Coming Up — A Weekend To Remember

We are soon to experience the last Pi Day of this century. On 14 March 2016, or 3-14-16 as Americans write it, we shall have a date which looks approximately like pi. As you surely know, the first several digits of that irrational number are 3.14159, which rounds off to 3.1416. That’s close enough for calendar purposes. The 14th of March last year was numerically better — if you stop after the first few digits — and for that occasion we wrote Tomorrow Is Pi Day.

However, the Pi Day website is far less numerically fastidious than we are. They say:

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world.

That’s okay if you’re using a slide rule, but it’s not good enough for us, so 14 March of this year is that last Pi Day that we’ll observe — unless we’re still here a century from now.

As we’ve done before, we once again remind you about this fine old post: Creationists And The Scriptural Value Of Pi. The bible describes a circular pond, ten cubits in diameter but only 30 cubits around.

And we have to mention the infamous Indiana Pi Bill of 1897, when the legislature of that state briefly considered a wacky bill which — among other things — would have changed the value of pi to 3.2.

But wait — there’s more. This weekend, as every year at this time, we are required to reset our clocks by moving them ahead one hour. In the US, this tyrannical mandate is the result of the Uniform Time Act — an intolerable governmental intrusion into all of our lives which upsets the natural order of things twice a year. What will they do next — require that we all embrace the Time Cube?

We don’t like re-setting our clocks, and our dogs are very unhappy with the results. But although we’ll be grumbling, we shall comply. It’s the Curmudgeonly way.

Okay, we’re done ranting. Now it’s time for an Intellectual Free-Fire Zone. Use it for discussion of pretty much anything — science, politics, economics, whatever — as long as it’s tasteful and interesting. Banter, babble, bicker, bluster, blubber, blather, blab, blurt, burble, boast — say what you will. But avoid flame-wars and beware of the profanity filters.

We now throw open the comments to you, dear reader. Have at it!

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12 responses to “Coming Up — A Weekend To Remember

  1. I wonder if Hambo will catch this one, buried in a NYTimes op-ed piece on the election and Googling is Believing:

    And the flow of digital information is just as prone to manipulation as its content — even when that flow is directed at an audience larger than our own immediate circle. Take an example: Search for “what really happened to the dinosaurs” and one of the top results is likely to be from a site called — not, I suggest, a good source of information on the T-Rex. But it illustrates how canny use of search engine metrics can be used to push an agenda.

    Kenny will likely be p.o.’d

  2. Dave Luckett

    The State Government here has tried to monkey with the clock three or four times since WW2, and each time was forced to a referendum that rejected the idea. It’s a gratuitous interference imposed for no better reason than because corporations would like to be in closer step with their head offices in the eastern States of Australia, which are (as in the US) two hours ahead of the west coast. But Melbourne and Sydney observe what they irrationally call Summer Daylight Saving time. Apparently they have become inured to it, poor abused momsers; so their time zone slips another hour in summer.

    God knows even Melbourne – even Melbourne, that combination of the worst climactic features of Louisiana and Antarctica, complete with bleeding penguins, yet! – gets enough daylight in summer not to need to hoard it. But Perth gets more sunshine than practically anywhere, and our long summer afternoons are hot, and getting hotter. We already have one of the world’s worst incidences of solar-caused skin cancers, and constant ads telling us to cover up. The last – absolutely the last – thing we need is to have to go to bed before the first cool seeps in, and to rise before dawn and thus waste the last of it. As for the idea of playing sport in the furnace of a Perth summer afternoon, can you say “heatstroke”?

  3. ChrisTheViking

    Here in Arizona we have no truck with this nonsense. As with Dave Luckett, we have more than enough daylight, thankyou. Mind you, the Navaho Nation DO observe this tinkering with the time; the Hopi, however, do not.

  4. I sometimes like to visit David Coppedge’s blog (though don’t bother commenting unless you’re 100% in his corner)
    I thought it was interesting, he gives some details about the trial.
    I was surprised how much of his own money he put down, especially when he has medical bills. To some extent he was used by the Creation industry for attention, even though he didn’t have a case. His lawyers took the case pro-bono but he still gave them a ton of money not to mention being stringed along for a taxing 3 month case with all the inevitable disappointment.
    He also mentions he survived an allergic reaction to a bee attack.

  5. Charles Deetz ;)

    Politics … I have a friend on FB who was kinda thrilled about the Trump rally being cancelled last night, he sees the power of the protestors. I guess this blog has lead me to ambivalence, that you can’t argue or protest with Trump and followers because they are in deep. Any protest or attack just validates their position and feelings. Unfortunately, the one hope, learned from the philosophy of this blog, is to mock them mercilessly. One can’t mock so many friends who are in-deep with Trump, but god I want to.

    I’ve told him that I think internal strife between the GOP, the right wing press, and the Trump machine itself is the way this balloon is going to be popped. The protestors are just another stressor to the whole thing.

  6. “Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world.”

    Hard to see how it can be held here because the date, to us British, is 14/3 which is not really pi.

  7. Flakey says: “Hard to see how it [Pi Day] can be held here because the date, to us British, is 14/3 which is not really pi.”

    For Brits, Pi Day would be the 31st day of May, written 31/4.

  8. “For Brits, Pi Day would be the 31st day of May, written 31/4.”

    UMMMm except I would write 31st of may as 31/5 😉

  9. Aaaargh!! You’re right, Flakey. And April doesn’t have 31 days, so you could never have Pi Day.

  10. Unfortunately, Wikipedia has more information about pi day, more than anyone can want to know.

  11. Our Curmudgeon abruptly realises that in Britain

    you could never have Pi Day

    Perhaps not, but we are currrently in full revels for British Pie Week, which this year runs from 7 to 13 March.

    Steak and kidney, anyone?

  12. Megalonyx says: “Steak and kidney [pie], anyone?”

    Bah! You ain’t lived, boy, until you’ve had some good old, down-home, deep-dish toad pie!