Ken Ham: Noah’s Flood and Antarctica

We saw this headline a few days ago at PhysOrg, but we didn’t pay any attention to it: How the event that killed off the dinosaurs wiped out life in Antarctica. The article says:

The Cretaceous–Paleogene mass extinction 66m years ago was the most recent of five similar crises to have devastated life on Earth over the last 540m years. It rapidly killed off an estimated 76% of species around the globe, including, most famously, the dinosaurs.


Our research focused on Seymour Island, a site which has been described as the “Rosetta Stone” of Antarctic palaeontology. A small island less than 20km across, located to the east of the Antarctic Peninsula, the rocks here preserve an amazing fossil record of marine and terrestrial life dating from around 69m to 35m years ago.


Our results reveal that, while there was some fluctuation in the diversity of species, rates of extinction were generally low until an apparently sudden extinction event in the layer right below the K–Pg boundary, where 65–70% of species disappeared.


Importantly, the percentage of marine species that disappeared on Seymour Island is actually the same as seen at K–Pg boundary sites at low latitudes, indicating the event was just as severe all over the world. This, along with how suddenly the extinction seems to have occurred, provides support for the asteroid impact hypothesis.

The paper on this is in Nature Communications: Macrofossil evidence for a rapid and severe Cretaceous–Paleogene mass extinction in Antarctica. You can read it online without a subscription.

We should have realized that this would be seized upon by Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the world’s holiest man who knows more about religion and science than everyone else. He’s the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia, famed not only for his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG), but also for the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum, and for building an exact replica of Noah’s Ark.

Ol’ Hambo’s new post is Evidence of a Catastrophic Flood in Antarctica? Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

For years, most scientists thought that Antarctic creatures were safe from the supposed dinosaur extinction event. But new research suggests that the alleged catastrophe thought to be responsible for wiping out dinosaurs also affected those in the far south. But what was this global catastrophe? Was it an asteroid impact millions of years ago or a watery judgment by God on a wicked world?

What a brilliant, thought-provoking question! Let’s read on:

Well, as I was reading a report about this new research, I had to smile. Some of the comments the lead author of the paper makes about his research sound more like something a biblical creationist who believes in Noah’s Flood would say than statements from an evolutionist!

Hambo then gives us an out-of-context quote from an interview with one of the researchers:

Our research essentially shows that one day everything was fine — the Antarctic had a thriving and diverse marine community — and the next, it wasn’t. Clearly, a very sudden and catastrophic event had occurred on Earth.

That doesn’t appear in the published paper. Hambo continues:

Of course, he’s referring to the supposed dinosaur extinction event when evolutionists say an asteroid crashed onto earth. But maybe the catastrophe that turned the waters of Antarctica from a “thriving and diverse marine community” into layers of fossils was the global Flood of Noah’s day!

Wow — we never would have thought of that! Then Hambo babbles for several paragraphs, saying that the Flood can account for the entire fossil and geological record. You’ve seen that stuff before. This paragraph is typical:

And it is no surprise that the vast majority of fossils are marine. If the rock layers and fossils are the result of a global Flood, we’d expect most fossils to be from marine creatures. And, of course, that’s exactly what we see. Observational science confirms God’s Word from the very beginning.

Isn’t it wonderful? The rest of Hambo’s post is advertising for the books and videos sold in his Creation Museum.

And so, dear reader, what did we learn today? We learned that scientists are finding evidence which — when properly interpreted by ol’ Hambo — confirms that Noah’s Flood was truly global, because it also affected Antarctica.

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19 responses to “Ken Ham: Noah’s Flood and Antarctica

  1. I’m struggling here. How did Noah fetch two of each “kind” of the Antarctic fauna all the way to the Middle East?

  2. realthog,,,,,,,it’s a miracle..
    Our curmudgeon says Hambo is known” for building an exact replica of Noah’s Ark. I’ve not kept up with the latest analyses of “Hambo’s” Kentucky ship comedy. Does it it have a keel strong enough to bear the ham ark’s weight? I’ll go looking at earlier posts, but I’d be happy if one of the readers can ENLIGHTEN me regarding the actual seaworthiness of the ark as described in the Old Testament. And was the ham ark a full blown ship build or an attraction with a cement floor and steel braces? Just wondering.

  3. och will, living in the Cincinnati area I’ve been following the “Ark Encounter” project. To answer your question: Is it seaworthy – no, even Ham admits that it’s sitting on concrete pillars to support it and would not float. Apparently, other than the concrete pillars and the three “towers” that house elevators, restrooms, duct work etc., the rest of the ark is all wood. It’s supposed to open July 7th, from some of the videos, while the overall structure may be completed, It will take a “miracle” to get anywhere near what people are expecting. I’ll keep folks posted. I’m planning on taking my adult sons to see it. While we certainly don’t believe what’s being presented, I’d like to see what $33M buys.

  4. Charles Deetz ;)

    Observational science, if you check the details, like deep research at Wikipedia, would further support the asteroid event … and then diminish the chances that a flood did it. Hambo just hears fossils, and assumes they’d be created by a flood. What a maroon.

  5. @och Will

    it’s a miracle

    Thanks. That explains it at last. Thank goodness for the fresh air of some rigorous scientific thinking around here for a change.

  6. And it is no surprise that the vast majority of fossils are marine. If the rock layers and fossils are the result of a global Flood, we’d expect most fossils to be from marine creatures.

