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This has been a truly newsless day, but we did find a couple of items we can mention.

First, in the Northwest Florida Daily News of Fort Walton Beach, Florida we found Woman who was driving while praying with her eyes closed hits house.

The headline says it all, but here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us:

A 28-year-old woman was taken to the hospital for evaluation after driving into a Mary Esther house Thursday morning.

Mary Esther, population 3,851, is a city in Okaloosa County, as is Fort Walton Beach. Moving along:

The woman told Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputies she was praying at the time and had her eyes closed, according to the OCSO.

Didn’t anyone ever tell her she shouldn’t drive and pray at the same time? Let’s read on:

The Fort Walton Beach woman was traveling eastbound on Marcia Drive when she failed to stop at a stop sign, went through an intersection and into the yard of a home on Miramar Drive.

Oh, wait — it gets even worse:

She tried to back out but got stuck in the sand, the OCSO said.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The newspaper has a lot of comments, and most of them aren’t sympathetic to the driver’s misfortune.

Okay, that was fun. Now, to add to your merriment, we visited the website of WorldNetDaily (WND). There we found this headline: Earth’s precise geomagnetic field is no accident. We clicked on it and found a new video from the brilliant and articulate leader of David Rives Ministries.

The title of the rev’s video is the same as WND’s headline. It’s only 90 seconds long. He informs us that Earth’s geomagnetic field makes our environment congenial to life. And guess what? It’s evidence of the Creator’s design!

The rev is wearing the same gray suit he wore for the last video we wrote about, and once again, he’s without a necktie. Even if he sleeps in that suit, he’s still the cutest rev you’ve ever seen.

That’s all we could find out there, so we dedicate the comments section for your use as an Intellectual Free Fire Zone. You know the rules. Okay, the comments are open. Go for it!

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10 responses to “Totally Goofy Free Fire Zone

  1. Even worse is that the praying driver was arrested and charged by the Okaloosa County cops. Is this persecution of Christians or not?

  2. Good thing she didn’t kill someone. What would the baby jeebus think then?

  3. FFZ note: Just got word that my email contact list got hacked; probably along with many others. Be very, very wary of any email coming from an email address similar to username@vodafone. it. Above all, don’t click on any included link.

    (Thanks for the heads-up, Gary.

  4. Eric Lipps

    The title of the rev’s video is the same as WND’s headline. It’s only 90 seconds long. He informs us that Earth’s geomagnetic field makes our environment congenial to life. And guess what? It’s evidence of the Creator’s design!

    Of course it couldn’t be that we find Earth’s geomagnetic field “congenial to life” because we evolved within it and under its influence, rather than its having been created with us in mind.

    Come to that, there’s evidence that the field has reversed polarity on a number of occasions and that there may have been significant periods within those (centuries-long) reversals when it was essentially gone. And yet, here we are, still alive and all. Life seems to be more adaptable than the good reverend realizes, or is willing to admit.

  5. And if the Earth is designed to be congenial to life, why does it take divine intervention to start life on Earth?

  6. Ken Phelps

    The driver in Florida seems to have created the perfect metaphor for American culture.

  7. I’m guessing she just fell asleep and proclaimed she was praying for sympathy. In that part of Florida it might have worked.
    Why is her name not being released?

  8. Holding The Line In Florida

    Damn! I am proud of my locality! Makes one proud to be a Floridian, especially a Panhandle Floridian! They don’t call us LA (Lower Alabama) and the Redneck Riviera for nothing!

  9. Fort Walton Beach is close to Naval Air Station Pensacola, where naval aviators attend basic flight school. Is it possible the woman “praying” with her eyes closed was really practicing her IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) skills ? IFR trainees train with a hood over them in the cockpit so that they can only see the aircraft’s instruments when flying.
    Of course, since she had her eyes completely closed , it might be better described as DIFR. (Disco Institute Flight Rules).
    Tellingly, using DIFR, she never left the ground.

  10. The last words of her prayer were no doubt, “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” She chose the perfect experimental procedure to get empirical evidence about God’s will for her route, no?