A Discoveroid Version of “Inherit the Wind”

Buffoon Award

We never expected anything like what we learned in a new article written by John West,whom we affectionately call “Westie.” He was an early winner of the Curmudgeon’s Buffoon Award, thus the jolly logo above this post. Westie is vice President of the Discovery Institute, which makes him one of the chief Keepers of their wedge strategy.

Westie’s article is In a Plea for Genuine Academic Freedom, New Play Turns Inherit the Wind Topsy Turvy. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

You probably know the basic plot of the tired old film and play Inherit the Wind. For teaching Darwin’s theory of evolution in a small Southern town, freethinking biology teacher Bertram Cates gets prosecuted by Christian fundamentalists.

Yes, we know. The play and later the film are based on the Scopes Trial. The trial scenes were accurate — especially the part where Darrow got to examine Bryan. We know, because the transcript of the trial had been published long before the movie was made, and we have a copy. They’re available at Amazon. Westie has ranted about the play and the movie before — see John West: More Scopes Trial Revisionism.

What news does Westie have for us today? Let’s read on:

Loosely based on the infamous Scopes trial, Inherit the Wind is much more propaganda than history, yet it continues to shape popular culture’s understanding of the debate over Darwinian evolution. So congratulations to Los Angeles-based playwright and actor Matt Chait who has turned Inherit the Wind on its head.

[*Groan*] Someone has re-written the play so that the creationists are the good guys. Westie continues:

In his new play Disinherit the Wind, Chait takes the characters from the first play, reshapes them, and places them in a radically different environment. As he notes, “The names of the characters are the same as those in the original play, although their roles are quite different.”


No longer set in a parochial Southern town, the story now takes place in modern multicultural Los Angeles. Bertram Cates is no longer a pro-Darwin high school teacher. Instead, he’s a brilliant neurobiologist at UCLA who is sceptical [sic] of Darwinian materialism. And the zealots who are trying to burn him at the stake aren’t Christian fundamentalists, but fanatical Darwinists.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! We won’t go on much longer with this alternate version of reality, but we can’t leave this out:

There is one new main character in the play who isn’t inspired by Inherit Wind: a dogmatic Darwinist named Robert Hawkins, described as a zoologist from Cambridge University. Hawkins is obviously a stand-in for former Oxford University biologist Richard Dawkins … . Some of the best scenes are the ones with the self-important Dr. Hawkins.

Okay, that’s enough. Westie provides a link so you can watch the whole play — if you want to. Your Curmudgeon won’t bother, but if you care to view it and then give us your impressions, please do so.

This play will be a wonderful compliment to that dazzling documentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. We can expect that some demented public school teachers will insist on showing both to their science students. Hey — why learn about reality, when fantasy is so much more fun?

Addendum: The play is available at Amazon. The publisher is something called CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. We looked them up. Yes, they’re a vanity press. Are you surprised?

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22 responses to “A Discoveroid Version of “Inherit the Wind”

  1. I am waiting for the remake of The Crucible.

  2. Being a bit pedantic, but sceptical is the English way of spelling it.

  3. michaelfugate

    Jason Is Westie British? No I think not.

    The play, it’s a comedy, no?

    The play was performed for a month last fall in LA at the Ruby Theater (55 seats!). Given the lack of imagination, I assume the playwright probably is involved with screenplays for projects like “CHiPs the movie” or other bad 70s TV shows turned into feature-length films.

  4. dogmatic Darwinist — Definition:

    One who insists that whatever is taught in any science class is in accord with the preponderance of evidence.

  5. Maybe they can also make a play where the good Christian guys win the Kitzmiller trial ?

  6. Up next a remake of 1984 showing us what an evil revolutionary terrorist Winston Smith was.

  7. I’m waiting for a correct version of the Galileo trial, in which it’s shown that the was a rabble-rousing child molesting atheist.

  8. With each wacky post, Westie reconfirms the wisdom of our Curmudgeon’s coveted Bufffoon Award to him.

  9. Charles Deetz ;)

    Oh how a scientific organization shows such a preference to a fictional story. Westie is leading well. NOT!

  10. Holding the Line in Florida

    @ RSG Hear, Hear!!!!

  11. Sent this along to my friend and colleague Ed Larson – response “Hi Doug,
    Thanks for sending this. Another literary classic is born!”

  12. @Jason

    Being a bit pedantic, but sceptical is the English way of spelling it.

    I think it’s Westie being Sloppy Westie. None of the Tooters proofread [edited out]! The Attack Gerbil, RIP his furry hindquarters, put out stuff that had sentence fragments, misspelled words, and all kinds of weird stuff (excluding the content that was always weird) that you would wonder if they ever read what they write, or simply Save/Publish.

    Their “new” play is anything but new. This material was covered in Johnson’s book, Darwin on Trial, and again by Dembski when he fantasized about putting “Darwinists” on the witness stand and squeezing the truth out of them – Dembski’s famous “Vice Strategy.”

    Yeah, “vice.” That was the name. Nearly caused me to break a rib laughing.

    Irony alert: Kitzmiller. How did that work out, Westie?

  13. And in true standard operating procedure for creationists, the only way they can be right, is in a fantasy world, where they control the words.

  14. @docbill1351: Based on the Tooters command of English language structure, maybe the ex-half governor of Alaska has a future with them.

  15. michaelfugate

    It is kind of like the new Ted Cruz ad which plays on his name TRUSTED. If you google trus, you get TransRectal UltraSound which is a method of checking prostate health. Is this a crowd-funding replacement for the ACA?

  16. The Dishonesty Institute is certainly breaking new wind with this news of the remake of “Inherit the Wind.”

  17. @DavidK: Yes, we can imagine that Disinherit the Wind really stunk up the place.

  18. What difference does it make? Whatever the name, it smells like a bad [episode of flatulence] anyway.

  19. Funny that Mr. West would find it necessary to maim the title of Inherit the Wind, since—as the play and film make clear—the phrase is from Proverbs 11:29. Surely he could find a Bible verse he wouldn’t have to mutilate to serve as the title for his Bizarro version of Inherit.

  20. And this is why I like our dear SC so much – he even improves my jokes!

  21. I, for one, think they should have named it Break the Wind.