    And, of course, we would expect them to be sorted in such a way that land animals are buried in different layers and in different places than marine fossils. Floods do that – they are great sorting devices to organize fossils. There are so efficient, that marine fossils are not found with fossils of land plants. Marine fossils themselves are sorted by floodwaters into layers by type of creature and apparent age.

    Seriously, when Ham say’s “we’d expect” something, I want to ask him why. What is it about floods that would lead him to expect a particular outcome, and what evidence does he base that expectation on. Come on, Ham, clue us in.

  7. @Ed
    And, speaking of sorting devices, let’s forget for the moment (1) the argument from the 2nd law of thermodynamics (creationist version) (2) the argument from probability (creationist version).
    And, btw, how did those marine animals get killed by the Flood? The Ark, remember, only had to save the air-breathing animals.

  8. Dave Luckett

    See here:

    The cladding of Ham’s Folly might be wood, but the structural supports, butt plates, bolts, ties, braces and bearers are steel. This is because however much of a loon Ken Ham might be, even in Kentucky the building codes aren’t crazy.

  9. Eric Lipps

    Ham wants a flood that drowned the world all the way to the peak of Mount Everest, and there’s no evidence for that, asteroid or no asteroid.

    And then, of course, there’s the hole question of how all those “kinds” of animals got t the Ark from all over the world and got back all over the world in any reasonable amount of time (or at all, in some cases).

  10. Hambo:“God’s infallible Word perfectly explains what we see in the world today”
    Really Hambo? What we see in the world today is a rock layer of Iridium (rare on Earth), which dates by multiple methods to be around 65 million years old. We have a known crater which dates back to that time, and all the geographic strata in Antarctica and elsewhere all conform to that time frame. The Biblical flood tale dates only a few thousand years ago. Evidence that it was from a meteor impact are overwhelming. Hambo has an odd notion of what “perfectly” means.

  11. I wrote the following response (BEFORE seeing this blog):

    Surely a worldwide flood within the last 5,000 years as described by ‘flood geologists’ would have meant that the majority of the fossil record would NOT be marine fossils in the way that they are ie there would be lots more eg dinosaur and human fossils (also because the former lived ‘recently’). Also ‘rapid burial’ is NOT synonymous with a major ‘catastrophe’ (it would be for the animal in question if it was still alive) and NO scientist claims that the whole fossil record results from the asteroid or comet impact that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Only bigoted loons like Ken Ham claim the fossil record almost entirely results from one SINGLE catastrophe in the history of this planet.

    “If the rock layers and fossils are the result of a global Flood, we’d expect most fossils to be from marine creatures.”

    Although events as described in Genesis probably would kill some marine creatures, marine creatures were not even commanded to be taken on board Noah’s Ark to be ‘saved’ from destruction according to the Bible. The command related to LAND-BASED creatures – most of which, according to flood geologists, would have been ‘rapidly buried’. Yet the majority of the fossil record is marine creatures (which evolved much earlier in the history of Earth than land animals).

    Of course this is hardline apologetics from a person who has made up his mind beforehand that the Bible fully and ‘perfectly explains’ what we observe in the fossil record. That is not science. It is belief, pure and simple.

    In my response as quoted above, I should also have pointed out that the scientists did of course state (knowing there was no literally global flood around 5,000 years ago) “Most fossils are formed in marine environments, where it is easy for sediment to accumulate rapidly and bury parts of animals, such as bones, or bodies of creatures with a hard shell. For a dinosaur or other land animal to become fossilised, a series of favourable events are needed, such as for bones to fall into stagnant water and be buried rapidly to prevent decomposition, or be washed out to sea by rivers. This means that marine fossils are generally much more abundant.” Whereas according to Ken Ham for one year during the Bronze Age the WHOLE PLANET was turned into a marine/watery environment.

    Also Antarctica was once warm due to its position at the time and a warmer Earth climate. But not 5,000 years ago.

  12. “How did Noah fetch two of each “kind” of the Antarctic fauna all the way to the Middle East?”

    Ham claims there was a single supercontinent prior to the Flood. Thus no oceans had to be crossed. Not that that fully solves the problem.

  13. According to standard Arkeology, Noah did not fetch animals, they came to the Ark.
    As if that makes it more plausible.

  14. realthog, I believe Ham’s of the opinion – newly developed – that the Earth really was one giant continent before the global flood, with the spreading of the land masses start at the tower of Babel and accelerating after and during the Flood.

    No, really.

  15. @dweller42

    Not so much continental drift as continental scuttle, then?

  16. It stands to reason that conditions were miserable on the Ark, what with the turbulent seas, the buildup of waste, and the general mess of so many animals in such unnaturally close proximity to each other.

    Therefore, it is logical that the animals would have made every effort to escape their confinement. Suppose they did so, and leapt overboard in large numbers. Some would have found flotsam floating around to climb onto, others would have drown. Those rafting on flotsam could have been carried across large distances, before the receding flood waters deposited them on land somewhere. The same would have occurred with birds, some of which would have flown until exhausted and drown, while others found floating objects to perch on.

    By the time the near-empty Ark settled onto the mountain, only those animals that were known to near-eastern people were left on the ark.

    This explains the dispersal of animals around the world and the mass extinction of pre-historic creatures. Take it, Ham, and run with it.

  17. realthog,,,,,,,glad to be of assistance sir….

  18. and thank you Martin for the information

  19. @dweller42
    But the story of Babel is after the Flood.
    I think that one must make use of the earth being divided in chapter 10 of Genesis, which is between the Flood and Babel.