Intelligently Designed Free Fire Zone

The lack of news about The Controversy between evolution and creationism is making things difficult for us, so we shall once again quote from that scene in Braveheart where Longshanks (Edward I) is planing to send his son’s wife to speak to William Wallace, and he’s warned that she might be killed. Longshanks responds:

My son would be most distressed by that. But if she were to be killed, we would soon find the King of France a useful ally against the Scots. You see, as king, you must find the good in any situation.

And we do find good in the lack of news. For example, the Discovery Institute has failed to achieve any of the lofty goals they established for themselves in their founding manifesto, which you can read at the NCSE website: The Wedge Document.

The Discoveroids’ blog has lost its focus, and this year’s meager crop of legislative attempts to enact a version of their Academic Freedom bill has been the least active we can remember. Imagine how busy we would be if they had achieved any success.

Best of all is the declining interest in the Discoveroids’ “theory” of intelligent design. You can see this for yourself by looking at this history of Google searches on “intelligent design”. It peaked during the Kitzmiller trial in 2005, and then declined precipitously. It’s been dismal ever since. Even their generous patrons must be discouraged.

Therefore, no news is good news, and we hereby declare another Intellectual Free-Fire Zone. We’re open for the discussion of pretty much anything — science, politics, economics, or even astrology, theology, mythology, and sociology — as long as it’s tasteful and interesting. Banter, babble, bicker, bluster, blubber, blather, blab, blurt, burble, boast — say what you will. But avoid flame-wars and beware of the profanity filters.

We now throw open the comments to you, dear reader. Have at it.

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15 responses to “Intelligently Designed Free Fire Zone

  1. One of the Discoveroids (Luskin, I believe), posting as “Doctor,” wastes time on the atheist boards at the Amazon fora. I don’t think he understands that we regard him as a chew toy. I guess he has nothing better to do.

  2. You’ll be pleased to know that your (mine, and everybody’s) pal Mary Lou Bruner is keeping up her high standards of loonytoons (Bruneytoons?). This time she’s claiming that Pre-K Programs are for Gay Indoctrination.

    Meanwhile, Bryan Fischer has explained to the drooling millions that Reuter’s has comprehensively debunked evolution.

    Another item that came to me via Ed Brayton’s blog was the news of the creationist who’s claiming that Stonehenge was built by a race of satanic giants.

    Perhaps off-topic is the review by Albert Armstrong at his splendid Odd Books blog of Fiber Optics: The Eye of Antichrist by Dr Emil Gaverluk and Dr Patrick Fisher, published with urgency in 1979 by Southwest Radio Church. If the world hasn’t ended yet, you can’t say it’s the authors’ fault.

  3. Charles Deetz ;)

    Someone posted the following image on Facebook’s ID group, as a challenge. I find this a novel tactic in visualizing the absurdity of ID, and wonder if this is a more effective method than straight-up debate and fact-waving.

  4. Ars Technica has a mildly interesting story about a Kansas anti-evolution group that has done a crash-and-burn:

  5. @Mary L in regard to Luskin’s “doctor” title:
    There are three main types of law degrees available in the United States. The first law degree is the Juris Doctor (J.D.) and qualifies graduates to practice law in the U.S. The second advanced law degree is the Master of Laws (LL.M.), and the third degree is the Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.).

    He squeaked by getting a Masters in geology before he got his law degree, but he’s no scientist by any means. I wish I’d copied his web site many years ago when he actually published his geology class notes to prove (I assume) and impress the reader that he really did attended geology class.

  6. DavidK – Thanks for that information. If it is Luskin, trust me, he doesn’t impress us. His posts usually get hidden due to down voting.

  7. I have encountered the acronym “ALL_SLP4_SELL”. Can anyone tell me what it means?

  8. Charles Deetz provides a link to an entertaining graphic, and wonders

    if this is a more effective method than straight-up debate and fact-waving

    Probably not–on the grounds that most Creationists are impervious to anything (evidence, logic, data &c &c) that is counter to their arbitrary but immovable a priori assumptions and their cherished teleological conclusions.

    I would imagine most Creationists would read that chart, not by rows, but by columns, and claim that ToE claims that gorillas are descended from wild mustard via lemons and pumpkins while humans evolved from cauliflowers by way of cucumbers. Which of course is impossible without a massive injection of ‘Information’, or some fool thing.

    Mind you, at least they could say that, on such a reading, that we ain’t no kin to monkeys, and it is less shameful to be cousins to zucchini.

  9. Charles Deetz ;)

    @Megalonyx Yea, it failed, but I found it put their contradiction in an obvious way that words can’t. The members focused on details (human/ape relationship) and ignored the point of the whole thing, it seemed.

  10. Charles Deetz ;)

    @cynic Looks like a victim of search and replace or something. You know creationists aren’t so good at that. Should be “supreme”, as in: ‘The Bible is the supreme law that all governments must obey.”

  11. Charles Deetz ;)

    Very subtly, the article is listed as ‘opinion’. Very obviously once you get past a few paragraphs.

  12. I know the curmudgeon doesn’t have much interest in Kent Hovind, but I did find it interesting that his wife is now divorcing him. Considering she spent a year in the clink because of his wacky ideas about taxes I was wondering why not 9 years ago?
    It is possible she is looking to protect assets, but I think it is Kent hasn’t learned his lesson and we can expect the probationary Kent to be returning to the prison. Eric Hovind is insinuated in the divorce, possibly now sees himself as a competitor to his own father (though he wisely follows the law), more likely they are running a great racket and don’t need crazy Kent to salt the fields.

  13. Until recently I used to visit the Discoveroids at their creationist website ENV. Lately,though, they have gone so far off the deep end that they’ve just become boring. I’m happy to report, however, that a quick trip into the intellectual slime pit at can yield some giggles — but be sure to take your gas mask and barf bucket in case you tarry too long.

  14. Reminder: tomorrow is Uranus Day.