Why No News about Ark Ticket Sales?

One of your Curmudgeon’s peculiar talents is noticing what doesn’t exist. It’s not easy to see what isn’t there, but often the thing that’s missing is very revealing, so we try to be aware of things that don’t happen when we expect that they should. (It’s like Sherlock Holmes and the dog that didn’t bark in Silver Blaze).

A week ago, on 20 January, the creation scientists at Answers in Genesis (AIG) — the creationist ministry of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia — posted Ark Encounter Tickets Now on Sale, in which they announced, with our bold font for emphasis:

With more than 1.4 million visitors expected to tour the life-size recreation of Noah’s Ark known as Ark Encounter its first year, the organization behind the attraction, Answers in Genesis, has just opened an online ticketing system to help manage the requests. With a nod to the number of days and nights it rained while Noah and his family were on the Ark, tickets will be sold for separate daytime or evening visits during the first 40 days of opening, starting July 7.


While the Ark Encounter can accommodate about 16,000 guests per day, research has shown that more could be expected during the first few weeks of opening, especially during the summer time frame. This was the reason for establishing daytime entry tickets and nighttime tickets for the first 40 days.

Back in December, in How To See Ken Ham’s Ark, we wrote about Hambo’s announcement that because of the expected demand, “we had to create an online reservation system to handle the number of ticket requests.”

Okay. It’s been a full week since ticket sales began. We’ve been led to believe that millions of people have been eagerly waiting to see Hambo’s Ark. There is an enormous demand for tickets out there — at $40 for each adult, plus $10 for parking. If that were true, Hambo’s reservation website had to be set up with a vast capacity or it would crash due to the … ah, deluge of customers.

So, we’re all wondering: How many tickets have they sold during the first week?

For some reason, AIG hasn’t told us. At least not yet. Maybe they will, soon, and then your Curmudgeon will look foolish for posting this. Meanwhile, their silence could be telling us something.

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19 responses to “Why No News about Ark Ticket Sales?

  1. I think the public will be overwhelmed by the ticket price and underwhelmed by the exhibit. Further more I don’t think the ark is big enough for Ken Ham’s ego.

  2. It’s been a full week month? since ticket sales began. Yet no news after one month of the deluge of ticket buyers

  3. siluriantrilobite

    If you have the time, you could attempt to buy tickets for various days and back out before paying. If they have tickets available for every day, that might indicate sales are slow.

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  4. I wouldn’t believe any sales figure they published, so I wouldn’t worry about their silence on the matter.

  5. They’re still looking for an accountant who will sign their faith statement.

  6. Derek Freyberg

    Ed, perhaps they’re looking for an accountant who will sign a statement like “Whatever Kenny Boy says is good enough for me”.
    Seems a little like the firm they hired to do the predictions in the first place.

  7. Is there some way a clever hacker could check through their internet supplier (not breaking any laws, of course) what level of traffic their ticket page is getting?

  8. If they have low sales, the infamous Ky. sales tax rebate will be a moot point.

  9. Stephen Kennedy

    For the past six years they have attempted to sell lifetime boarding passes and sales were way below their expectations, hence the junk bond issue. I see no reason why millions of people who did not buy the lifetime passes over the past six years will open their wallets now.

    Unlike donations and lifetime pass sales, AIG is not posting any information on current sales now that their ticket sales site is up.
    A family of two adults and two children coming by car will have to spend $146 dollars to see this thing.

  10. Ah, a deluge of customers, eh?

    One is forced to the reflection that luge is German for “lie”.

  11. Is that why the sled used in the Olympics is called a luge? Because one lies down on it?

  12. Michael McCants

    You have to specify the date of your tickets and the sale is non-refundable.

    Perhaps it’s still a little early to plan exactly when you will arrive in the summer of 2016?

  13. Charles Deetz ;)

    On the ticket page, you need to select the day, which shows availability. Tix not sold out for the first day. I see they’ve divided the first forty days into two sessions, a day and a night session. I missed that detail, Hambo trying to double his gate take.

  14. I wonder if there will be a lineup at the ark’s bow for yelling “I’m the king of the world!”?

  15. siluriantrilobite

    I wonder that, after they reapply and presumably receive the tax rebate, if they might play shenanigans and mix gate receipts for the Creation “Museum” with the Ark Park to maximize the amount they get. Who will audit the gate claims for the Ark?

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  16. I started an application for five tickets on opening day and got as far as payment. So it’s not a sell-out yet.

  17. I hope they have live animals in their ark circus. Its a “big tent” this creationism thing (thank you Don McLeroy for using that term, its so appropriate). But now, what “kinds” of animals does a creationist include? An Indian elephant, or an african elephant? The elephant changed ALOT in those 4000 years since the ark. WOW. PLUS, the elephants crossed some continents and some big bodies of water. Its a miracle! And if we do have elephants, who will Hambo nominate to shovel the poo? McLeRoy is on youtube explaining in class to children how the ark’s poo problems were easily solved by an industrious Noah.
    I’m excited…..How will Hambo handle live lemurs, or trilobite fossils? Oh goody. Think of the sheer creativity possible here. Its a mystery…
    And how will all the droolers react?

  18. I think that every picture of Noah’s Ark I’ve seen has had a pair of giraffe heads sticking out of the top. Any kid is going to be disappointed not to see a pair of giraffes. What is else is there of their “kind”?
    On the other hand, what will they do with the seven pair of cattle, bull and his cow?

  19. I applied for 15,000 tickets plus 3,000 car parking spaces for the daytime slot on July 7th. Total cost $93,610. So plenty of availability. Unfortunately, they make you print out your own emailed tickets. Must remember not to hit the Confirm Payment button as the tickets are non-refundable.