Ken Ham Explains the Orlando Shootings

The Orlando nightclub shooting is very much on everyone’s mind. We know who did it, and we’re fairly certain why, but as with everything else, creationists may be confused. Fortunately, help is on the way!

Guidance has been posted at the personal blog of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia. Hambo is famed for his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG) and for the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum.

Ol’ Hambo has a long history of telling us that we can’t be moral — we have no reason even to want to be moral — unless we totally accept his creationist view of things — see Ken Ham: The Sole Source of Morality. So of course we’re interested in Hambo’s understanding of the recent incident in Orlando.

He has just written We Live in a Sad Fallen World. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us, and Hambo’s numerous scripture references omitted:

The horrific terrorist attack in Florida reveals the reality of our sin-cursed world, and our hearts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those who were killed or injured in the appalling attack.

That must be very comforting to the victims and their families. But we’re waiting for Hambo to explain why this atrocity happened. He says:

Though the terrorist will have to answer to God for his own murderous sins, we are all collectively to blame for the violence and suffering, since we sinned in Adam. The world is fallen — groaning because of the effects of sin.

We are all to blame — you too, dear reader. Let’s read on:

Now evolutionists believe death and suffering have happened over millions of years. But the Bible teaches that death is an enemy; an intrusion because of our sin. We live in a groaning world because of our sin, and this is why Jesus came to conquer death and offer the free gift of salvation.

That’s useful information. Hambo continues:

It’s not God’s fault there is terrorism and death — the groaning world is our fault; we sinned against a holy God and now it’s a fallen world. However, because of His infinite love for humans, God, in the person of His Son Jesus, stepped into history to save us from this fallen world caused by our sin.

Once again, Hambo says it’s our fault. Isn’t this wonderful? Here’s more:

People will not understand a loving God and all the death and suffering in the world until they acknowledge God’s holiness and our sin in Adam that resulted in death.

If we could get our hands on Adam, we’d strangle the creep! Then, using Hambo’s logic, we’d blame it on Adam.

Now let’s skip to the end, where Hambo gives us a tastefully appropriate promotion for his Ark replica:

That’s why we want everyone, from any culture and adhering to any belief, to come to the Ark Encounter to learn about the true history of the world, our sin problem, and the solution in Jesus Christ.

If you still don’t understand the Orlando shootings, you’d better make plans to visit Hambo’s theme park. That will straighten you out.

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22 responses to “Ken Ham Explains the Orlando Shootings

  1. Lewis Thomason

    Ken Ham is an idiot.

  2. Eric Lipps

    Evidently there’s no length to which Ham will not go, no depth to which he will not sink, to carry on his holy war.

    Oh, and I’m not groaning from the effects of sin, but rather from having to listen (even by proxy) to such bloodstained bather.

  3. Derek Freyberg

    Ken Ham is a graceless, obnoxious idiot.
    The “idiot” part is hardly new.
    And I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that he is so graceless and obnoxious as to turn a tragedy into an ad for the Fark Park: a number of his more-or-less co-religionists have exploited it for their own reasons, but none in quite such a commercial manner.

  4. Ken Ham is a vile, nasty creep. I believe you visit this site, Mr Lie. I hope you see the utter contempt that people have for you, and feel just a little shame (though I doubt your highly over-inflated ego would allow for it)

  5. Hambone opines “…we sinned in Adam”. Can someone explain how that makes any sense at all? You’ll note I’m not asking anyone to explain every other non sequitur in Hambone’s writing — the universe would be cold and dark by the time you got through.

  6. People have (rightly) complained that Donald Trump’s response to the atrocity has been vile, but Ken Ham’s is just about as bad. Shame on him for his lack of common, basic, decent humanity.

  7. And bring a wallet full of money to buy tickets and donate to Ken Ham, whoops, I mean the Ark Park.

  8. Dave Luckett

    abeastwood, I can try.

    It’s an idea Ham learned from his cradle: “In Adam’s fall, we sinned all”.

    The truth behind this line is that we all fall short of perfect conduct, in thought, word and deed, every day, every moment, in everything we think, say or do. We all share in that mythical event, the fall of Man.

    The falsehood is that use of the past tense. It should be, “In Adam’s fall, we sin all”. If “sin” might be defined as “any decision, conscious or unconscious, which falls short of perfect selflessness, perfect altruism, perfect moral judgement”, then we all sin constantly. “Adam” simply means “man”. We are all “Adam”. We share in his sin; we share his fall. Present tense, not past.

    But Ham is incapable of such a level of abstract thought. To Ham, the fall of Man is not a metaphor expressing the above, or anything like it. Ham can’t follow the idea of metaphor at all. To him, the story and the principle he learned before he could read mean that a literal event took place once, and we all must suffer the consequences of that event.

