Klinghoffer and West: Darwinism is Racism

This is about a very brief Discovery Institute post by David Klinghoffer, a Discoveroid “senior fellow” (i.e., flaming, full-blown creationist), who eagerly functions as their journalistic slasher and poo flinger. It’s titled An Idea and Its Impact: Human Origins and Human Ethos. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Darwinian advocates today adopt a winsome mask of liberalism. However, evolutionary theory has a dark history of justifying racism and genocide.

That, of course, is pure creationist nonsense. In this post, Racism, Eugenics, and Darwin, we refute the Discoveroids’ endlessly-repeated allegations; and in this one, Creationism and Racism, we document the racist history of creationism. Not only that, but the TalkOrigins Index to Creationist Claims has a few entries of interest — see Evolution is racist (no, it isn’t), and then Darwin himself was racist (hint — he wasn’t), and also Darwin’s work refers to “preservation of favoured races”.

Okay, now that we know the quality of Klinghoffer’s allegations, let’s get back to his post. He says:

In a lecture on the social consequences of ideas about human origins, Discovery Institute’s John West reminds us that such thinking naturally impacts our culture’s ethos, the way we evaluate human dignity, purpose, and equality, which in turn can’t help but affect the way people treat each other.

Ah yes, John West, whom we affectionately call “Westie.” He was an early winner of the Curmudgeon’s Buffoon Award, thus the jolly logo above this post. Westie is vice President of the Discovery Institute, which makes him one of the chief Keepers of their wedge strategy. What does he have to say?

Klinghoffer gives us a link to Westie’s lecture, which we’ll omit, and he tells us:

This episode of ID the Future is Part 2 in a series of excerpts from Dr. West’s talk at a recent conference on “Science and Human Origins.”

That sounds like a grand waste of time. The Discoveroid post ends with this:

You can’t, if you’re honest with yourself, just sweep such realities under the carpet, though Darwin apologists seek mightily to do so.

He’s right. We wouldn’t sweep such material under the carpet. It belongs in a toxic waste dump.

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15 responses to “Klinghoffer and West: Darwinism is Racism

  1. I’d say that someone should give Klinghoffer a class on logical fallacies, but I’m afraid it might just give him more ideas.

  2. michaelfugate

    It is a basic misunderstanding of cause and effect – evolution didn’t cause racism or slavery; they existing long before the 19th c. It only provided racists another basis to justify their racism. Racism would exist with and without Darwin, The Origin and evolution.

  3. I’m sure Klinghoffer is talking about something . . . but, er, what? This seems opaque even by his own standards.

  4. “Darwinism” did not lead to racism. We all know that. But the implication in Kling’s babbling is that if a science produces results that can be twisted into some sort of negative social impact, then the science is wrong. Not the people who twist the science into weird justifications for evil deeds, but the science itself. Wrong as in inaccurate.

    Evolution is untrue because of the supposed influence the idea had on some people, somewhere, in Kling’s opinion.

    Well, that’s about the level of proof sought by the “fellows” at the DI. If a “theory” can be crafted that supports their social ideas, then it must be true. That’s the decisive factor in judging a theory to be true – how nice it makes you feel. And if it supports your plan for world domination…

  5. Darwinian advocates today adopt a winsome mask of liberalism. However, evolutionary theory has a dark history of justifying racism and genocide.

    And of course Christianity is all love and tolerance for all God’s chilluns.

    What was that? the Inquisition? That was the fault of idol-worshipping papists, not real Christians. And slavery? Well, God intended the children of Ham to be servants forever. And . . . but why go on?

  6. This is one of those typical claims of negative political advertising, where responding to the claim can just reinforce the claim. Of course, I don’t know whether the creationists are clever enough to know that, and are deliberately doing this.
    If they have something positive to say, let them say it it.

  7. Science has once again (unlike religious BS) shown that racism does not exist as races do not exist!!! The only thing that exists is bigotry and hate powered by various books o’BS that tell fairy tales about who to hate! Added to those that just hate anyone not like them!

  8. Ed gets it: “if a science produces results that can be twisted into some sort of negative social impact, then the science is wrong.”
    Exactly! And Quantum Mechanics is wrong because the negative social impact the two nuclear bombs had on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
    Ah, the possibilities are endless.

    Eric Lipps gets it too: “not real Christians”
    Again: exactly! And by a process of systematical elimination the only real Christians who remain are Ol’ Hambo and his crappy crew. Jesus may sit on the right of his father, it’s obvious who’s going to sit to the left of the throne.

  9. Charles Deetz ;)

    Intriguing implication by Klingy: Darwinism = Liberalism (and of course, unwritten: Liberalism = evil-ism).

  10. Charles Deetz 😉 says: “Intriguing implication by Klingy: Darwinism = Liberalism”

    I noticed that, but my politics are already known around here, so I just let it go.

  11. Remember, the world was an idyllic place until Darwin, no slavery, no wars, love everyone (‘cept gays), no evil, etc. It all began with Charles Darwin.

  12. And don’t forget the worst of Darwin’s legacy — no Darwin, no Discovery Institute!

  13. michaelfugate

    My all time favorite is from “Acts & Facts” published by ICR. Way back in 1989, John D. Morris wrote this gem Where Did the Races Come From?

    From Darwin on down, evolutionists have preached that the Negro race was lower on the evolutionary scale, much closer to the apes than the Caucasian. As a matter of fact the whole concept of race is evolutionary, not Biblical, for “God hath made of one blood all nations of men” (Bible verse).

    While prejudice, persecution, and racial hatred follow directly from the application of evolutionary teaching, some have even proposed racism in the name of Christianity.(Gasp!)

  14. michaelfugate

    Wald – no ICR or AiG either!

  15. Here’s a great book on how slavery shaped Darwin’s theories. Darwin’S Sacred Cause: Race, Slavery And The Quest For Human Origins