New “Poll” Supports the Discovery Institute

A few days ago we wrote Klinghoffer: Evolutionists Hate Humanity, in which we described a weird new theme being promoted by the Discovery Institute — the idea that evolutionists hate humanity, because science-oriented people are motivated by hate.

Today we found evidence that this bizarre claim is becoming a new pillar of Discoveroid propaganda. It’s a press release titled New Poll Reveals Evolution’s Corrosive Impact on Beliefs about Human Uniqueness. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

SEATTLE, April 6, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — From the earliest days of civilization, humans have considered themselves exceptional among living creatures. But a new survey by Discovery Institute of more than 3,400 American adults indicates that the theory of evolution is beginning to erode that belief in humanity’s unique status and dignity.

According to the survey, 43% of Americans now agree that “Evolution shows that no living thing is more important than any other,” and 45% of Americans believe that “Evolution shows that human beings are not fundamentally different from other animals.”

Wowie — the Discoveroids’ new propaganda theme is supported by a public opinion poll! That’s significant! Now they have solid evidence showing the evil of evolution. The press release continues:

“Since the rise of Darwin’s theory, leading scientists and other thinkers have insisted that human beings are just another animal, and that morality evolves based on survival of the fittest,” says historian Richard Weikart, author of the new book The Death of Humanity: And the Case for Life (Regnery, 2016).

Richard Weikart? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! We described him in the earlier post mentioned above, but it’s worth repeating that description here. He’s not only a Discoveroid “fellow” (i.e., full-blown creationist), he’s also the author of a book titled From Darwin to Hitler, which influenced James Kennedy, the now-deceased televangelist who made the influential “documentary” Darwin’s Deadly Legacy. We consider Weikart to be the intellectual godfather of the Discoveroids’ frequently-repeated malicious mantra: “No Darwin, no Hitler.”

Here’s one more excerpt from the marvelous press release:

The data for this survey was collected from March 17-20, 2016 using SurveyMonkey Audience … .

SurveyMonkey? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The Discoveroids have used them before. We wrote about it a couple of months ago in Discoveroids Poll on Teaching Intelligent Design, where we quoted from the SurveyMonkey website:

“We’ve got millions of real people in our survey panel ready to tell you what they think.”

Then we said:

In other words, although most people hang up when a polling outfit calls, SurveyMonkey has a population they’ve already selected that wants to be polled, and are eager to sound off on whatever is presented to them. Also, it seems that if you want to make a survey of this audience, you can write your own questions. … The only important consumers of this “information” are the generous patrons of the Discovery Institute, and we imagine that they’re thrilled with the results.

Oh — in case you’re looking for the actual survey data, which should include a description of the poll’s methodology and the questions that were asked, so that potential consumers of the information can judge the value of the poll, the press release doesn’t link to that information. That’s a strange omission, but it’s not surprising. The only link in the press release is to the Discoveroids’ website, which is acknowledged as the source of the information. Discoveroid poll, Discoveroid press release. Very neat.

So there you are. The Discoveroids have a new gimmick for generating “evidence” to support their nonsense: public opinion polls of — shall we say — dubious quality. Impressive, huh?

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14 responses to “New “Poll” Supports the Discovery Institute

  1. Humans high esteem for humanity is tempered, of course, with a disdain for people. Even those who mouth utterances about how important children are (“They are out future!” etc.) really have a hierarchy: their kids are most important, their neighbors kids are next, other people’s kids come in a distant third.

    So, “people are unique and made in God’s image and so are really, really important.” Says who? Oh, people. Has anyone ever asked another species? The ones we hunted into extinction can no longer be asked, but if we could I suspect that possibly only dogs would agree. I mean, if there were no people who would fill up their food bowls?

  2. Dave Luckett

    There is the ancient story that all the animals once met in high conclave to decide whether humans should be expelled from the Earth. They had the say, back then. But the Law (there’s always a law, you know) required overwhelming consensus. It two animals voted to retain, the motion would fail. The dog, of course, voted to retain, but all the other animals voted to expel…

    Until they came to the mosquito.

