Does the Intelligent Designer Lurk on the Moon?

Slowly, ever so slowly, the evil Darwinist conspiracy to conceal The Truth is crumbling. Look what we just found in the Daily Mail, a fearless tabloid which is the UK’s s second biggest-selling daily newspaper — their headline is Apollo 10 astronauts heard mysterious ‘music’ on the dark side of the moon, newly uncovered tapes reveal.

We’ll overlook the headline’s ignorant reference to the “dark side.” Journalists don’t know much about astronomy, but they obviously meant the “far side,” which we can’t see from Earth. Nevertheless, they have the courage to print a story which has been kept hidden from us. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Apollo astronauts who orbited the moon two months before Neil Armstrong’s famous 1969 landing heard mysterious and unexplainable ‘music’ on its far side, out of the range of Earthly radio transmissions, it has emerged. Recently unearthed recordings made by NASA of the journey, which took the Apollo 10 capsule around the far side of the moon, show the astronauts reacting with surprise and confusion to an unearthly howling noise in their headsets.

As in the brief video above this post, from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. This has been concealed from us for almost 50 years! Let’s get back to the Daily Mail:

The sound began once the capsule was on an hour-long trip around the far side of the moon, out of the range of any Earth broadcast. At one point the baffled astronauts can be heard discussing whether they should tell NASA command or not. ‘You hear that? That whistling sound? Whooooooooo!’ one of them says.

Another astronaut says he can: ‘It sounds like, you know, outer space-type music.’

‘Well, that sure is weird music,’ his companion agrees.

For some reason, dear reader, NASA has kept this information from us — until now! Let’s read on:

The sounds lasted almost the whole hour that the capsule was on the far side of the moon, and back on Earth the recording was shelved by NASA until 2008, when it was declassified. Now it has resurfaced in the upcoming third season of Science Channel’s series, NASA’s Unexplained Files.

The rest of the article is about the TV show, and what it will reveal. We’ll let you read that for yourselves.

Your Curmudgeon is very agitated about this news. Has NASA been concealing evidence of the intelligent designer’s abode from us? Are they part of the Darwinist conspiracy? Is the dam of censorship about to be broken? This could be big, dear reader. Very big.

We’ll be watching to see what the creationist websites have to say about this. Until then, we welcome your reactions.

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15 responses to “Does the Intelligent Designer Lurk on the Moon?

  1. Mea culpa. I was playing some bagpipe music a bit loud on my Dad’s stereo at the time. Sorry. Won’t happen again.

  2. Pure BS!! It aint aliens!! It was a transmission from the secret Nazi lunar base where Hitler is hiding! Waiting for the right moment to attack!! I know this is true cuz I saw it in a movie!!!

  3. Charles Deetz ;)

    All that empty space in our solar system, of course it needs some Muzak.

  4. Dark side of the moon? Must have been Pink Floyd.

    And if the moon truly is the abode of the Not-to-be-named Sky Daddy, does that mean that the Intelligent Designer is a Lunatic?

  5. Megalonyx wants to know: “And if the moon truly is the abode of the Not-to-be-named Sky Daddy, does that mean that the Intelligent Designer is a Lunatic?”

    This lunar discovery is very difficult for me. I had always assumed that the true abode of the designer was — you guessed it! — the Seventh Planet.

  6. Apologies, I realise I have erred in my previous post, for a moon-dwelling entity should more properly be described as a Lunarian.

    It is the believers in the existence of Lunarians that may be designated as Lunatics.

  7. I always understood the dark side of the moon as dark in the sense of a dark horse, or darkest Africa, or dark secret, or dark ages, or dark energy … That is, unknown. The dark side of the moon is the side which was unknown because it is unseen.

  8. But there is no DARK side to the moon, as both sides have been observed, seen and photographed!!

  9. Conspiracy believers of the world, “unite.” Obviously NASA covered this up for so many years it has to be true, not a fluke with the ship’s electronics, etc.
    I frankly thought it was static garbage they were hearing. I get that on my 60’s little pocket radio sometimes.

  10. Cyano de Bacteregerac

    Mustabinna bit of background music from the studio where the moon landings were staged. “Earth flat is a fact, not theory!” said Charles K. Johnson back before his soul arose the firmament.

    The dark side of the moon… quicker, more seductive.

    /poeguard off

  11. Was there heightened solar activity at the time? That would seem to be the most likely logical explanation. But who knows? Maybe it was a monolith. But how would that sound transmit through the vacuum of space?

  12. Of celestial music, Pope Retiredsciguy wonders

    how would that sound transmit through the vacuum of space?


  13. Jehovah, er, the “intelligent designer,” lives on the moon? I thought that was Uatu the Watcher.

  14. Actually it seems the program is making this more mysterious than they are. The recordings were actually declassified in the 70s and been online since like 2006. Apparently the astronauts at the time felt it was interference between the radios in the LM and CM. No big deal.

  15. @The Most Irreverend Paine: Agreed. No mystery.