Post-Holiday Free Fire Zone

Mars is red,
Uranus is blue,
The Intelligent Designer,
Created you.

Traffic is down and news is scarce, so once again we need to entertain ourselves. Herewith we present a few random goodies, which may encourage you to add some of your own:

1: Louisiana continues to be the most creationist state in the country: Senator Ben Nevers Will Bring Legislative Experience to Chief of Staff. A few excerpts:

Governor-Elect John ‘Bel’ Edwards has tapped Democratic State Senator Ben Nevers to coordinate his transition team and be the administration Chief of Staff.


[Nevers was] the author of the now-controversial Louisiana Science Education Act in 2008, which opened the door for teaching creationism in public schools.

2: Creationism in Denmark — see Pair of Danish politicians plagued by scandal. Some excerpts:

Education Minister Esben Lunde Larsen was forced to respond to claims this week that he plagiarised parts of his Ph.D. dissertation. Larsen dismissed the accusations as “sloppiness at worst,” but has requested that the University of Copenhagen open an investigation.


The minister was accused earlier in November of giving misleading information on his C.V., when it emerged that he had studied at The Danish Bible Institute (Dansk Bibel-Institut), a religious institution not accredited in Denmark, between 2001-2006, and not at the University of Copenhagen as stated on his CV.

Larsen holds a PhD in theology and has not been bashful about the fact that he believes in God and creationism, which critics argue make him an unfit choice for his position.

3: Your Curmudgeon proudly announces that he has no friends on Facebook.

Okay, that’s the news. We now declare an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. You know the rules. Have at it!

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10 responses to “Post-Holiday Free Fire Zone

  1. SC says:

    Your Curmudgeon proudly announces that he has no friends on Facebook.

    Where’s the “Like” button on this page?

  2. Gary asks:

    Where’s the “Like” button on this page?

    I removed it. Curmudgeons don’t want to be liked.

  3. Your Curmudgeon proudly announces that he has no friends on Facebook.

    Same here. Their computers decided I wasn’t a real person.

  4. Careful, your blog might morph into a support group for FB refugees if your not careful. 😉

    About the only positive thing I got out of FB was discovering the RationalWiki group.

  5. Charles Deetz ;)

    I wouldn’t know what my family was doing without facebook. And who the vigilant right wingers, xtians, and gun lovers. I have been lurking in the semi-official DI facebook group, for everyone who complains about not being able to comment on their blog, this is a place where you could try to engage in discussion … until they kick you out. Posting rules, if you are curious:

    • Opening Posts must have either Intelligent Design and/or science value. The group discourages personal OP’s and comments that meet the following criteria;
    •••• Is designed to incite personal verbal sparring matches between admins and members.
    •••• Has no scientific relevance. E.g. Politics, Religion (theology), etc.
    • Although philosophical science OP and comments are permissible, we ask that the focus remain on science. Examples of acceptable philosophical discussions are as follows; Philosophy of science, Natural Theology, Philosophy of logic and reasoning etc.

  6. Charles Deetz brings to our attention that, on the DI’s facebook page, “Opening Posts must have either Intelligent Design and/or science value.”

    Nice to see them finally admit the two are mutually exclusive.

  7. I haven’t seen anything on evolution boards about the LA election. In fact I had lost track that Jindal is nearing the end of his terms. I read that Edwards defeated Vitter, whom I recall conducting anti-evolution activism like Jindal. Though I have mixed feelings that a Democrat won, could this be bad news for the academic “freedom” scam?

  8. Note to Frank: Read the post first! Now my question is: Might the Democratic governor-elect be even friendlier to the scam than Jindal??

  9. Frank J:
    “Might the Democratic governor-elect be even friendlier to the scam than Jindal??”

    Well, his Chief of Staff certainly will be!

  10. Ceteris Paribus

    Frank J:
    “Might the Democratic governor-elect be even friendlier to the scam than Jindal??”

    Party label has been an unreliable indicator of Creationist fervor. William Jennings Bryan was the Democratic Party presidential candidate in three national elections (1896, 1900, 1908), but as an anti-evolution activist went on to lobby state legislatures for laws banning the teaching of evolution, and made his famous appearance for the prosecution of John Scopes during that 1925 trail in Tennessee.