ICR: Blue Tarantulas Prove Creationism

The creation scientists at the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) — the fountainhead of young-earth creationist wisdom — post only a few articles a month at their website, and we ignore most of them because they’re not as amusing as they used to be.

But they keep presenting arguments for creationism. Their latest is Blue Tarantulas Supposedly Evolved Eight Times. It was written by Frank Sherwin, M.A., described at the end of his article as: “Research Associate, Senior Lecturer, and Science Writer at the Institute for Creation Research.” Here’s his writeup at the Encyclopedia of American Loons. ICR has a bio page on the guy: Frank Sherwin. They say his MA degree is in zoology from the University of Northern Colorado.

Creationists don’t write about spiders very often, so this might be fun. Oh, wait — a few years ago ICR inspired us to write this: ICR: The Tarantula Proves Creationism. Here are some excerpts from their latest spider research, with bold font added by us:

Like all other animals, the origin of spiders poses an ongoing problem for evolutionists.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, evolution is nothing but problems. What’s the problem with spiders? Here it comes:

According to the fossil record, “the first fossil spiders are known from the Devonian” as 100% spiders. The Devonian period supposedly ran from about 350 to 400 million years ago, but spiders haven’t evolved since?

We’ve seen that argument before. If a species is well-adapted to its environment, it may evolve into a multitude of related species, but there’s no reason for the whole group to go extinct. ICR doesn’t press that point; they have something better for us. Let’s read on:

The BBC recently reported a group of tarantulas possessing a beautiful blue color that apparently has an important signaling function. Evolutionary researchers maintain this cobalt shade evolved at least eight separate times. But what’s the evidence?

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! ICR is asking for evidence? Where’s the evidence for all their Oogity Boogity? Oh, they don’t need any — only evolutionists do.

This is the article they’re talking about: Tarantulas evolved blue colour ‘at least eight times’. It’s no big deal, really, but the subject of spiders is creepy enough to have captured the attention of ICR. They tell us:

Is this sophisticated coloring phenomenon the result of time, chance, and natural processes occurring eight separate times, or did it result from plan, purpose, and special creation? The latter explanation is more logical and scientific.

Yeah, sure. Nothing can evolve naturally multiple times. Wait a minute — insects fly, and birds fly. So do bats. But special creation is “is more logical and scientific” for that too. We continue:

[L]ife at every level is far too complex and orchestrated not to be designed, and the tarantula’s biological photonic nanostructures are one more example.

Okay. Now we come to the end:

God created spiders as fully spiders just like the fossil record shows — and this includes the incredible iridescent group of blue tarantulas.

So there you are. More evidence for divine creation! When, dear reader, will you finally accept it?

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10 responses to “ICR: Blue Tarantulas Prove Creationism

  1. “God created spiders as fully spiders just like the fossil record shows -” then, he killed all but one mating pair of the spider kind, and instead of re-creating spiders fully formed, he had them evolve – rapidly! – into hundreds of different species.

  2. michaelfugate

    but were they blue!

  3. > “God created spiders as fully spiders
    > just like the fossil record shows”
    As usual, these creation cultists are idiots and/or liars. They don’t know squat about the arachnid fossil record. The first terrestrial spiders are trigonotarbids – they lack spinnerets, and are not “fully spiders” – they are spider-like, but still arachnids. They’re an extinct group that first appears in the Silurian. The first fossils of true spinneret-bearing spiders are Pennsylvanian in age (possibly even Devonian), but they don’t represent the modern, living groups, which first show up in Triassic rocks. Sea spiders (pycnogonids) first appear in the Lower Paleozoic, but despite them having 4 pairs of walking appendages, they are not arachnids.
    > “Evolutionary researchers maintain
    > this cobalt shade evolved at least
    > eight separate times. But what’s the
    > evidence?”
    I guess these creationist loons didn’t even read the journalist’s article – the evidence is presented right there. They probably didn’t read the scientific article, either.

    Curmy is right – this is amusing, yet pathetic.

  4. Our dear SC asks a compelling question:

    “When, dear reader, will you finally accept it?”
    As soon as Easter and Pentecost are on the same day.

  5. Ceteris Paribus

    Well, put the finger of blame for the faulty planning right on the ICR’s know-it-all creationist OT god. All modern theologians know full well that if you don’t want to see a bunch of copy-cat knockoffs of your Intellectual Property, the first thing you want to do with your new creation is go straight away and apply for for a proper copyright, patent, or trademark.

    The ICR needs to learn that it’s much better to let a bunch of highly skilled lawyers figure out who has priority on their design, and leave the wailing and gnashing of teeth to the OT clerics.

  6. “The Devonian period supposedly ran from about 350 to 400 million years ago, but spiders haven’t evolved since?”

    That and the “God created spiders as fully spiders…” remark shows that the ICR maroons believe that all spiders are the same created ‘kind’, have always been the same created ‘kind’, and will always be the same created ‘kind’. For them to accept that evolution occurs they would insist that all spiders must change into something completely different and do it very quickly since the whole universe, let alone Earth, is only 6,000 years old (in their indoctrinated minds).

    With what James St. John said in mind, I’d like to ask the ICR fools which ‘kind’ were/are trigonotarbids, pycnogonids, ticks, mites, harvestmen, scorpions, and solifuges. And would they assign crabs to the spider (or arachnid) ‘kind’ or to the fish ‘kind’, or what?

  7. What the hell is a “descent group” anyway? One more example of what the Curmudgeon has called the “micro-macro mambo,” it seems.

    And by the way, is Klinghoffer (who supports the reality of the Flood) suggesting that Noah gathered in even spiders? What about insects, worms, etc., etc.?

  8. When you’re talking about beasties that “haven’t changed over time,” you really can’t pick a WORSE example than arachnids. Seriously.

  9. but, but, WHY did God create spiders? Thats the question ICR needs to answer.

  10. What about species? After God created baramins, why did he turn on the process of micro-evolution that led to speciation? The Bible gives us no guidance about that.