Self-Published Genius #39: Needs Money

This is a most unusual addition to our series about Self-Published Geniuses, where we bring you news of authors with a vanity press book in which the author claims to have made paradigm-shattering discoveries, and announces his work by hiring a press release service.

This author’s press release is titled Author of Evolution Is Illegal Launches Kickstarter Campaign, issued by something called SBWire – The Small Business Newswire.

We always need to confirm that the book qualifies for our collection. Was it published by a vanity press? Actually, no. That’s what makes this so unusual. Jumping ahead to the middle of the press release, we’re told:

[William James Herath] has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the publication and distribution of this book.

It also gives a link to the Kickstarter campaign: EVOLUTION IS ILLEGAL – DEMAND SCIENCE NOW, where the brilliant author tells us:

When reading some of the chapter rough drafts for this project, I have found spelling errors and other mistakes every time I have sat down to edit. Just getting to the point of saying that enough is enough will be what could potentially delay delivery time. With your help, I am going to hire a professional editing team that will go through the book and make it as error free as possible. Fortunately, I am self-publishing this project through Create Space and their turn around time is fast!

So we know that if the author raises the funds he needs, he’s going to use a vanity press to publish his book. Therefore, if the project ever gets completed, it will meet our requirements.

That Kickstarter website also informs us that the author has already received seven pledges totaling $400, so he’s well on the way to meeting his goal of raising $17,500.

Okay, let’s get back to the press release to see what it says, with some bold font added by us for emphasis. Oh, we should mention that he doesn’t put the title of his book (or Darwin’s book) in italics:

Evolution is Illegal by William James Herath tackles the subject of evolution being taught as a fact in public schools and accepted by scientific organizations, despite the fact that it is only a theory and that there is no accepted definition of what evolution actually means.

Wow — evolution is only a theory, and it has no accepted definition! Let’s read on:

According to Herath, “In the United States, public schools are teaching evolution as fact. The National Academy of Sciences also claims evolution to be a fact and offers three definitions of the term, and all of which conflict with Webster’s definition of evolution.

It conflicts with the dictionary! The quote from the author continues:

To compound the problem further, Darwin himself did not include a definition of biological evolution in his famous book, The Origin of Species. Additionally, most evolutionary biologists craft their own idea of what evolution is and their definitions also tend to conflict with each other.

Stunning, isn’t it? Here’s more:

Many states in this country have made evolution part of their curriculum standards, yet as a nation we don’t have a standard definition for evolution. Surprisingly, even though evolution has seen many court cases unfold, no court has used or produced a legal definition of evolution. With this book, I hope to change this conundrum.

Amazing! This is a book that needs to be published! Hey — we know you’re wondering who this courageous author is. Unfortunately, we’re not given any information about him. But at his Kickstarter website, he says:

I am not the most qualified person to write this book, just being honest. But Nobel Prize winning author Toni Morrison said that “If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” Like atheist and New York Times Bestselling Author Richard Dawkins not being the most qualified person to to write The God Delusion, I am equally unqualified to write a book about the constitutionality of evolution.

He’s a modest man. We like that! And for some reason, he put the title of Dawkins’ book in italics.

Well, dear reader, you know what you have to do. Send Mr. Herath some money so he can get an editor, correct his spelling, and hire a vanity publisher. The press release promises “rewards ranging from personalized thank-you notes to copies of the book Evolution is Illegal.”

Your Curmudgeon is pleased to have played a small part in the author’s noble endeavor.

Copyright © 2015. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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13 responses to “Self-Published Genius #39: Needs Money

  1. Why doesn’t this clown simply apply spell checker to his drivel. Then again, spell checker would likely barf once it started to digest his nonsense and finally just stop working.

  2. Just like his God, who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and always in need of money.

  3. Charles Deetz ;)

    No budget for research. #FAIL.

  4. Putting book titles in italics is a common practice. Back when people used typewriters they used to underline book titles, but that was to let the printer know to use italics there. hth

    This author sounds like a real winner.

  5. DavidK, spellcheck can only help you with the words you actually mispell into non-English. Just right down a homophone? Probably won’t notice. Accidentally use a work very similar to the one you wanted to? No dice.

  6. I would be happy to offer up some money for our friend William and his book, how about a penny for your thoughts?
    Of course I’d be expecting change.

  7. $17,500 for an editor? Seems a bit steep. Seriously, he needs the Dr. Nick Riviera of editors.
    I’d suggest leaving the spelling errors in the text. They are a charming hallmark of his humanity, and where there is no humanity there is no art. They will also help to confirm the intellectual heft of his vacuous tome.

  8. Spellcheckers are only as good as the people using them. I left the ‘l’ out of ‘public’ just once and caught hell for it from friends for years!

  9. I suggest the following edit to the press release.

    “…there is no accepted definition of what evolution designer (i.e., god) actually means.”

  10. “Evolution is illegal”, yet.

    This will be something along the lines of “Evolution is a religion, religion can’t be taught in the public schools, therefore teaching evolution is illegal”.

    The effusions of a rococo fruit loop, that is. A classic case of Dunning-Kruger. This guy is so stupid that it cannot occur to him that what he thinks is not only manifestly wrong, it’s already been comprehensively demolished and dismissed by anyone with two working neurons who’s considered the matter. Poor dumb schmuck probably thinks he’s come up with some brilliantly original thought. If the words “think” or “thought” are to be applied to whatever goes on in his head, that is.

  11. His facebook name is WIllie Harath – has no clue and the videos on his page are awful.

  12. He is talking about a state court case from California, Segraves et al. v. State of California et al.. A creationist sued, among others, the State Board of Education saying his kids’ right to free exercise of religion was being violated because they were taught about evolution.

    The judge told them to buzz off in part because:

    … defendant State Board of Education has had for a number of years and currently has a policy … which provides that in a discussion of origins in science texts and classes (a) dogmatism be changed to conditional statements where speculation is offered as explanation for origins and (b) that science emphasizes “how” and not “ultimate cause” for origins.

    Of course, the numbnutz is just as ignorant of law as he is of science. First of all as a decision from a state trial court, it has very limited precedential value and, in any case, is merely reciting a state policy that only applies in California and can be changed. But what he really gets wrong is that stating that evolution occurred is not stating what the “ultimate cause” of evolution is. He is making a category error.

    You can read California’s current policy here:

  13. This is Terrible! The authors hasn’t even added any rewards for backing the project, as is typically done by many successful KS projects. I say we should help him out with some suggestions for rewards!

    Pledge $1 or more: Have your name added to the list of supporters of this book and appear IN PRINT!
    Pledge $10 or more: A free copy of the printed book!
    Pledge $100 or more: Have your name excluded from the list of supporters of this book to save yourself potential embarrassment.
    Pledge $1000 or more: 100 copies of the printed book. No one else is gong to want them.