Ken Ham Tells Us About Neanderthals

This is a short one, but it’s worth a look. It’s from Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia. His brief masterpiece is titled Neanderthals — Descendants of Adam. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Now, as we’ve said many times before, Neanderthals were human.

The word “human” is used to refer to us — Homo sapiens. But ol’ Hambo is not only the world’s holiest man, he also knows more about science than everyone else, so we should pay attention to what he says:

They used fire, buried their dead with rituals, wore jewelry, possibly wore make-up, and even organized and heated the water in their homes.

Wow — they had homes with heated water! Hambo’s sentence includes a link to this AIG article from last October, which we somehow ignored: Neanderthals, Like Other Humans, Heated Water, and Organized Their Homes. It talks about a Neanderthal cave in Spain and it tells us:

Based on the arrangement of artifacts and hearthstones, the Abric Romaní cave seems organized into functional rooms. Near one rock wall is a hole measuring 16 by 12 by 4 inches. Well-used hearths, containing stones fractured by heat, surround it. Archaeologists suspect this built-in basin was used to heat water by adding heated stones from adjacent hearths.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That hole means they “heated the water in their homes”? Let’s read on from Hambo’s new post:

They were humans, made in God’s image and descended from Adam and Eve just like us.

But from their fossils, it’s obvious that they weren’t “just like us.” How does Hambo explain the differences? Here’s what he says:

Neanderthals simply represent a people group that formed after the dispersion at the Tower of Babel, after the Flood, just a few thousand (not hundreds of thousands) years ago. They had unique characteristics that likely became more prominent as they were isolated from other people by the divinely created language barrier.

Oh, they became funny-looking after the Tower of Babel. Yes, that explains it. This is the rest of Hambo’s brief — but very informative! — post:

So it’s to be expected in a biblical worldview that modern humans and Neanderthals share DNA.

Yeah, okay. Hey, Hambo — what about the 95% similarity of human and chimp DNA? Oh, we shouldn’t pay any attention to that. It doesn’t mean anything. Great post, Hambo!

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21 responses to “Ken Ham Tells Us About Neanderthals

  1. Once again a creationist ignores any evidence that doesn’t fit his mythological view of the world. Modern Homo sapiens have between 0% (Southern Africans) and 5% (Eurasians) Neanderthal DNA. For those like Hambone who can’t do simple maths, that’s far less than the amount of DNA we share with chimpanzees. Oh no, maybe chimpanzees descended from the mythic Adam and Eve too, and dem monkeys are our kin folks after all. What would Hambone’s followers think of that?

  2. Ken Ham is a neanderthal.

  3. @abeastwood, I believe those figures are calculated differently. Neanderthals are indeed genetically more similar to Homo sapiens than chimpanzees. However, their DNA is still quite distinct from any H.sapiens lineage. Same with other recent cousins, like the Denisovans. They are not simply another human ethnic group with distinctive features; they are a completely different species.

    Ham is obviously not bothered by the complete lack of any evidence behind his fanciful story. Nor is he interested in how actual gosh-darn Bible scholars understand the Babel story. Still, I find creationist linguistics rather fascinating — a marginal subculture within a marginal subculture.

  4. Neanderthals simply represent a people group that formed after the dispersion at the Tower of Babel, after the Flood, just a few thousand (not hundreds of thousands) years ago.

    So, Ham’s view of Neanderthal is that the differences between that species and modern humans developed since the Tower of Babel, or during the last 4,200-4,400 years. He says that Neanderthal evolved away from modern humans, from which they originated. In practice this would have had to occur in much less than 4,200-4,400 years. Let’s say Ham’s Neanderthal evolution occurred in 3,000 years.

    Paleontologists suggest the evolution of Neanderthal occurred over some 270,000 years. So, although Ham disputes that macroevolution occurs at all, he sees the evolution of Neanderthal taking place some 90 times quicker than paleontologists do–and in reverse!

    Creation “science” — ya gotta love it!

  5. Christine Janis

    The whole point of creationists now making out that Neanderthals were really human is that “evolutionists” once thought that they were not. Now science has proved Darwin wrong, again, and the creationist view was right all along (because of course they embrace all organisms that heat water for their homes as the children of Adam and Eve).

