Creationism Triumphs in Louisiana Legislature

We recently wrote Florida and Louisiana Creationism News, in which we reported about the latest attempt by Louisiana Republican Senator Dan Claitor to repeal the creationist law that was declared unconstitutional in Edwards v. Aguillard back in 1987.

You can read his bill at the legislature’s website: Senate Bill 156. It’s very short, and it just says that the existing section of law providing “Balanced Treatment for Creation-Science” is repealed. You can also follow its progress here.

When we last wrote about it, his bill was sitting in the Senate’s Committee on Education. We predicted that if the past is any guide, it’ll die there.

Now we know the results. According to our friends at the National Center for Science Education, it did fail — see Back to 1981 in Louisiana. They say:

Louisiana’s Senate Bill 156 (PDF), which would have repealed the state’s Balanced Treatment for Creation-Science and Evolution-Science Act, was rejected on a 4-2 vote in the Senate Education Committee on March 29, 2016, according to the Associated Press (March 29, 2016).


John Milkovitch (D-District 38) was “the most outspoken opponent of the repeal proposal,” according to the Associated Press, saying that the repeal would have “basically create[d] a situation where only the secular review [sic] of creation is taught.”

But wait — there’s more. The New Orleans Times-Picayune has this headline: Watch a Louisiana senator advocate for teaching creationism. They have the video we posted above, and they tell us, with bold font we added for emphasis:

State Sen. John Milkovich, D-Shreveport, made the case for teaching creationism in schools Tuesday night (March 29). “Scientific research and developments and advances in the last 100 years — particularly the last 15, 20, 10 years — have validated the biblical story of creation,” the freshman state senator said.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! And that’s not all. Let’s read on:

Milkovich, who is the vice chairman of the Senate Education Committee [Aaaargh!!], said archeologists and scientists have verified the origin story of the Christian Bible. He said archeologists had found the remnants of Noah’s ark recently. A study of rocks had verified that the earth was created in a week, Milkovich said.

The video is only two minutes long, and the babbling by Milkovich is the first half of it. Here’s another two minute video which shows him saying other crazy things.

The Times-Picayune also tells us:

Milkovich, Sen. Beth Mizell, R-Franklinton, Sen. Mike Walsworth, R-West Monroe; and Sen. Mack “Bodi” White, R-Baton Rouge, voted to keep the law on the books. Sen. Conrad Appel, R-Metairie, and Sen. Gerald Boudreaux, D-Lafayette, voted to repeal it.

But of those who favored keeping the law on the books, Milkovich was by far the most vocal. He said a reluctance to teach creationism in schools amounted to being against academic freedom.

Here’s one more excerpt, which is also golden:

Milkovich then returned to the subject of creationism later in the Senate Education meeting, when a bill about anonymously surveying teens about their sex lives came up. Milkovich said risk [sic] teen sex behavior could be avoided if God was talked about more in public schools.

We don’t need to say anything. The situation in Louisiana speaks for itself.

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16 responses to “Creationism Triumphs in Louisiana Legislature

  1. michaelfugate

    so God is a condom?

  2. So Milkovich is either a liar or seriously ignorant about archaeology and geology (and teen age sexual activity). Probably both ignorant and a liar.

  3. Milkovich then returned to the subject of creationism later in the Senate Education meeting, when a bill about anonymously surveying teens about their sex lives came up. Milkovich said risk [sic] teen sex behavior could be avoided if God was talked about more in public schools.

    Yes, that works so well among the inbred rural believers who are fertile soil for the weed of crime, that is, creationism.

  4. What’s especially interesting here is that it’s one of the rare examples of a Democrat pol coming out with this sort of reality-denying creationist bull[excrement].

    Milkovich is clearly both very seriously misinformed and too pig-ignorant and/or too egotistically arrogant to be able to recognize misinformation when he sees it. This absolute drooling drivel about “He said archeologists had found the remnants of Noah’s ark recently. A study of rocks had verified that the earth was created in a week” is like something out of an April Fools’ joke . . .

    Say, wait a minute, mine host. You’re not . . .? Are you?

  5. And so what effect will this revised educational law (Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)) have on LA, TX, etc? I’m sure they will use it to their benefit.

  6. Seriously! When are we going to demand that these politician have educational requirements for their jobs. Every body is require to have an education equal to their job. Why can snake oil sale men get jobs in our government?WHY, WHY, WHY?

  7. Milkovich runs a ministry. He’s a simple-minded liar for Jesus. Totally delusional sociopath.

  8. Dave Luckett

    There should not be educational qualifications for legislators, because they are elected by universal adult franchise alone, and that’s the way it should be. Nor is Milkovich a sociopath, for all anyone knows.

