Demonic Image in Mexican Beef

Satanic Meat

Take a good look — that ain’t no Shroud of Turin. This time, no one can deny it. The end is nigh!

We learned about this from a most reliable source — London’s Daily Mail. Their headline is Image of rib steak goes viral in Mexico after horns and face of Satan were spotted in the meat.

This doesn’t have anything to do with The Controversy between evolution and creationism — or does it? The story is brief, but not much needs to be said. Here are some excerpts, which require no bold font added by us:

This rib steak has become the the most famous in Mexico after people commented on its striking resemblance to the face and horns of the Devil. A local website posted the bizarre cut of meat on its Facebook and it has since gone viral.

If the image has gone viral, we’re probably not violating anyone’s copyright by reproducing it above. Then we’re told:

The steak is believed to have come from Mexico’s largest meat processor SuKarne and the picture taken in La Paz in Baja California Sur.

That certainly seems authentic. Let’s read on:

It is unclear if it has been eaten yet but dozens of volunteers were offering to taste it, despite its sinister appearance.

It’s not for us — not even if we were starving. We’d send it back and ask for something else. Here’s one more excerpt:

The butcher who cut the meat claimed he had been mocked by his workmates. A local paper reported they had asked him if he had carried out a satanic ritual to make it come out the way it did. SuKarne [the meat processor] appeared oblivious to the furore, making no mention of it on its official Twitter or its website.

The Daily Mail already has over 100 comments. Surely, dear reader, you have something to say about this.

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11 responses to “Demonic Image in Mexican Beef

  1. 1 tablespoon adobo sauce
    1 1/2 tsp Montreal steak spice
    1/4 cup sherry vinegar
    1/4 olive oil

    Rub liberally onto meat while getting a cast iron skillet on the hottest burner you have and heating oven to 350. Sear for a minute a side, then put in the oven for about 1 minute per half-pound for medium rare.

  2. “…people commented on its striking resemblance to the face and horns of the Devil.”

    Sure, but every time I’ve seen the Devil, he’s got a tail with a barb on the end and he is carrying a pitchfork. And he doesn’t have a happy face, either.

  3. Looks more like a puppy with a lemon wedge on its head doing a Shroud of Batman impression. I think that might be in the Apocrypha. The unexpurgated version. Along with the Gannet.

  4. Gee, horns on a cow. Who’d’a thunk it?

    Seriously, though, this uproar illustrates the desperation of some Christians to find something, anything, which will prove to a sinful Darwin-believin’ world that Santa, er, I mean Satan, is real.

  5. Rorschach did not live in vain!

  6. A pity this wasn’t a hock of Ham…

  7. Give me that steak and the end of it is nigh indeed.

  8. It does look a lot like Pazuzu from the D&D monster manual. (So demonic, not diabolical)

  9. It looks more like a Cow swallowed a Chihuahua whole. That could be considered a miracle no?

  10. Troy notes

    It does look a lot like Pazuzu

    Olivia screamed when she saw that image before passing out.

    When she came to, she explained: that’s how our Curmudgeon arrived for their first (and only) disasterous ‘date’…

  11. It is no surprise, from a psychological standpoint, that Pareidolia like this and religious ideas go quite well together.