  6. @Paul D..
    Not only is there no evidence – rather the evidence is rather obviously contrary to the rapid divergence of Neanderthals – just think how quickly that they would have to spread to populate the area from Iberia and Britain, the Levant and Ukraine, and Central Asia.
    But there is no hint anywhere in the Bible of the existence of Neanderthals arising after the Tower of Babel. One might think of the Nephillim before the Flood, which would offer some support, however weak.
    This strikes me a just a deliberate over-reach, just a way of showing what he can get away with.

  7. “…and even organized and heated the water in their homes.”

    I feel an uncertain need to organize my water, if I only knew how. Is it H20, or 0H2?

    Also, I didn’t realize that language was an premating isolating barrier in humans, humans, we are basically an ATM* species when it comes to sex (anything that moves).

  8. Timely article from the BBC: Neanderthals and humans interbred ‘100,000 years ago’

    And Ham omitted the truly stunning find at the Abric Romaní cave. I refer, of course, to the small peep-hole bored through the rock by the Creationist voyeurs in the cave next door…

  9. We all owe a huge debt of thanks to creation scientists all over the world for doing this incredibly detailed research on the bones of extinct species. The time and effort spent at archeological sites and in laboratories is truly astounding. The machinery that AIG has to analyze DNA must have cost an arm and a leg! And on top of it, they somehow find the time to then publish their groundbreaking findings in a manner so detailed, yet consistent with all their other findings.

  10. Finding evidence that neanderthals and modern humans interbred illustrates some interesting aspects of evolution.

    1) There is no clear point in time when two organisms diverging from a common ancestor can be designated as distinct “species.” It is a somewhat arbitrary designation. If one considers the inability to interbreed and produce fertile offspring as a requirement for being a separate species, then clearly neanderthal is not a separate species. Presumably if neanderthals were isolated from humans in a separate environment, or interbreeding was very rare for other reasons, they would continue to diverge until they reached that point of reproductive incompatibility. At that point they would clearly be a separate species.

    2) Cross-breeding between apparently different species is probably common for long periods of time after such species diverge from a common ancestor. This is probably why the history of humans is so murky. Such cross-breeding after a period of diversification could, theoretically, give rise to new variants which would have complicated genetic histories when compared to the “common ancestor.” The same messy evolutionary history should apply to all species. By studying neanderthal – human relationships, we have a window into how the process of evolution works in general.

    3) Neanderthals clearly diverged from the line that led to modern humans after humans acquired language, technology and social practices such as burial of the dead, creation of jewelry, etc. Perhaps some practices evolved after the divergence began but when the two lines were still very similar. Nonetheless, it illustrates that modern humans can still diverge and evolve new species – even with our social and technological advances. Given sufficient isolation, evolution will occur. Perhaps pygmies are an example of this process in a very early stage. The “created in god’s image” is not the final word on human form, as seen in this evidence.

  11. Charles Deetz ;)

    This is creationism at its finest … putting together a story with a few selected facts and connecting it to what the bible says. 10 year-olds are going to have a field-day with Hambo when they start asking questions at Ark Encounter.

  12. The ridiculous title of this blog post reveals Ham’s fixed and fact-free mindset. So Neanderthals could read and write then could they (since Ham insists they were fully human and descended from Adam and presumably Eve). Where is the evidence of Neanderthals, who probably did have rudimentary language unlike apes, writing down their thoughts and other Neanderthals reading them?

    Did the Neanderthals – who ARE now thought to have had language thus confirming them as a human rather than ‘ape’ species even if they were not almost certainly not able to write down any information apart perhaps from in pictorial form in caves – speak in Hebrew, the language Genesis was written in, Mr Ham? Or was that used by other groups ie more ‘typical’ members of our species after that tower was built? For that matter – what language did Adam and Eve use? Hebrew? Could we have some answers please, Mr Ham. “I don’t know” would of course be an acceptable answer for THIS enquirer.

