Don McLeroy Endorses Mary Lou Bruner

Mary Lou Bruner

Mary Lou Bruner

As you know, Mary Lou Bruner (pictured above) will be in the May runoff election for a seat on the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE). The last time we wrote about this race was Texas SBOE Runoff — Creationism Returns?

Mary Lou has said that school shootings “started after the schools started teaching evolution,” and that Obama was a male prostitute when he lived in New York. She’s running for what had once been Don McLeroy’s seat. Until 2010, the SBOE was dominated by McLeroy, the creationist dentist, until he was defeated that year in the Republican primary by Thomas Ratliff. Ratliff is not seeking re-election this year. His seat is open, and Mary Lou is one of those trying to take his place. She won 48 percent of the Republican primary vote earlier this month, and will face opponent Keven Ellis, a chiropractor, in a May 24 runoff.

With that background, we present to you, dear reader, some excerpts from Texas’ Most Notable Creationist Says Mary Lou Bruner Will Be a ‘Great Asset’ to Ed Board, which appears in the Texas Observer, a nonprofit news organization founded in 1954, located in Austin, Texas, the state capital. The bold font was added by us:

Bruner’s campaign has already returned the State Board of Education to its familiar place, up on a tee for easy jokes at Texas’ expense, and should she win her runoff election in May — which is likely — there it will stay for at least four more years. Departing board member Thomas Ratliff, whose seat Bruner would fill, told the Dallas Morning News she would be a “human rain delay.” Her ascendance to the board would signal that the last few years of relative calm have been not progress but an aberration, and that the board had returned to its natural state of chaos.

Now for the big news:

Count Don McLeroy among those looking forward to it. His dozen years on the board are the reason it has acquired a reputation for relitigating whether humans walked with dinosaurs.


“I think she’ll be a great asset,” McLeroy said. “She testified all the time when I was on the board.”

In Texas, that’s gold. Let’s read on:

McLeroy said he believes Bruner “will do an awesome job” on the board, particularly in reasserting its authority after the Legislature spent years reining it in, and in advocating for “good, traditional education.” … McLeroy’s advice to Bruner is to be “circumspect” in what she says and writes. “Back when I was on the board there were no tweets by Don McLeroy,” he said. “There’s so much more that you can find about people today than there was back then.”

Don’t tweet. That’s good advice. The story continues with news of yet another endorsement:

… Donna Garner, a conservative education blogger near Waco (she once organized a boycott of Dr Pepper because it released soda cans declaring “One Nation … Indivisible,” without the words “Under God”) has alerted her following that “Texas public school students, parents, and teachers badly need Mary Lou Bruner on the SBOE.”

Here’s the last of it:

Bruner may have deleted most of her own inflammatory posts, but she hasn’t lost her flair for social media — in late February she publicly posted a note to a reporter with whom she’d been arguing about geology: “You are very naive,” she wrote, “if you believe a tiny river carved out the Grand Canyon.”

With McLeroy’s support, it looks like Mary Lou will be the likely winner. That’s horrible news for Texas, of course, but not for this humble blogger. We can look forward to a great new source of entertainment.

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10 responses to “Don McLeroy Endorses Mary Lou Bruner

  1. Oh, my. The collision of these two intellectual black holes will be detectable as gravitational waves halfway across the known universe . . .

  2. Now that Mary Lou has gotten a bit older and her modeling career is slowing down, there is more time to share her knowledge and educational achievements with us. A pretty face like that rarely goes with this level of raw intellect. And frankly ,its hard to say who looks better, McLeRoy or Mary Lou. I’m calling it a dead heat for now.

  3. Well, at least for a few years we were lucky enough that . . . quiet flowed the Don.

  4. Maybe we could give Texas back to Mexico. Oh, I forgot, Mexico is going to build Trumpster’s wall to keep us out.

  5. realthog- Oh, my. The collision of these two intellectual black holes will be detectable as gravitational waves halfway across the known universe . . .Attracting low information voters universe wide.

  6. I detect here a very cunning plot by the Trumpistas to induce Mexico to embrace the construction of a vast wall along their border, at their own expense, but with the intention of keeping Texans out.

  7. This is the real reason texas fears immigrants….the idea that the mexicans coming north will be better educated and get all the good jobs…the few that are left there!

  8. Re “Mary Lou has said that school shootings “started after the schools started teaching evolution. . . .” It is not the teaching of evolution. It is “peas and carrots”! These shootings never happened before school cafeterias started serving peas with carrots. And not only that, but 96% of prisoners in our prisons ate peas and carrots as children.

    Oh, the inhumanity!

  9. I grew up in a poorish neighborhood and I don’t recall any school shootings before chocolate milk reached 4¢. It’s the extra 2¢ that pushed people over the edge.

  10. RetiredSciGuy

    Wait a minute! The school shootings didn’t start until after biblical creationism was taught.