Halloween and Daylight Saving Time

Take heed, dear reader. This coming Saturday, 31 October, is Halloween — the night when ghosts, witches, zombies, and other horrors are creeping around. Then, at darkest time of that frightening night, at the climax of the other-worldly madness, you are required to set all your clocks back an hour.

This is due to the annual end of Daylight saving time. We’re previously written about this tyrannical mandate, which (in the US) is the result of the Uniform Time Act — an intolerable governmental intrusion into our lives which upsets the natural order of things twice a year.

As we said two years ago in Fall Back — Free Fire Zone:

This is the true test, dear reader. Are you a free man, or a mindless government slave? Like most Americans, you’ll dutifully and unthinkingly obey your masters and reset all your clocks tonight. Your Curmudgeon will set his clocks back too, but as we do so we’ll be raising a middle finger to show our discontent. To keep your sanity, think of this as “National Drop Trou and Bend Over Day,” which invites our governmental masters to have their way with us twice a year.

Actually, the clock reset this Saturday will be a restoration of normal time, because back in March we were required to set our clocks ahead an hour, and this weekend’s adjustment will undo that chronological perversion. If you don’t reset your clocks, when you wake up on Sunday and think it’s 7:00, you’ll be out of sync with everyone else, for whom it’s only 6:00.

Why do we do this to ourselves twice a year? There is evidence that it’s harmful — see Daylight savings is linked to injuries and heart attacks, is it time to scrap it?

Aside from the absurdity of running around resetting all our clocks, including microwave ovens, the timers for outside lights and lawn sprinklers, and of course the clocks in our automobiles, the greatest inconvenience for your Curmudgeon is that our splendid dogs, Argos (a/k/a Aaaargh!!) and Miss Scarlett, have built-in timers to tell them when they should be fed, and they don’t like their routines to be disrupted. Truly, this is an outrage!

As we said in Obey Your Masters and Spring Forward, at the time of the 2014 “spring forward” phase of this madness:

Hey — do you like getting up early? That’s your affair! If you run a business and you want the work day to start at 6:00 in the morning and end at 2:00 in the afternoon, and your employees are willing to comply, then do it. But why should everyone be forced to change his clocks? Leave our clocks alone!

Have you ever wondered why no major politician ever speaks out to protest this twice-a-year craziness? They’re all in on the conspiracy! They like the power. If we comply with something as goofy as this, then we’ll meekly fall in line and do anything they ask. It’s time (so to speak) to take a stand. We call on the people currently seeking the Presidency to speak out against this tyranny. If you love liberty, repeal Daylight Saving Time!

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13 responses to “Halloween and Daylight Saving Time

  1. It used to bother me, but I only have one clock I have to reset manually, everything else is automated. That and my work hours are flexible.

  2. Our Curmudgeon is, from a European prospective, behind the times.

    Clocks here came off ‘summer time’ last weekend…

  3. This is a “tyrannical mandate”; oh, come off it!

  4. I don’t care one way or the other. But I hate traditions, so WHY!!!!???? do we do this!? And don’t say that it is to let school kids be in daylight, cuz that is not necessarily true, It don’t save on electricity either! So why bother? I hate useless traditions!!! But I have no choice but to follow this one.

  5. Rikki_Tikki_Taalik

    Leave our clocks Britney alone!

    Why do we do this to ourselves twice a year? There is evidence that it’s harmful — see Daylight savings is linked to injuries and heart attacks, is it time to scrap it?

    We can fix this by changing our clocks back and forth on a rhythm of six months in increments of approximately three minutes a day. Problem solved.

  6. Rikki_Tikki_Taalik

    *sigh* Just having got up from a nap, I did the math wrong. Maybe Curm is right after all.

  7. As a wise man from Chicago once asked, “Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?”

  8. uaireadair…….

  9. @Cynic: “…oh, come off it!”

    Um, do you think maybe the Curmudge’s tongue is in his cheek?

  10. L.Long asks, “WHY!!!!???? do we do this!?”

    Perhaps because the Power Elite, the Golfing Class, enjoy getting 9 or even 18 holes in after work.

  11. Here in Arizona only the Navajo Nation observes daylight saving time. It’s long been my secret belief that our state legislators haven’t imposed dst on the rest of us because they aren’t smart enough to master the intricacies of resetting their clocks twice a year.

  12. Dave Luckett

    Australian states except for Western Australia and Queensland observe summer daylight saving time, apparently because they enjoy getting skin cancer. Western Australia and Queensland don’t, because we are infected with sanity.

    The WA government has tried three times to institute it here, at one point forcing us to go through a three-year “trial”, on the boiling-a-frog principle – once you’re used to the misery, you won’t notice it any more. Each time they’ve been forced to a referendum, and each time it’s been decisively voted down. There’s signs that they might try again, next Parliament.

    Perth, at 32 degrees S on a western continental margin, has hot dry summers where the sun sets on the true horizon, not behind hills. Summer sundown is about 7.40 pm, non-daylight saving time, and our January and February days often hit max temperature at 4.30 pm, non-daylight saving time. Max may be well over 100 degrees fahrenheit, and the heat often doesn’t decline until the sun is out of the sky. Climate change is making summers longer and hotter. And Perth is in the southern tenth of the state. Further north, that goes double. Triple.

    So the reasons being trotted out for daylight saving – that it would foster outdoor exercise, and be all family-friendly and community oriented, are so much tendentious tosh. You’d be mad to go out into heat and ultraviolet like that if you didn’t have to; and anyway the experience is actively unpleasant. Trust me, I know. But DST does make it far more difficult to sleep, and the last cool hour of the day will be swallowed up in the morning commute.

    The real reason – the only reason – for it is that big corporations find it inconvenient that WA goes three, not two, hours out of step with their head offices in the eastern states, and when big corporations whisper, government jumps. That’s it. That’s all of it.

    Why, say, NSW or South Australia has it I can’t imagine. Victoria or Tasmania, where people gather to point and marvel on the rare occasions when the sun comes out, that I can understand. But any place that actually has a summer knows better. I suppose that the frog-boiling exercise worked on them, poor sods.

  13. SC, one alternative not mentioned is to keep daylight savings time year round. This avoids many of the pernicious side effects of clock changing such as the hassle, the heart attacks and health issues from a lagging body clock.
    Daylight savings time is useless in the tropics, and only the temperate states in Australia observe it. (It is useless in the tropics because the day length doesn’t vary nearly as much as it does in temperate zones)