    Or maybe Ken Ham does not ‘do’ legitimate questions arising from HIS intransigent extravagant claims. Perhaps his real purpose is merely to convince hardline and gullible Christians that ‘scientists are stupid and wilfully ignorant and should not be listened to’. And that he should be listened to – uncritically.

  13. Drat, Fentwin! You beat me to it. I had the following all typed up and ready to post before seeing your comment:

    To quote Ken Ham:
    “…[Neanderthals] even organized and heated the water in their homes.

    Does Ham mean the Neanderthals organized their water first before heating it, or did they organize and heat it at the same time? At any rate, it’s always nice to have well-organized hot water. And is Ham saying they had hot water heat? That’s pretty advanced stuff!

    I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised that Ham writes so imprecisely. After all, we know his thinking is totally confused.

  14. “Ken Ham is a neanderthal.” That’s rather discriminatory. Against Neanderthals.

  15. In the original video Ham stood there in his Cliven Bundy outfit and big cowboy hat and said, “Let me tell you what I know about the Neanderthal…”

  16. “I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised that Ham writes so imprecisely.” I think the blame lies mostly with his moronic ‘research team’. (Alternatively it IS him but he insists that they get a mention at the end – so that THEY can take the blame.)

    PS Just received an email prompt about this (the blogger is a Christian but no Ham fan):

    PPS Jimpithecus (another Christian) has also blogged about Ken Ham’s ‘no evidence for evolution’ lying (looking at a separate Ham comment):

  17. I’m sure Neanderthals organized their water by temperature, just like Noah did on the Ark. As readers here already know, Noah had a washing machine to help him and his family on their cruise. It’s quite useful to know where the hot water is when you’re getting ready to wash your soiled robes because you don’t want to use cold water!

    Come to think of it, that’s why he was drunk and naked that fateful day! See, there is converging lines of evidence in creation science.

  18. This is the rest of Hambo’s brief — but very informative! — post:

    So it’s to be expected in a biblical worldview that modern humans and Neanderthals share DNA.

    Yeah, okay. Hey, Hambo — what about the 95% similarity of human and chimp DNA? Oh, we shouldn’t pay any attention to that. It doesn’t mean anything. Great post, Hambo!

    Actually, it’s something like 98%.

    And of course in an evolutionary worldview it’s to be expected that modern humans and Neanderthals would share DNA.

    What some creationists try to do is minimize these similarities, claiming that the true degree of genetic similarity between humans and apes is much less; I recall (but can’t find the citation) that one of them went off the deep end by suggesting apes are more similar to viruses than to human beings. Or in other words, we ain’t no kin to no monkeys.

  19. Stephen Kennedy

    This is a little off topic but interesting. I went to the AIG Ark Encounter site to buy tickets (I had no intention of actually finalizing the purchase). Hambo has been pushing the opening of the ark park on 7/7/16 really hard with a “40 days and 40 nights” promotion and urging people to buy tickets now because of the huge crowds he anticipates and the limited capacity of the attraction. Tickets have been on sale on the AIG website for over a month now so you would have thought I would have had real trouble finding a date and time to go during the first 40 and subsequent days.

    What I found was you can buy all the tickets you want for any time day or night from July 7, opening day, to the end of the year. It seems to me the ark park is already foundering and will soon hit the bottom. This could be why Hambo has been particularly shrill lately.

  20. @Stephen Kennedy: Oh, no! You think the ark will founder before it’s even launched?

  21. One of YEC-isms biggest liars (if not biggest hitters) gets a bit wound up:
    “ADDENDUM: This just in: “It’s over, folks. The Neanderthal myth is dead, and with it the mythical timeline of early man evolving upward toward us. The evolutionists have been wrong for over 150 years!” For this, click on “Neanderthal Concept Has Imploded”.”

    But even if Neanderthals WERE ‘our species’ (because they seemingly could produce fertile offspring following those liaisons) that in NO way ‘confirms’ ANY YEC ‘6,000 year old history of planet Earth’ As I previously commented here:

    I am sending Sorensen the link to this thread. He will of course not take on board ANYTHING that he has pre-determined to be ‘false’.