    I would submit that demanding educational qualifications for legislators would merely confirm, in the mind of every working stiff and commoner, that this is a power grab by a would-be elite of antsy-pansy artsy-fartsy intellecshull effete would-be bosses, who want to lock working people out forever. And I’m not at all certain that they wouldn’t be right.

    Calling your opponents sociopaths has something like the same effect, plus one more: it proves that you are willing to use fancy words that you can’t back up with facts. And we are supposed to be the party of evidence.

    Sure Milkovich is a creationist. Sure he’s a religious nut. Sure, he’s an enemy of knowledge. But he’s those things. If he were some other thing, it can’t be proven. He has to be taken on, but it must be for what he can be proven to be, not for what he can’t.

    Creationism: he’s telling falsehoods. They may also be actual lies, depending on what he really believes. But they are falsehoods – palpable, obvious, blatant falsehoods. There is not one observation from nature – not one! – that contests the theory of evolution. There is no scientific evidence whatsoever – none! – that denies it.

    Biblical account: There’s history in the Bible, and nobody doubts it. There’s also myth, legend, fiction, poetry, folktale and polemic. Specifically: nobody has found Noah’s Ark. Nobody has found any evidence for an exodus from Egypt. All archeological evidence is for an emerging native Hebrew culture after the Bronze Age collapse of the Canaanite cities about 1200 BCE. This eventually became a state that reached its heights about two centuries later, only to schism and be swallowed by the Assyrian and then Babylonian empires. Some of this can be understood from the Biblical accounts.

    Teenage sexual activity: The figures were in decades ago. It happens. The incidence of bad outcomes is worst in precisely the places where you would expect the best outcomes, if religion were an effective preventative. It isn’t. The only effective preventative is education – full disclosure, not this idiotic farce of “abstinence”, which isn’t education, because education does not hide the facts. Educate teenagers about their bodies and minds, educate them about what happens if, educate them about what can be done about it and make the means available – and everything is improved. Everything that anyone with a conscience deplores. Teen pregnancy, unwanted babies, abortion, late abortion, broken lives, dropping out, poverty, despair, all of them diminish.

    There’s no doubt whatsoever about that. Again, Milkovich is telling falsehoods.

    Milkovich is ignorant. Milkovitch is prejudiced. Milkovitch is retailing falsehoods. Milkovich is demanding that his religion be enforced by the State. Milkovitch and his faction makes the Louisiana legislature a laughing-stock, and simultaneously a dreadful example. Milkovitch should not be a legislator. All true. All demonstrable from evidence, and sufficient.

  9. Just a little point. He refers to an ark on Mount Ararat. The Bible does not say that the Ark landed on Mount Ararat. This name of this mountain was given centuries after the Book of Genesis account was written. Genesis refers to the mountains of Ararat. People who refer to the Bible ought to read the Bible.

  10. I am totally with DaveL here. Plus – as TomS already notes – he’s anti-biblical. In another way he is anti-christian as well.

    “Milkovich said risk [sic] teen sex behavior could be avoided if God was talked about more in public schools.”
    The mind is willing, the flesh is weak. Matth. 26:41. According to Jesus all the talk is not going to work.

  11. @ Dave Luckett: Applause! Very well stated!

  12. waldteufel

    The people of Loisiana have a representative legislature, the ugly truth of which is on display with this video. The legislature of that benighted state well reflects the populace in general: ignorant of science, easily manipulated, easy prey to snake-oil-selling preachers, blinkered ignorance of their holy book’s content, and just generally unlettered followers by nature. The legislature is, until demonstrated otherwise, a microcosm of Louisiana.

    A very unfortunate, but fixable, situation. The foundations of that fix have to be education, which is not generally valued in Louisiana, and honesty, which is currently a foreign concept in the state’s politics.

    The Internet may be the spark that initiates the needed changes, because it so easily allows buffoons like Milkovitch to be held up and displayed for the ridicule and derision they deserve.

  13. Of course, derIsion only strengthens ignorance.

  14. Zack Kopplin

    Update for y’all. Milkovich is nuts, story coming in a few. This law has no effect on LSEA, it’s a precursor law. LSEA not up this year, because Jindal screwed up our budget and our state so badly that there isn’t time to worry about it for my legislators.

  15. Zack Kopplin says: “Milkovich is nuts”

    I’m shocked. Shocked!

  16. TO quote Bugs Bunny, What a maroon.