The Discovery Institute’s Annual Seminar

This is to advise you of an amazing educational opportunity. The Discovery Institute is running their annual intelligent design seminar for eager young minds. It’s been five years since we wrote about one of these — see Discoveroids’ Nine-Day Creationist Seminar.

The Discoveroids posted about this year’s event several few weeks ago, but we ignored it. It seems that there’s still some space available, so they have another post about it at their creationist blog: Two Days Left to Apply for Discovery Institute’s Summer Seminars — Deadline Is April 7.

It was written by David Klinghoffer, a Discoveroid “senior fellow” (i.e., flaming, full-blown creationist), who eagerly functions as their journalistic slasher and poo flinger. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Are you the type to leave things, even important things, to the last minute? Don’t feel bad. You’ve still got two days to apply to join us for one of two tracks in the Summer Seminars on intelligent design.

There’s still time, dear reader. Klinghoffer tells us:

Offered by the Center for Science & Culture between July 8-16 in Seattle and organized with undergraduates and grad students in mind, the seminars convey everything about ID, in a scientific and humanistic context, that gets left out of the curriculum at most universities.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Except for bible colleges, universities won’t teach this stuff, so this is your big chance! Let’s read on:

Applying is not burdensome, but it is selective.

Yeah, they won’t take just anyone. We followed one of the links Klinghoffer provides and learned this about their selectivity:

Admission Requirements: You must be currently enrolled in a college or university as a junior, senior, or graduate student. Required application materials include (1) a resume/cv, (2) a copy of your academic transcript, (3) a short statement of your interest in intelligent design and its perceived relationship to your career plans and field of study, and (4) either a letter of recommendation from a professor who knows your work and is friendly toward ID, or a phone interview with the seminar director.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! They’re vague about specifics, but it could be like ol’ Hambo’s Statement of Faith. Klinghoffer continues:

The teachers are among the very best the ID community has to offer, including Michael Behe, Stephen Meyer, Richard Sternberg, Jonathan Wells, John West, Paul Nelson, Winston Ewert, Jay Richards, Ann Gauger, Douglas Axe, Bruce Gordon, and others. Reviews we’ve received from participants confirm that this is a superb opportunity.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s a constellation of intellectual giants! Skipping over some unattributed gushy testimonials alleged to be from past attendees — no, we shouldn’t skip them. They’re pure gold, so we’ll give you a few brief excerpts from those:

There is no limit to how complicated and in depth scientific arguments for ID can be, and I have gained a whole new appreciation for the work of ID scholars in science.


My first encounter with ID was via Ben Stein’s documentary Expelled. The opportunity to meet and talk with many of the people profiled in that film was great, as it allowed me to establish personal relationships with them. … I am leaving the seminar with a very positive impression of Discovery Institute and the people who comprise it.


This program has given me the chance to reconcile intellect with faith for the first time in my life.

Sounds great, huh? Here’s the end of Klinghoffer’s post:

Scholarships are available, but time is running short. If you know a student who might be right for our program, please share and help us get out the word!

Well, dear reader, if you want to go, you’d better get busy. If you need a recommendation, we don’t mind if you say the Curmudgeon supports your application. But that’s probably not a good idea.

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12 responses to “The Discovery Institute’s Annual Seminar

  1. Perhaps the attendees will learn how to calculate complex specified information.


  2. michaelfugate

    Shouldn’t they be paying people to attend?

  3. Other than the fact I’m well over their age limit, I’m sure I can find much more productive ways to use my time. Playing tennis, reading Nature, sleeping, BMW Performance Driving School, sleeping…

  4. Since no professor of merit is going to write a letter of recommendation to an ID seminar, that requirement, if adhered to (doubtful anyway) will guarantee a coterie of loons, divinity students, evangelicals and creationist diehards as its attendees. Its perfect!
    I must say that Klinkleberry is more organized than his predecessor and companion, the gerbil.

  5. Submit a picture of yourself standing next to a person wearing a t-shirt that reads: I’m with STUPID.

  6. Dave Luckett

    Yeah, the professorial letter or personal interview thing is to weed out the non-true believers, those who might think for themselves, or (horrors!) come forearmed with knowledge and proceed to show it.

  7. Bruce Gordon? How did Eclipso get into the Discovery Institute? Don’t they have a policy about keeping possessed individuals out?

    Then again. . . ! ;D

  8. michaelfugate

    Although Eclipso would be far more entertaining, the DI’s Bruce Gordon is a professor at Houston Baptist. Which requires its faculty to believe “that man was directly created by God”. No unbiased observation of the universe allowed.

  9. “between July 8-16 ”
    Eight or nine days on
    1. Paley’s Watchmaker;
    2. God of the Gaps;
    3. Evolution is false ???

    I cannot help but feel some admiration. I mean – who of us would be able to spread half a liter of diarrhea on a surface of 8, 9 square miles???

  10. Pete Moulton

    Klinghoffer: “The teachers are among the very best the ID community has to offer…”

    That’s pretty much like saying, “The Teachers are among the tallest Munchkins…”

  11. waldteufel

    Why do all the testimonials read like they were written by the same drooling dimwit?

  12. I’m sure they’ll discuss both the strengths and weaknesses of intelligent design