Debating Creationists, Revisited Again

Flow Chart

The topic of debating creationists inevitably comes up from time to time, and we’ve written about it before — see Debating Creationists is Dumber Than Creationism, and also Debating Creationists, Revisited. Today we’ll consider the subject again.

The flow chart above this post may seem a bit simplified, but it’s actually the way creationists have been “educated” — or rather trained — from their earliest years. They think that because we may die at any moment, what they are at that moment, what they believe, will determine whether they spend eternity in glory, sitting on some fluffy cloud with others like them, or whether they’ll be boiling and burning in the Lake of Fire.

That’s the attitude they bring with them when they listen to you. You are, knowingly or not, the devil’s agent. They must disregard the evidence you present. They must dismiss your logical arguments. They’re probably not even aware of it, but they react that way automatically, in order to preserve their situation in the afterlife.

It’s somewhat like the way a lab rat can be conditioned to press one button and get the cheese, and to avoid the other which will give him a nasty electric shock. From childhood, the creationist knows what button is good for him, and by the time he reaches adulthood, if he hasn’t somehow shaken off his early training, he will never do so. Nothing you can ever tell him or show him will make any difference.

He senses that his training will stay strong if it receives reinforcement, and that’s what he gets from creationist preachers and creationist websites. Probably his greatest experience will come from visiting a creationist museum, and giving money to its proprietor. As the moth seeks the flame, the simpleton seeks the charlatan.

So go ahead and debate that creationist, if you enjoy spending your time that way. Your Curmudgeon has better things to do. Creationists aren’t for debating with, they’re for laughing at. That’s what we do here.

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11 responses to “Debating Creationists, Revisited Again

  1. Once again, you are spot on! How can you have a sane argument with people who refer to their god as the God of Infinite Good or Ultimate Good when that god invented Hell to punish those who don’t do as they are told. The level of delusion is so great that nothing can really break through it, so as you say we are talking “fool’s errand” here.

  2. God is free to take anything from you, because he gave it to you it isn’t stealing.
    God is free to kill you, and babies, and innocent animals, and that is not murder.
    God is free to send you to eternal torment. Only God is capable of infinite abuse!

    Compared to such, is it too much to say that God can let you be deceived, without it being called lying? It isn’t as if you deserve being told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

  3. Eric Lipps

    I went to a Seventh-Day Adventist school for several years, and was regarded as a target for conversion. At one point in, I think it was the sixth grade, our class had a debate about religion and I was tapped as the devil’s advocate.

    Now, I know what that term means ordinarily (though I didn’t then), but I thought at the time, an still believe, that they thought that as an unbeliever I was literally an agent of the devil.

    I held up my side of the debate very well, but that, naturally, didn’t make me any more popular.

  4. SC makes sense. Tme to stop posting comments on creationist letters and take it up a notch.

  5. Charles Deetz ;)

    No Curmie, your chart is not simplified, just lacking some color … saw this billboard today on the way home from Pennsylvania.

  6. Holding The Line In Florida

    @CharlesD. Just drive on any Floridroola Interstate and you can see the same and other equally offensive billboards. I have become quite the connoisseur of outrageous billboards. The Antiabortion ones are particular favorites of mine.

  7. I don’t see the problem here. An eternity in the lake of fire is a small price to pay for rejecting and ridiculing the Son of God and his sacrifice and death for your salvation. No? Besides, those doing the backstroke in said lake prefer to be there than in the presence of the one whom they despise with all their being. So everyone ends up where they want to be.

  8. Kevin,

    Gandalf the Gray died for us and was resurrected as Gandalf the White. And Gandalf’s magic is way cooler than Jesus’s.

  9. I fail to understand how acceptance of the obvious, that there is a relation among life on Earth by common descent with modification, is a commitment to eternal damnation.

  10. Reflectory,
    Lord of the Rings, written by a Catholic convert, has a lot of Christian imagery in the story. I’ll have to agree with you.

  11. Kevin C. Yes . Bad bit of news however. The actor who portrayed the wizard Saruman, has died recently.