A Discoveroid Candidate for State Supreme Court

This is one of the scariest things we’ve seen in a long time. It’s at the website Seattlepi. That’s the successor to what used to be the Seattle Post-Intelligencer of Seattle, Washington, the home of the Discovery Institute. Their headline is Supreme Court challengers appear at Republican state convention. They have a comments feature, but there aren’t any comments yet. Here are some excerpts from the news story, with bold font added by us:

All three incumbent Washington State Supreme Court justices up for re-election this fall now have opponents, and all three challengers appeared Thursday at the Republicans’ state convention in Pasco.

Why do we care about such an event? Brace yourself, dear reader, because this is why:

The latest challenger is David DeWolf, a Gonzaga University law professor and senior fellow at the conservative Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture. DeWolf is running against Supreme Court Justice Mary Yu, who last ran unopposed in filling out the term of resigned Justice Jim Johnson.

Aaaargh!! Is it possible that there might be a Discoveroid “fellow” on the Washington state Supreme Court? We’ve only mentioned DeWolf a few times before. He was going to testify as an expert on behalf of David Coppedge, claiming that Caltech’s treatment of Coppedge is an illustration of the hostility toward advocates of intelligent design, but the judge ruled his testimony inadmissible. Also, he co-authored a book, Traipsing into Evolution, along with John West and Casey Luskin. It has a most prestigious publisher, the Discovery Institute Press.

They say DeWolf is a professor at Gonzaga University. According to Wikipedia, that’s a well-regarded Jesuit school, so we’re confident that it’s not a creationist bible college. One of our best and brightest professors was Jesuit trained.

Okay, back to the news story. After discussing the other candidates and their impressive credentials, we’re told:

By contrast [Hee hee!], DeWolf has written extensively on so-called “intelligent design,” a theory that features of the universe and its living creatures are explained by an intelligent creator and not an unplanned process such as natural selection. Critics say “intelligent design” is unscientific and a disguised form of creationism, and hence should not be taught in public schools.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! A Discoveroid can’t get a break from the press. But we don’t see how DeWolf can complain, because Seattlepi is merely presenting his record. Let’s read on:

DeWolf coauthored “Intelligent Design Will Survive,” a University of Montana Law Review piece on a federal court ruling in Pennsylvania. U.S. District Judge John E. Jones ruled against a York, Pennsylvania, school district that had required offering of the theory. The article was a lengthy, step-by-step critique of Judge Jones’ ruling.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That article is mentioned at the Discoveroids’ website. DeWolf’s co-authors were John West and Casey Luskin. The news article ends with this:

DeWolf teaches criminal law, torts, consumer law and product liability at Gonzaga.

He’s probably competent teacher of those subjects, but the bigger question is: Would he be a competent Supreme Court Justice?

We’re not told when the election will be held, except that it will be in the fall, so we Googled around. The website Ballotpedia has a page on the Washington Supreme Court election. They say the candidates will be on the general election ballot on November 8, 2016. We’ll be watching to see how this one works out.

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9 responses to “A Discoveroid Candidate for State Supreme Court

  1. michaelfugate

    The great legal mind of David DeWolf on display.

    It is clear he has no idea what a scientific theory is, one can only hope he has a better understanding of the law.

  2. Would the next step be another law allowing ID to be taught? The DI has spent the last 10 years whining that they lost Dover because the judge was a fool, so are they trying to “fix” Dover by first “fixing” the judge? One ID judge won’t be nearly enough!

  3. Thanks for the heads up SC. I’ll make sure I don’t vote for him and I’ll be watching who supports him, e.g., the DI, etc.

  4. DavidK says: “I’ll be watching who supports him, e.g., the DI, etc.”

    Unless they imagine that their promotion of DeWolf will be influential, they may keep quiet. It doesn’t matter. The news about the guy is already out.

  5. Creationoid crispy critters

    Yawn. Politeness to creationist clowns quotient: 5000000

  6. Yet another reason why judges should be appointed and not elected officials.

  7. @RevReinard
    And how do we guarantee that the person doing the appointing is competent?
    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? “Who guards those guards?”

  8. Just remembered that the dishonesty institute has an ex-US senator as a member, Slade Gorton, conservative republican, of course, on their board of [mis]directors.

  9. According to the DI website, DeWolf “has written a briefing book for public school administrators, Teaching the Controversy: Darwinism, Design and the Public School Curriculum.” I can’t find it on Amazon, but I bet I know what it says.