Self-Published Genius #45: The Age of the Earth

This is big, dear reader. We have another addition to our series about Self-Published Geniuses, where we bring you news of authors with a vanity press book in which the author claims to have made paradigm-shattering discoveries, and announces his work by hiring a press release service.

This author’s press release is titled Genesis and Creation in the Age of Science, sub-titled “Jerry Harmon’s new book uses creation’s calendar to unify Christians.” It was issued by PR Web, which describes itself as “the leader in online news distribution and publicity.” The press release says, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

Creation’s calendar is not only a topic of debate between believers and skeptics, but also amongst Christians themselves. Did creation occur over the course of one week, or rather over millions of years? Days? Or Ages? The Genesis Question: A Layman Looks at Creation’s Calendar examines the book of Genesis in straightforward language to uncover what one can reasonably conclude in modern times about creationism.

Wowie — a layman examines the book of Genesis! This could be what we’ve all been searching for. But in addition to the press release, we need more to confirm that the book qualifies for our collection. Was it published by a vanity press? Yes, it was!

Here’s a link to Amazon’s listing for the book: Days? or Ages? The Genesis Question: A Layman Looks at Creation’s Calendar. They say it’s published by WestBowPress. We Googled for them. Yup — their website says they’re a religious vanity publisher.

This looks very promising. We’ve got a vanity press book and we’ve got the author’s press release. Let’s find out what else it says:

“As Christians, we must present a unified understanding of the Genesis account of creation’s calendar,” author Jerry Harmon said. “Otherwise, our evangelistic efforts to spread the good news of God’s word to secular society will be diminished.”

Yes — there must be unity! One denomination. One interpretation of scripture. It’s the only way. Let’s read on:

The result of an intense Bible study that spanned several years, Harmon decided it was time to publish his book after much prayer and the encouragement from those in his church community.

Exciting, isn’t it? Harmon studied the bible for “several years,” and he engaged in “much prayer.” That’s the way it should be done! If you want to know the age of the Earth, you shouldn’t bother to actually look at the Earth. That’s the Devil’s domain!

We know you’re wondering: Who is this brilliant author? The press release says:

Jerry Harmon is a retired construction professional originally from Greenville, S.C. He now resides in Carson City, Nev.

That’s great! He’s not one of those godless scientists, and he’s not a professional theologian. Untainted by their errors, the author is a construction professional who went right to the source — the bible itself!

Amazon also gives us some information about the author. They say:

The author can make no claim to be a biblical scholar with impressive degrees suffixed to his name, and his background as an author lies instead with occasional writing of technical documents and construction specifications. After college he launched his career as a construction professional on a missile complex at Cape Kennedy, and from there transitioned to Atlanta where he continued to pursue a career managing heavy industrial and commercial construction projects. Following semi-retirement from construction, he developed a passion for Old Testament study, which ultimately led to this Genesis project and writing.

Fascinating! According to the book’s listing at Amazon, it’s 220 pages long and costs a mere $16.73 in paperback! There’s only one review so far, but the reviewer gave the book five stars!

There’s no doubt about it, dear reader. This is the book you’ve been waiting for. Your Curmudgeon is pleased to have brought you this information.

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10 responses to “Self-Published Genius #45: The Age of the Earth

  1. Our Curmudgeon endorses the Creationists’ call for unity:

    Yes — there must be unity! One denomination. One interpretation of scripture.

    Ja! Und ein Volk, ein Reich–

  2. I wish I had the “throw away” money to buy this book, buy even the $6.99 Kindle edition exceeds my meager budget for such frivolities. I wonder how the author dealt with the contradictions to the creation story in Genesis 2 … oh, he only looked at Genesis 1? Interesting.

    Even more interesting is that virtually every Jewish Biblical Scholar and Rabbi considers Genesis to be mythology providing a back story for their faith, that is fictional wisdom literature. And, well, it is their Bible we are talking about.

    Also interesting that the evangelicals who claim the New Testament trumps the OT, still consider the OT to be “inerrant” including Genesis , the Ten Commandments, the Flood, the Ark, etc. Oh, and the slavery, and the misogyny, and the forcing raped women to marry their rapists, and Lot and his daughters and … oh, the list is so long.

  3. Dave Luckett

    I wonder if this unsung genius can read Old Testament Hebrew, and where he learned it. Probably not at Cape Canaveral, I think. I wonder if he could describe the differences between the Hebrew of Daniel 1 and Daniel 2, or between that of Isaiah and, say, Micah. I wonder if he could give us an explanation of the phrase God uses to describe himself at Exodus 3:14.

    I wonder a lot of things.

  4. There seems to be a parallel publishing world where you can not only publish your own fantasies neatly bound and with cover art, but also have your own press release interviews, publish in pseudoscientific journals and put attendance of (fake) conferences on your CV.

    I wonder if there also exist TV broadcasters that will interview crackpots 24/7 in fake breakfast television shows (cue jokes about Fox and WND here).

  5. @Dave Luckett
    The review at Amazon indicates that the book shows some knowledge of Hebrew.
    But nothing tells us whether he is YEC, or much else about the conclusions. As far as I can tell, it is possible that it is a perfectly sane book.

  6. docbill1351

    I wonder how the author dealt with the contradictions to the creation story in Genesis 2 … oh, he only looked at Genesis 1? Interesting.

    Once again down Memory Lane to a thread with creationist gadfly, FL aka Floyd. Many of you may have encountered FL and he still hangs around the Thumb. Anyway, FL was arguing for the inerrancy and total accuracy of Genesis even when he, himself, quoted both chapters with stuff in the wrong order. “Which is it, FL?” we asked. “Totally consistent,” he replied. So, A before B is the same as B before A? Yep, apparently so. FL saw no inconsistency, both were totally inerrant, accurate and True ™.

    Then there was the Flood discussion but that’s a long, depressing story!

  7. The dude is a liar! He NEVER studied the buyBull nor genesis!! He may have read many of the english mistranslations of the various parts but not the original hebrew texts as most of those no longer exist!!! And the oldest parts are buried in museums and in Rome!

  8. Eric Lipps

    Rule of thumb: A “self-published” book is generally one so awful it couldn’t find a real publisher. It says volumes (so to speak) about creationist “authors” that so many of their works are published by vanity presses. Apparently even hack publishers willing to print all sorts of fundamentalist claptrap have some standards.

  9. Is this book creationist?

  10. Pete Moulton

    L.Long: maybe he ‘studied’ with Herman Cummings.