Jimmy Carter Visits Ken Ham’s Ark

In the Cincinnati Enquirer of Cincinnati, Ohio, just across the border from Northern Kentucky where Ken Ham’s creationist empire is located, we just spotted this headline: Former president Jimmy Carter visits Ark Encounter. They have a comments section, but there aren’t any yet.

This is one of those times when the news seems to be a skit for some late-night comedy show. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

Former President Jimmy Carter Friday toured the Ark Encounter under construction here in rural Grant County, with officials saying he was there to support a friend who was instrumental in the construction of the massive structure.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Jimmy Carter and Noah’s Ark, together at last! However, it would appear that it’s not a perfect match. The Cincinnati Enquirer tells us:

Carter, who has a science degree and was a nuclear engineer for the Navy, has previously said that he believes in God and is a Christian, but also that he believes that the world and universe are millions and billions of years old.

Egad — that’s blasphemy! So why is Carter visiting the Ark? We’re told:

The 91-year-old Carter, who underwent surgery for brain cancer late last year, said he was there to support long-time friend LeRoy Troyer, president of the construction company that handled most of the timber and woodwork for the ark.

Ah, then Carter isn’t one of Hambo’s drooling fans. In fact, one of our clandestine operatives, code-named Blue Grass, just sent us a link to this old news story from 2004 at the CNN website (the news organization, not Pat Robertson’s ministry): Carter slams Georgia’s ‘evolution’ proposal. That says:

Former President Jimmy Carter said Friday he was embarrassed by the Georgia Department of Education proposal to eliminate the word “evolution” from the state’s curriculum. “As a Christian, a trained engineer and scientist, and a professor at Emory University, I am embarrassed by Superintendent Kathy Cox’s attempt to censor and distort the education of Georgia’s students,” Carter said in a written statement.

That CNN story is old news, so we won’t provide any more excerpts, but it’s clear that Carter isn’t a drooling creationist. Nevertheless, he’s visiting Hambo’s Ark, so we can expect that ol’ Hambo will make the most of it.

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6 responses to “Jimmy Carter Visits Ken Ham’s Ark

  1. Carter and the Mennonites/Amish have a long history of mutual respect. LeRoy pretty much started out as the architect that Mennonites turned to for church buildings. If anyone is ever in Goshen, IN, the College Mennonite Church is a good example of Troyer and Associates design. I read a while back that Troyer was involved with the Ark and that indeed there are/were Amish craftsman also involved. It’s likely that many Amish are young earth creationists while most Mennonites would be some form of old earth creationists.

  2. And they’re pretty darned good carpenters and come fairly cheap, at least if the rates my friends from around PA have told me are close to accurate.

  3. Carter and Troyer have been deeply involved with Habitat for Humanity for many years. As this web page points out:

    Mr. Troyer is especially committed to eliminating poverty housing. His work with Habitat for Humanity International and his close working relationship with former President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter have drawn national and international attention to housing needs in the United States and around the world.

  4. siluriantrilobite

    I wonder how Ham will spin this. I guess he will consider any publicity to be good publicity.


    Oops! No need for me to speculate, here is AIG’s report.


    AiG *ONLY* quotes Carter as saying how good the woodwork and construction looks. Perhaps, as a true Southern gentleman, President Carter was too polite to dis creationism in front of Ham et al. Or Ham et al wouldn’t tell their followers the full story.

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  5. I’m greatly relieved this didn’t turn out to be a confession from Carter that “I’ve committed Creationism in my heart many times…”