  3. DiscoTute shows again how honest you can be when you believe in gawd ….er….intelligent designer!

  4. Charles Deetz ;)

    So, how does ID distinguish humans from animals? Humans have have more complex brains that require ‘more’ information, which can only be added by a designer? Humans have more design errors which can only be added by a designer? I’m stuck.

  5. Let’s see: appeal to consequences, appeal to popularity, equivocation….

    Oh, Klinghoffer, you’ve done it again!

  6. michaelfugate

    This does seem to be their biggest hang up. As I mentioned yesterday, HBU states that its employees must believe “that man was created directly by God” – lacking any animal taint. It’s like my So. Baptist grandmother who believed that “modern” Baptists were created directly by John the Baptist maintaining a separate lineage from Catholicism for 2000 years (it was not a product of the Reformation). This is all about small-minded people who need to feel superior – no wonder they rail about Darwin and racism because culturalism, racism, speciesism, and the like are how they think. Given their Bible glasses, they can only project their limited vision on everyone else.

  7. Yet again, and this is getting boring, the Discoveroids show us that they think that nobody knows the difference between “is” and “ought”. But, as primarily a propaganda outfit, they know that their target audience is that stupid, and they know how to play to that that stupidity.
    So, they do what propagandists do: they lie often and loudly.

    Mr. Goebbels, call your office.

  8. I find it amusing that they made use of the SurveyMonkey.

    Couldn’t they find something with a name like SurveyDesigner?

  9. michaelfugate

    or Survey-not-a-Monkey?

    In other news the governor of Idaho vetoed the Bible as a textbook bill.

  10. It seems to me that science shows that we are part of a larger community of life, not separate from it. That doesn’t mean that we are unimportant, or somehow less special, but rather that other life is important too.

    Why is that offensive to creationists?

  11. Steven Thompson

    It seems to me that there is a subtle error embedded in Weikart’s critique of evolution (aside from the whole “fallacy of argument from consequences” part). On the one hand, he worries desperately that, as he put it once, “Darwinism has indeed devalued human life, leading to ideologies that promote the destruction of human lives deemed inferior to others.” On the other hand, he worries equally that “Evolution shows that no living thing is more important than any other.” In other words, Weikart argues that evolution implies, simultaneously and in the same sense, that a white man is superior to a black man, but that no human being is superior to a banan slug. I don’t think that this is a logically possible concatenation of views.

  12. michaelfugate

    Steven, that’s because it is apologetics – it need not make any sense as a whole, but only to keep one individual at one point in time in the faith.

  13. Eric Lipps

    According to the survey, 43% of Americans now agree that “Evolution shows that no living thing is more important than any other,” and 45% of Americans believe that “Evolution shows that human beings are not fundamentally different from other animals.”

    The significance of those findings, assuming they’re genuine, depends on the meanings of two phrases: “more important” and “fundamentally different.” And a little thought reveals that the creationists’ interpretations are hogwash.

    Are human beings “more important” than other species? Only if you define that phrase in a self-interested way, as the Book of Genesis does when it states that man is “given dominion” over the whole world and everything in it. But if humans were to disappear tomorrow, the world would go on, just as it would have if we’d never existed. Creationists just hate that idea, because they think man is God’s wind-up toy version of Himself.

    Are humans “fundamentally different”? Again, no; we simply have greater intelligence and therefore have learned to do more. At the biological level, there is no fundamental difference between a man and a chimp; at the cellular level, none between a man and a mollusk. But because creationists think we (or at least they) are “made in the image of God,” they shut their eyes, stick their fingers in their ears and hum when anyone tries to explain such things to them.

    In other words, these people are using a dubious survey to gin up dubious evidence for a dubious idea regarding a subject they simply do not want to understand.

  14. I often have problems with confusions between the individual and the group.
    AKA fallacies of composition and division. What do we value, people, or the species Homo sapiens?