all he needs to know is covered in Genesis 1

  13. It’s not merely the ‘irony meters’ that Ole Hambo has shattered here. His claim that, unlike himself, Dawkins is ‘close-minded’ is an historic event, far surpassing Chuck Yeager’s flight that hit Mach 1:

    Ken Ham has broken the Irony Barrier!

    You are all advised to hunker down and stay away from windows, which can be shattered by Ironic Booms

  14. Just for the record, the Blaze is Glenn Beck’s far right sock puppet media outlet. It should almost never be taken seriously and anyone who links to it as a reference has given away their true stance and motive

  15. Doctor Stochastic

    Irony meter vs stony meteorite.

  16. Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate:
    Question: “What, if anything, would ever change your mind?”
    KH: “…No, no one is ever going to convince me that the word of god is not true.”

    *BOING* went my meter. Just like scientific progress.