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There seems to be what we think of as a Great Creationist Coalescence (the GCC) — which is portentous indeed. Your Curmudgeon would be failing in his mission if we didn’t bring it to your attention.

Today we have a great example of the GCC that involves an early Buffoon Award Winner — WorldNetDaily (WND). We’ve described WND as a flamingly creationist, absolutely execrable, moronic, and incurably crazed journalistic organ that believes in and enthusiastically promotes every conspiracy theory that ever existed. It’s in their honor that our jolly Buffoon logo adorns this post.

Look what WND recently posted: As in the days of Noah. They proudly label it as an Exclusive, written by Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. He’s the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia, famed for his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG) and for the mind-boggling Creation Museum.

Hambo didn’t say anything new in his WND article, but it’s exciting that he is reaching out to WND’s audience — although most of them are probably his loyal fans already. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us and Hambo’s scripture references omitted. After a few opening paragraphs that contain bible quotes — always a great beginning — he says:

Noah obeyed God by building the Ark, and he trusted God even while the rest of the world was rebelling against their Creator. His obedience and actions provide us with an example of great faith. Noah built the Ark just as God commanded, and then by faith he and his family went through the one door of the Ark to be saved from God’s watery judgment on a sinful world.

Thrilling, huh? Let’s read on:

As we look at our Western culture today, Christians see many similarities to the wicked days of Noah. [Scripture quote.] Think about what we observe in our Western culture:

Hambo then gives us a frightening catalog of contemporary sinfulness:

• Wickedness is increasing as people ignore the things of God and abandon His original created purpose for marriage.

• Millions of human beings are being murdered in their mothers’ wombs – and it is legal to do so. In America alone, around 58 million children since 1973 have been killed by abortion, making the Holocaust pale in comparison.

• People increasingly worship nature rather than the God who created the world, just as described in Romans 1:18-23. In Colorado in 2013, after an elk was shot and killed, people gathered for a vigil for the elk, even holding hands and singing “Amazing Grace” in a eulogy. Yet on the same day in the U.S., nearly 4,000 children were murdered in their mothers’ wombs, with hardly a word said.

• Atheists are becoming increasingly aggressive and intolerant as they mock Christians and try to demonize those who adhere to the Christian faith.

• Members in our churches, including many Christian leaders, are compromising God’s Word in various areas and watering down its authority.

The government-run education system has eliminated the Bible, prayer, creation and the Creator God from the classroom. Meanwhile, legislators and judges protect anyone who teaches the anti-God religion of evolution. Nativity scenes, crosses and Ten Commandments displays have all but been removed from public places.

Verily, it couldn’t have been worse in the days of Noah. Are you frightened yet, dear reader? No? Then harken unto Hambo’s next words:

While we live in a time of great wickedness, God is longsuffering. [Scripture quote.] But He is not going to remain silent. As in the days of Noah, the time will come when God closes the door of salvation and brings judgment to deal with mankind’s rebellion.

We know that you’re going to click over to WND to study Hambo’s article in detail, so we’re going to skip to the end, where he says:

There is no time to delay. We need to take advantage of every opportunity to share the Gospel, warning people to repent before it’s too late. That’s the reason Answers in Genesis is building a life-size, evangelistic Ark: to point a rebellious people to the modern-day Ark of salvation, Jesus Christ. That’s the most important message we could ever share.

Ponder Hambo’s words, dear reader. Then ponder your sinful ways. There may still be time to repent.

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20 responses to “Ken Ham Featured at WorldNetDaily

  1. Don’t read the comments over at WND. It was like a giant brain-leeching slug attached itself over my ear and began to suck.

  2. Eddie Janssen

    It looks as if Ham is getting impatient with God, not smiting the world and getting rid of all the un-Ham like people.

  3. “There may still [+be] time to repent.”
    I quite understand, of course, that our Curmudgeon was still shaken and dazed by Ham’s latest soul-piercing insights as he was typing the final sentence of this momentous blog post. Thus a word dropped out.

  4. You’re right, H. K. Fauskanger. It’s fixed now.

  5. michaelfugate

    HWI – the Ham Wickedness Index.

  6. Dave Luckett

    The only observation that occurs to me, apart from the same old, same old “Ham’s losing it”, is that he seems to be more millenarian than usual. Maybe it’s a trend. But Ham lost his contest with reality decades ago, by three falls to a submission, and his attempts to set up a rematch have fallen on deaf ears.

    He’s crazy, of course. But crazy people can be cunning, and Ham is that. He makes a very good living, thank you very much, by saying crazy stuff, but not so crazy that it’s immediately and blatantly falsifiable. While he’ll announce to his dying day that the Day is coming real soon now, I don’t think he’ll ever be dumb enough to be specific about, you know, a time frame. One of the really useful things about the future is that there’s always more of it for predictions to happen in.

    And the ol’ carrot and stick trick still works, after all these years. Who’d a thunk it? I sometimes wonder whether Ham and his tribe flip a coin to decide which one they’re going to apply today.

  7. *As in the days of Noah, the time will come when God closes the door of salvation and brings judgment to deal with mankind’s rebellion.*

    If this is true, Ham, then maybe you should be constructing a boat that actually floats.

  8. Note that old Hambo is only worried about the United States, bless his flinty pea-picking little heart. What about the rest of the godless, sinning world? What’s that, chopped liver? So, I guess in Hambo’s “religion” the rest of the world can drown so long as ‘Muricanz repentz. I can haz an amen?

  9. For example, Doc Bill, what about those in Australia? Or is Ham ignoring them like they ignored him?

  10. No wonder aussies cheer the day day Hambone left!!!!

  11. @Doc Bill: AMENZ!

  12. Reads like a TV ad for Ark Park. Just trying to drum up business, he is.

  13. DavidK says: “Just trying to drum up business, he is.”

    Not surprising. He still hasn’t posted anything about how ticket sales are going. If there were any sell-out days, he’d be bragging about it.

  14. I got the feeling it is an ad for the Ark park too, look at the photo.
    It doesn’t bode well for the Ark park if the prime selling point is salvation, or the reminder of salvation as Hambo puts it. Simply put people want to have fun on their vacation and the Ark is kind of like going to church. Yes people do it, but they do it in spite of what they’d rather be doing.

  15. Isn’t Hambone confused (a rhetorical question, I know)? What does the ark have to do with the baby Jesus and salvation? By the way, if the sky fairy does start trying to drown us all, I’d stay away from Hamies less than seaworthy ark!

  16. A little off topic, but a question just struck me out of the blue:

    Was Noah the only dude with a boat?

  17. Also a little off-topic, but how did giraffes, not to mention T. Rex, etc., get through that one door on the Ark?

  18. michaelfugate

    This just in angry southern white straight evangelical protestant males believe they are being discriminated against.* Wow!

    Click to access American-Views-on-Intolerance-and-Religious-Liberty-Sept-2015.pdf

    *Poll conducted by Southern Baptist ….men.

  19. • Atheists are becoming increasingly aggressive and intolerant as they mock Christians and try to demonize those who adhere to the Christian faith.

    • Members in our churches, including many Christian leaders, are compromising God’s Word in various areas and watering down its authority.

    In other words, real Christians are being “demonized” and are being betrayed by those who “[compromise] God’s Word . . . and [water] down its authority.”

    Sounds like we’ve got the makings of a nice little purge of the heretics here.