    Observe that this is in its way a sort of absolution of Ken Ham by Ken Ham. It does exactly what Adam himself tried to do: shuffle the responsibility on to another. “It was the woman,” said Adam. In Ham’s case, the sins of the world – his own sins – are caused, not by himself, but by a sinful world which came about because Adam and Eve disobeyed God.

    But also observe that Ham’s reading of the tale is a tremendous condemnation of God! One foolish act of disobedience six thousand years ago, and we all must groan under its burden until God calls a halt. Adam and Eve ate a fruit, so fanatics walk into nightclubs with AR-15’s, and even that’s only a special case of the fate of everyone. We will all die.

    God’s justice for eating a fruit? I think not.

    It would appear that in promulgating this particular fable as literal fact, Ken Ham is helping to fuel the growing disgust and repulsion with fundamentalist religion. It is to be hoped so.

  9. In Dutch we have a special word for people like Ken Ham. It translates as somewhat like corpse snatcher – someone who snatches from dead people.

  10. It would appear that in promulgating this particular fable as literal fact, Ken Ham is helping to fuel the growing disgust and repulsion with fundamentalist religion. It is to be hoped so.

    Until genial ol’ Pat Robertson tells the faithful that the victims brought it upon themselves because they offended gawd, at which point a large and dimwitted portion of the US population (out of respect to our host I don’t identify the political affiliation of that portion) suddenly signs back on to the fundamentalism. Remember, it was the Xtian fundies — like Robertson and Falwell — who purveyed the bull**it that 9/11 happened because of the increasing US tolerance of homosexuality. A great move: Now, to the gullible, the attack had nothing to do with US foreign policy or the Islamic response, it was just a matter of gawd playing his customary sadistic games. A great strategy to divert attention away from the realities of the world.

  11. Dave Luckett

    I’m sure you’re right, realthog. “The faithful”, and “a large and dimwitted portion of the US population” believes that vile garbage. The questions are, how many qualify as “faithful” under that definition? How large is the proportion of those dimwitted enough? Is that number and that proportion shrinking? And if so, do words like those of Robertson and Ham and the rest of the fundawhackoes help that tendency?

    I think the answers are, respectively: a significant but not an overwhelming number; a small proportion of the whole; it is shrinking; and disgust with the likes of Robertson and Ham are helping it to shrink.

  12. There is a false rumor about Pat Robertson’s reaction. See

  13. mnb0 I’d be curious to know the Dutch word for “corpse snatcher” you mentioned about Hambo.

  14. Eddie Janssen

    I thought Eve was the original sinner.

  15. @Troy: Lijkenpikker.

  16. Eddie, she was, but she’s a woman, so that one didn’t count.

  17. mnb0 says: “Lijkenpikker.”

    That’s literally body snatcher. But I think the concept you’re going for is grave robber.

  18. @David Luckett: Thank you for the long attempt to explain the “logic” of Ham’s statement. I had heard that little ditty about Adam’s sin when I was young, but it didn’t make any sense to me then, and if anything it make less sense now. (If I could assign negative sense to it, I would!)

  19. I wish Hambone was an idiot but he aint he knows all the right buttons to push on the sheeple that listen to him. But he is a bald face liar….how does he know the killer is going to hell??? After all his own book o’BS supports the killers actions as good!So he should be getting 43 virgins or raisins depending on translation of the other book o’BS!

  20. michaelfugate

    Every time someone claims that God saved them or their house or their dog from a tornado, a hurricane, a fire, a shooter, etc. while letting others dies…

  21. Ham has been a consistent and vocal homophobe all through his ministry. Nowhere in his article does he mention that it was a gay nightclub, or that any of the victims were LGBT. He says that “our hearts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those who were killed or injured”, but leaves it at that, and spends the rest of the post evangelizing.

    He begins, “Though the terrorist will have to answer to God for his own murderous sins” but, per all of his previous writing, he believes the victims are presently answering to God for their sins as well. While thinking they are roasting in hell for their abominations, he has the duplicity to state that his heart and prayers go out to their friends and family.

    If Ham could (and there is no way he would ever do this) bring himself to say that his religion and society’s vilification of the LGBT community may have contributed to this crime, and that he now realizes that perhaps he should speak differently in the future so as not to contribute to the hateful environment…

    Nah. Besides, it seems to be the case that the shooter may have been gay or bisexual himself, which will only give Ham more ammunition. It’s going to get worse before it gets better (if it ever does).

  22. Plenty of tickets available at the Ark Park. Every day available. Step right up