WorldNetDaily: The Second Ham-Nye ‘Debate’

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Last week we wrote Bill Nye & Ken Ham — Together Again, about an unfortunate second dialog between Bill Nye and Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) at the location of Hambo’s Ark Encounter, a day after its grand opening.

Although Nye had nothing favorable to say about Hambo’s theme park, Hambo once again treated the event as yet another triumph for his creationist doctrines. A good example of Hambo’s skill — or cunning — is this new item we found at the website of WorldNetDaily (WND). As you know, WND was an early winner of the Curmudgeon’s Buffoon Award, thus the jolly logo displayed above this post.

Their headline is ‘When you die, you’re done’. It was written by Bob Unruh, who has been with WND for ten years. Here are some excerpts, with bold font added by us for emphasis:

“When you die, you’re done.” That’s the opinion of famed God doubter Bill Nye, who attended the recent opening of the Ark Encounter, a new park that some fans described as a “Christian Disneyland.”

Gasp — how blasphemous! The WND article already has more than 400 comments, and their drooling fans are horrified by what Nye said. The article tells us:

Nye, famous for advocating for science, not the Bible, had been invited by Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis and the driving force behind the Ark project. He [Hambo] said the project’s opening was incredibly successful, with the first few days’ attendance reaching 35,000. And he said visitation at the nearby Creation Museum, which has been in operation for a number of years, doubled over the same period.

WND seems to be getting those “facts” from Hambo, and you may decide for yourself, dear reader, how reliable they are. Let’s read on:

But back to Nye, who once called the Ark Encounter plan a danger because it would “indoctrinate children” into the biblical – “unscientific” – point of view.

Observe that WND puts the word “unscientific” in scare quotes. Their readers know that the bible is great science. We continue:

Ham told WND that Nye appeared to not want to visit the site as much as raise pointed questions on video, so he brought out a few of his questions too. For one, what happens when you die. Nye’s response, Ham said, “You’re done.” So Ham followed with a question about why it matters, from that perspective, what one believes if you’re done when you die.

Note that WND is getting this account of Nye’s visit directly from ol’ Hambo, who seems convinced that he did really well in this exchange with Nye. Here’s more:

Nye also raised the issue of looming scientific achievements, and mentioned the possibility of trips to Mars. Nye told other visitors at the Ark at the time that, Ham said, “It’s not crazy to believe we’re descendants from Martians.” So Ham asked why, then, is it “crazy” to believe people descended from Adam and Eve.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Brilliant rebuttal! Moving along:

He [Hambo] said Nye came with an apparent agenda. “He wouldn’t listen to anything I said. I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case, hoping he wanted to know what we believe.”

Egad — Nye came with an agenda! WND knows, of course, that ol’ Hambo has no agenda. Another excerpt:

Ham also asked Nye why he wore clothes, since they originated in Genesis of the Bible.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! If Nye believes in science and not the bible, then he should be running around nude! On with the article:

“I talked to Bill about the second death and that when you die, you’re not done,” said Ham. “You’re either going to be with the Lord or you’re going to be separated from Him for eternity.”

This is fantastic — Hambo mopped the floor with Nye! At least, that’s the impression we’re given by WND.

The article goes on at considerable length, quoting Hambo about how wonderful his ark is, and all the evil opposition he had to overcome. We won’t bother with that. What we wanted to do here was to demonstrate, yet again, how foolish it is for anyone to debate — or even appear — in the same forum with a creationist. Perhaps, one day, Nye will learn that simple lesson.

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7 responses to “WorldNetDaily: The Second Ham-Nye ‘Debate’

  1. Nye shouldn’t have made the comment about Martians, because he tossed Ham an easy pitch. Nevertheless, the idea that we’re descended from Martians is at least testable, and far more plausible than the idea that 6,000 years ago our ancestors were, literally, dirt (“the dust of the ground”).

    Nye’s misstep, however, isn’t the first scientists have made in this area. Remember “mitochondrial Eve”? Boy, did creationists have fun with that one!

    Scientists have to be careful about this kind of thing.

  2. Oh, Bill! Stop giving Ham stature equal to yours. To the average Joe Public, you’re making creationism look like it’s as valid as science.

  3. docbill1351

    Disneyland: Space Mountain, Matterhorn ride, Mr Toad’s Ride, Haunted Mansion, Bear Country Jamboree, Finding Nemo Submarine, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan ride, Dumbo ride, Monorail, Disneyland Railroad, restaurants, shops, arcades, Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones adventure, Jedi training, and another list as long as this.

    Ark Park “Christian Disneyland:” boat display, parking lot.

  4. Debating with someone that is possibly certifiable, what could go wrong?

  5. And how is being separated from an imaginary creature when you’re dead different than when you’re alive?

  6. @docbil1351
    Think of building an amusement park based on the world’s biggest wooden rollercoaster … which is designed not to move.

  7. Who knows, there may be some unintended consequences to Ham’s posting videos of himself and Nye on social media. Viewers will see the inside of the Ark, where Ham and Nye are talking, and are going to think “that’s all there is?” I suspect the more people see of the inside of the ark, the less they will want to travel there and fork over the high ticket price to get in.